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Eternal Love 4 March 2021 update: Rohan comes. Tanya grabs his collar and inquires how dare you complimentary Pari from prison. Veena says I will not tolerate this. Rohan says Tanya had shipped Pari into the prison. Tanya states Pari is characterless.

Sonakshi worries. Rohan says Pari has been carried to the police station to get a fictitious blame of prostitution. Tanya says what can you expect out of me? Sonakshi states Pari is incorrect, but sending her to jail to get a bad blame is not perfect. Tanya says Pari destroyed my entire life. Rohit states Sonakshi is correct, Pari and Rohan tricked you collectively, send him to prison. Rohan says stay out of the thing, I adore Pari, I’m glad everyone is here, I’ve decided, I would like to divorce Tanya. They get stunned.

He stumbles. She attempts to hold. He says that I simply asked you to adore Veena, you destroyed her presence. She states sorry. She asks him to discontinue it. He says that its my error to trust one, you do not understand difference between actual acting and emotions, you’re heartless. He states what could have happened if you did not tell this to your mother. He holds her hands . She says I’m getting hurt. He measures on the glass bit and drops. Ajit arrives to help. They take Rohit into space.
Rohan yells his phone and states why is not Pari answering my phone. Tanya says mother is broken , you still wish to speak to Pari. He says , I adore Pari, you’d mended the camera to demonstrate evidence to everyone, I’m happy using Pari. She yells and says our infant. He says this does not matter to me personally, I do not know about daddy, he cheated mother. Tanya says you’re also like him. He states daddy lied as he wished to remain with mother, I do not need to be with you anymore. He belongs. Rohit beverages. Sonakshi arrives to him. He states you came to me personally if I’m fine. He says we will have a conversation, you’re so pretty, once I watched you for the very first time, I had been mesmerized seeing your own beauty, exactly like an angel, you’re unconscious, but amazing, I thought I’ll love my wife a lot. She worries . He says grandparents are beautiful and make sacrifices, therefore I presumed to always encourage my Sona, I always encouraged you about your job, I fought father, Nishi and loved ones, I madly loved you and trusted you, what would you do, you broke my own view.

He states how did your mom know about my daddy. Sonakshi says I told mommy by error, I did not think mum will bring out this matter, I’m sorry, so I made an error. Rohit says I despise you. Ajit seems on. Rohit states we had a confidence , you broke it now, I despise you Sonakshi. She has stunned. Ajit goes.


Everyone appears on shocked. Sonakshi says quit it, its our home thing. The woman says you’re Parvati, who always supports the facts, why are not you encouraging reality today. Nishi says that I will call the authorities, leave. The women grab Naren to smear the dark color. Everyone hears a gun shot and flip to watch Veena using the gun. Veena scolds the women. She says its personal thing, no outsider or relative has the right to state this, its own choice to punish my spouse or offer him another opportunity, Pooja and I’m extremely hurt, Pooja will take care of the circumstance, Pooja is part of the family, we’ll always encourage her, I’ll determine what to do, whomever has delivered you to violate our family motto, its big mistake. The woman says listen . The women depart. Naren Thank you Veena and states you’ve forgiven me. Veena states no way Naren, there will not be any play facing outsiders. She belongs.

She says that I will not go anywhere with you, you would like to visit police station, I will not take the criticism back, I would like that your mistress Pari to remain in the prison. Rohan says she is not a mistress, I enjoy her a lot. Rohit says divorce is the answer of your issues, I must have done this earlier. Nishi asks what exactly do you desire. The women say you’ve increased Naren’s daughter, it does not mean he is going to be forgiven. The woman insults Naren. They capture the black color.

