The Evil Eye update Thursday 1st April 2021 Starlife


The Evil Eye 1 April 2021 update: Naman is in prison and awaiting. Saanvi says I’ve key, they bring him from jail because are sleeping in police station around 11PM. Dilruba laughs. Naman hides her, Saanvi states why did we deliver her? Naman claims to Dilruba you cant create sound. Naman says perhaps Mausi could have uttered mani, Panna attempted to take it attacked her but Dilruba arrived there Panna left with no mani, she’ll come here in order to take mani because Mausi’s items are under police custody, thats why I got myself arrested. Dilruba states you’re smart. They view most of policemen sleeping. Saanvi says they had been created to sleep. Naman states Panna is here.

The Evil Eye update Wednesday 31st March 2021 Starlife

Scene two

Scene two Shekhar claims to household I must do this. He chooses one pill from death and life and is going to donate it to Vedsheree but didnt. Nishant says that she doesnt have a lot of time left.
Ansh takes empty spirit jar. Mohana requests him to place her soul inside and place back some soul on her so that she becomes living for sometime, do you get it done? Ansh says I will do anything to my son. Ansh spits her spirit in spirit jar and is and is going to pour spirit back in Piya however Mohana quits him. Ansh states what exactly are you doing? Ansh recalls how Piya explained that Mohana would need back wings. He feels pain . Mohana says recall you’d lose wings should you do a sin, then you murdered a devik so that you will drop these wings today. Ansh says you did that for wings? Mohana says yes and that I will become strongest in world, you’ll lose wings today. Ansh states this won’t occur, but I didnt do a sin, so I didnt kill Piya because she requested me to strike her so we can save Vedsheree. I will spare you. She tries to strike him Ansh strikes away. Mohana attempts to strike them but they throw away her from mountain. Ansh asks if she’s fine? She nods. Ansh says I understand where’s Vedsheree’s soul jar.
She says that we cant open its door but that I could do indoors. She’s a bat and goes indoors. She’s out and says jewellery is lost, she stole it. Naman says she had been stealing it, Mausi attempted to stop her Panna murdered her left, we’ll inform this to authorities, Saanvi states as though they will believe you.

Nishant opens doorway to witch Trishla’s home. She develops a pot within minutes. Nishant says we want your aid.

Piya claims to Ansh that I’m fine, I’ll take rest. Ansh says I’ve got a notion. He lifts her into his arms and yells with her. He brings her to balcony that’s adorned with roses and blossoms. Piya blushes and says this ? Ansh says you seem so amazing. They lovingly examine each other. Ansh kisses her brow.
Piya serves meals to everybody. Piya asks her to eat, I would like to listen to stories of my mother with you. Ansh claims to Vedsheree that Piya seem happy. Piya says I’ll bring candies. She has dizzy, all ask her to sit rather than get the job done, you’re weak. Vedsheree asks Trishla to create her nice shortly, she’s really wonderful. Trishla says Piya needed to endure a good deal as a result of this household but I’ll finish her worries. She awakens her and yells sand .
Shekhar requires a breath and places one pill in Vedsheree’s mouth, so she begins becoming gloomy. Nishant states no. . That has been passing pill, she’s dying today. Shekhar drops.
Family is awaiting Ansh. Piya states Bua? Piya presents her inlaws. Trishla says I’m pleased to meet you . Piya gets dizzy, Ansh conducts . Trishla states dont worry, you will wind up fine shortly, we dont have appropriate time, I’ll allow you to know if its right moment. She leaves with her purse.

Guru Maa says that she has to be supporting mani, Saanvi sees horse marks and states they aren’t heading it out means Panna is at house.
Guru Maa informs it to Naman. Naman is going to strike her but authorities comes there.
Scene 1

Ansh and Piya come house and sees mom dying. Piya states you’ll be OK. Piya provides her spirit jar liquid into Vedsheree. All are all relieved.

Trishla arrives to her area in Ansh’s home. She takes her out compound from box. Ansh sees it says there’s some awful energy .
Vedsheree says to household that I’m fine so dont stress. Chitali hugs her cries. Ansh states we couldnt find her spirit jar and Piya utilized her jar to rescue Vedsheree. Piya says its not major deal. Vedsheree says it’s, I’m alive for you, she hugs her. We all thank Piya. Chitali says you’re our devi. Shekhar says I’m sorry for believing wrong about you, Piya states dont say . Shekhar says you abandon , got away from the child to shield Vedsheree? I am quite sorry.


Nishant matches Ansh and Piya. Nishant states Piya is weak since she gave a number of her entire life into Vedsheree, she isn’t strong today, she fainted today due to that. Vedsheree says I am accountable. Ansh says there has to be a means to receive back her powers. Nishant says somebody can assist us, we must fulfill Rishala, he’s abilities to provide life, we must find him.
Naman, Dilruba and Saanvi come for their own area and watch things thrown anywhere. Naman states who would come here? Dilruba states I understand.

Guru Maa says that he accepted crime he didnt understand he wished to tell us all something. Saanvi states why he had been speaking about not sleeping about 11PM?
Nishant says she doesnt want to mingle with folks, she had been a witch hunter and discovered a means to heal hunters in any circumstance but she separated herself in the world and is hoping to perfect her technique, its strong but harmful, if a person knows about it afterward they might abuse it thats why she’s locked herself , I dont know if she’s not, I hope she is, just she is able to create Piya fine.
Ansh and Piya arrives to place however Vedsheree’s soul jar overlooking. Ansh states we cant do anything today. Piya reveals her soul jar also states we could contribute this to her. Ansh says its your spirit jar.

Family claims to Ansh and Piya which you have to go. Vedsheree states you’ve got to go for candle light dinner, so we’ll treat Adi. Piya says you’re sick, Vedsheree says I’m fine. Ansh says we ought to depart. Table is going to drop on Adi but uses her abilities to prevent it. . Abruptly she drops down.

Piya inquires what happened? He informs her around sand. Piya says she’s my Bua and may be working to create me nice, dont stress, lets go. Ansh says she’s correct, I shouldnt uncertainty .

Ansh flies and places Piya’s on earth.
Saanvi claims to Guru Maa which we must find her before authorities catches Naman. Dilruba informs about visiting stone’ cave and Mausi followed . Guru Maa states but did Panna kill Mausi?

Police is going to detain Dilruba however Naman stops them and says that I murdered my Mausi. Dilruba says you hidden fact out of me? Naman says I’ll get punished, allow my spouse goo. Dilruba cries.
Police claims to Naman which we must arrest your spouse. Naman claims killer is hiding behind curtain, I’m bring out her. He takes off drape but Panna is now gone. Naman states where did she move?


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