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Zara’s Nikah Update Thursday 8th April 2021



Zara’s Nikah 8 April 2021: Zara claims to depart, I’m his second Wife today so I’ll write his responsibilities on the board to both the wives. She states as a husband, so he’s got to appreciate both his spouse, she inquires Kabeer to split his love today. Kabeer says that I shall do exactly what God asks of me.

Sartaj informs Zara to come together with him differently, he’ll kill other men and women! Zara looks around and begins leaving . He says I’ll sell you to somebody and earn cash! Zara believes where’s Kabeer? He brings her into a Automobile and asks her to sit indoors! Zara says you can not kill me, as you require cash. Sartaj says I will kill other girls here should you attempt to be clever!
Zara states Kabeer will spend time with every Wife. She says that the husband must talk about the food along with his wives. Kabeer says I’ll accept your conditions however that I want 3 days. Zara says ? Kabeer says there’s another obligation of a husband that’s never to hurt his one Wife for a different. He says I wish to take out both wives on shopping about 7PM. Rukshar recalls how she guaranteed to fulfill Sartaj.

Salma says Zara will not move anywhere, we do not need any more play! Rukshar states why not? It is her duty to satisfy his needs and she will not deny because I’m her elder. Zara says I shall go.
Zara sees Rukshar there too and her face is covered also. She inquires Kabeer. Kabeer remembers the flashback of the way he’d removed Rukshar’s veil and caught her. He informs Zara that we’ll inquire at home. He pushes away.

In the early hours, Rukshar believes Zara attracted her tea and states come from 2nd Wife. Kabeer comes indoors and reveals her a jar. He says I spoke to this Caterer and asked him exactly what he blended at the food, however he insisted and stated he did not blend anything. He then explained that a guy came and asked him to place pink salt just in the food. Rukshar says I did not do anything.
Zeenat inquires Rukshar where she’s going? Rukshar says I’m trying to get a last struggle, should I win, I shall get Kabeer but when I do not, I shall go away from the life. Zeenat says do not say that, take good care. She leaves. Rukshar takes the gun out and says that I shall kill the father of the baby today that’s Sartaj and Kabeer will not find him!

Zara prays from the Islamic Shrine to comprehend Kabeer’s helplessness. Zara informs Salma that when Rukshar had been Kabeer’s Wife, then he would not consent to the conditions, I am certain that Rukshar isn’t his Wife. Salma states how do we think that? Zara states that I doubted them if Rukshar told me that his child’s dad is Kabeer, however, Kabeer did not state it out loud. I’m hurt that Kabeer hurt his hands, but he looks helpless.
He believes where’s Rukshar? He states Rukshar is being clever with me!!

Zara calls everybody to the couch. She informs Rukshar that God enables a person to remarry only when his sanity agrees . Rukshar claims the situation wasn’t such where he can inform Zara. Irfan states but he consented to the Nikah sooner too.

Zara states that you don’t come into the Islamic Shrine. Kabeer states but you do this that you may anticipate here. Kabeer appears around to Rukshar along with the Individual.
Zeenat is awaiting Rukshar and states that she isn’t even picking up the telephone. He attracts Sartaj there also.
Rukshar calls Sartaj and states Kabeer is keeping a watch on me so I’m calling you from a different amount. Sartaj says do not call me , you need to meet me today at the Islamic State with cash! He finishes the call! Rukshar claims that this guy is stubborn.

Rukshar states baaji? Zara says you’re Wife no. 1 so that I will call that. Zara informs Kabeer which I did not know you’d be here otherwise I’d have brought tea to you also. Kabeer says let us go out of here. Zara says I’ll arrive in a little. Kabeer says you’ve got to listen to me personally as my Wife! Rukshar sees Sartaj phoning and believes to figure out this matter.


Rukshar states I have a few important work today so that I can not go, Zara can proceed with him. Zara believes why is she saying no more? Kabeer says fine Rukshar. Kabeer informs Zara that it is her choice today.
Kabeer comes there and says sorry, I’ve some work so do we go out today?

Kabeer informs Rukshar to prevent this play of being his or her sanity. Rukshar says I’ll stop this play should you bring the actual father of the baby facing Zara but until then, I’m your Wife and I’ll call Zara wife no. two only. She gives him a kiss kiss.
Sartaj sees Zara there and believes that I’ll do my job and Kabeer will not have the ability to save . Rukshar sees Zara and believes Kabeer has to be around also. Sartaj points a gun in Zara. She’s shocked.

Kabeer attempts to describe to Zara, but she states that you’re only fulfilling a responsibility and that I will fulfill my responsibilities.
Rukshar conveys a burqah and stems to the Islamic . He’s shocked.

Kabeer says I analyzed that pink salt and it was what made everybody sick, you wanted your own maternity information to come outside to Zara, you made me swear not to tell the facts to Zara, but you played a fantastic match. You know that this baby isn’t minebut you jeopardized this infant’s life when I told the truth to Zara, I do not know who the dad is but I will not remain silent anymore. I’ll find it is real dad in 4 days and then bring out the truth. Rukshar believes he won’t ever reach my child’s father !

The flashback reveals the way Kabeer had discovered her assuring somebody to meet up in the Islamic Shrine around 7. He thought to discover.
Irfan says what is the reason to have trust? Zara reveals them the divorce documents of both Kabeer and Rukshar. The flashback reveals Zara bringing food to get Rukshar but does not find her into her room, she discovered that the divorce documents. Zara claims no, I would like to learn why Kabeer gave his title to Rukshar’s infant, was helpless?
Zara appears on, but Kabeer comes there and yells a cloth . He ties his hands and places him at the vehicle. He requests Zara to sit indoors.

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