Veena states actually I will thank someone. Sonakshi states please hear Rohit after, daddy also…. Veena says I do not wish to speak. Pooja says I want to speak with you. Sonakshi goes together with her. Nishi seems on. Yash says we must consider about Pooja, maybe not Sonakshi. Nishi states Pooja is using Sonakshi. Yash says I shall speak to Pooja. She states illegitimate woman, go to hell, so I do not care. She yells the pic and states I’m not a fool to elevate my brother’s sin, Pooja is merely a medium for my own rationale, I did not desire Naren’s fact to come out, even if that thing does not get resolved, I swear I won’t depart Sonakshi.
Pari states Rohan will come into me personally. Tanya says allow Rohan come, I must teach him a lesson. Rohit inquires what happened. Akash says Naren would like to talk about something imp. Naren claims sorry, I’ve decided. Sukhmani comes. Sonakshi inquires when did you ever come. Sukhmani says now, I talked to Naren. He states I’m feeling guilty, father named the hospital for me, its one of the very best hospital now, I made a decision to distribute my whole property and earnings into Veena and Pooja alike, we’ll remain as one big happy family, we do not have any doubts for land, therefore it does not matter, I’ll sign all of the imp newspapers tomorrow. Sukhmani says I’ve granted my hospital rights Naren, I’m ashamed, he’d wrong with Veena and Pooja, I believe he’s right today. Rohit says that I do not need any money, its sufficient that Pooja and Naren remain fine.
Rohit freshens comes and up. She says their union is of 35 decades. He states there’s one response to cheat and disloyalty. She asks how does a relationship break such as this, Naren enjoys Veena a lot, he’s fulfilled his duty nicely, yes he made one error. He inquires actually, you’re my wife, do you locate it right I have an illegitimate relation with someone and receive a child house. She smiles. He states you’re smiling. She states that I heard from you which I m your spouse. She says you can not throw Veena’s heart when she’s a wound on her heart, so we can not decide it. He says that I know what is ideal for her. She says you’d concealed the truth from her, even when she learnt the truthshe did not want you to conceal it for such a long time, your love for her is correct, you’re making a mistake to pick it alone, I’m a girl, I could know Veena’s feelings, its her choice, we must respect her choice, its her correct. He states done, it had been great dialog, utilize it in sequential, she’s my mother, I’ll pick for her dignity, so I’ll do what I believe appropriate for her. He belongs.

Ajit claims sorry, I can not watch Rohit’s hatred for you, you inform Rohit I told all to Suman, inform about Yashwant too, I can not see you enjoy that. Sonakshi says I’m doing exactly what Rohit requested me to perform, support his loved ones, our connection is not so weak, he’s much mad on me today, its alright. She says that I will encourage him, he’s shattered, mum might have handled this situation in a better way. Ajit goes. Sonakshi manages Rohit. He states speak to me . Naren comes. Rohit says I do not believe she would like to see your face. Veena opens the doorway. Veena says you cheated me, you’re my pride. Sonakshi comes.
Sonakshi says we ought to thank the women, Veena’s response came out, I believe Veena would love to give a opportunity for this union. Rohit says I can not provide another chance, if that anger has in my mind, none could make me ordinary. He belongs. Suman brings Pari house. She inquires Rohan to remain away. Pari states Rohan got me freed from authorities. She says your spouse had sent one to prison and he arrived to help. Rohan says I actually love her. Suman says you’re married and planning to be a dad, what is Pari’s location, she’s merely a mistress for you. Rohan says you’re thinking wrong. Suman says you need me to think you, then divorce and go Tanya, create her from your life and home, then come to beg me, I’ll see exactly what to do. Rohan says good, you need me to prove my passion for Pari, I’ll do what you’re saying. He belongs.
He slaps himself throws a glass . Sonakshi gets stunned. He yells Veena’s words. He says I did not deceive her, I was only protecting her.
Veena states Tanya, I’m on you, you won’t drop feeble, these guys think its easy to deceive, divorce and leave, visit hell. She chooses Tanya with her. Rohit inquires what do you believe Sonakshi, your union will be merrier after destroying Rohan’s marriage.
Rohit asking do you like when I’ve an illegitimate relation and receive a child house. Sonakshi asks exactly what. Some time ago, Suman cries the telephone regarding Pari’s alliance. Authorities comes home. Inspector says we’ve written criticism against Pari. Suman inquires what’s it. Suman gets stunned and drops the newspaper. Sonakshi asks Rohit to provide her a opportunity. She states how will I describe him. Servant says Deepa has delivered the newspapers to get Rohit from her workplace. Sonakshi gets shocked regarding the divorce agreement.


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