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Zara’s Nikah Update Thursday 1st April 2021



Zara’s Nikah 1 April 2021: Salma arrives to Zahida and states you’ve got to come downstairs for food, we do not have Servants to invitation here. Zahida says I’m sorry, this will not happen again. She reveals her Ayesha’s photographs and states that is Zara’s mother-in-law? Salma says she was just like her mom, she came into the home when Zara abandoned Kabeer’s home. I’d like to feel serenity when Zara was able to call her mom, but if she calls you , I feel that a storm within my heart.

Zara’s Nikah 31 March2021

Zara says nohe had been fearful at the beginning but afterward he became handsome yesterday. Rukshar says as you did not play audio yesterday. She requests Kabeer to look at Shehbaz and listen to his message, rescue him from this wicked music. Kabeer asks her to close up, we must calm Shehbaz down . Zara informs Kabeer this did not occur for me, trust me. Kabeer says let us call the physician .

Zara arrives to Kabeer’s home. Kabeer says that the outhouse is prepared and Shehbaz is not there.
Zeent states Rukhsar at least care for your children. Rukhsar brings gas and says no, everything collapsed. I believed he’d be with me due to our children at least. I will perish. Zeent says do not do so. Are you mad?? Stop! Rukhsar lighting a pole and states Kabeer can not be with that Zara. I can not find that.

Zara appears at Kabeer. Zara states you did. Your seriousness of love bothers me. I expect there is no bad eye . Zara says you’ve given me the respect which each and every girl deserves. A woman feels luckiest when she is reputable. If her love retains her hands and faces the entire world. Kabeer says and what should he renders that hand? Zara claims what? He says that your love made me think that you are mine and I’m yours. He holds her hands. Zara says come let us take off bad eye. He states maybe not in the spices. She states this is contemporary world.
Kabeer informs Zara I can not send Shehbaz into the hospital due to the COVID. Zara says I’m sorry, but believe me, this did not occur due to my songs. Kabeer says I do not place blames without viewing something, I do not believe in your songs, I did not see anybody getting fine or worst because of your songs… I’m accountable for all this, I really did so with him. I forfeited him.
Kabeer and Zara have been from the hallway. Rukhasr comes there with all the flame. She slides. Zara and Kabeer drift off.

Zara says they’re blaming me, therefore I shall stay here and discover out the truth, I will not let somebody harm Shehbaz. Rukshar informs Kabeer that Zara will proceed out of here! Zara says that I will remain with Shehbaz at any cost! Kabeer seems on.

Kabeer says I shall find out who did everything with Shehbaz. He informs Zara that I’m confident you’ll never hurt my dad intentionally, you forgave your killer, but that I can not trust your songs. Zara says I’m sure this did not occur due to my songs.

Zara says that we will begin with the songs, you need to listen to it and in the long run, I’ll treat you with all the ice-cream.
Kabeer informs Shehbaz that nothing could occur to you, ” he asks what happened? Shehbaz attempts to stage at Rukshar however she adopts Zara. Rukshar informs Kabeer I understand Shehbaz and he does not desire Zara’s therapy. Kabeer appears at Zara worriedly.

Zara prays to God and says that I must bring Rukshar’s fact out. Rukshar and Zeenat arrive there and say we’ll throw you out. Zara says abandon me! Rukshar says that I shall throw you out!

Kabeer says I do not have to reply you. I must have kicked you from the home. However, I did not. Zara was attracted here by me. I decide if she’ll reside here or not. Nobody will force her to depart. Zeenat says you’re blinded by this woman. You do not care about daddy? He says I trust her more than anybody in this home. You believed I will not trust her since there is a conflict between us? I hope her. This is her property. You two can not even look at her. Kabeer retains Zara’s hands and says let us go.

Kabeer comes there and asks what’s happening? Rukshar says when Shehbaz sees her , then we’ll need to send him into the hospital. Zeenat states we care for Shehbaz, therefore that she can not stay here.
Irfan says I have not said no to the President, therefore I ask you Zahida to remain. Zahida says I must go today. Zara asks Salma to ask Zahida to remain. Zara kisses her anus.
Zara says I do not understand what happened to him. Rukshar claims this Zara accounts due to her songs, Shehbaz does not enjoy this wicked music, Shahbaz does not think in it, he’s tensed as a result of this bad music!

Rukshar states can you care about dad or not? Kabeer says I shall pick. Zara recalls Rukhsar stated Kabeer was together with her not Zara. Zara walks outside. Kabeer holds her hands. Kabeer brings her indoors. Rukhsar states what exactly are you doing? Why do you do this?

Kabeer is at the assembly and informs people that we must assist people following the outbreak, but we need to be certain their self-esteem isn’t tarnished, we’ll supply them operate… they hear Zara playing audio. A Minister claims that Zara’s music is quite soulful, it is different. Kabeer says we’re praising music rather than talking faith, that is why I’m against the songs. He says we must work for individuals… Rukshar runs there and states Shehbaz is extremely tensed.

Zeenat says I did not expect this by Zara, are you taking your revenge ??
Zara says I had been playing music to bring him peace, however, he desired water… The Doctor states why are you dreading our remedy? This audio recovery does not work. He informs Kabeer I never believed you’d trust a treatment in this way. Kabeer seems away and believes I did a mistake, did I place him at risk? The Doctor says when he does not be fine, then we’ll need to change into the hospital. He leaves. Imran asks Zara never to feel bad.
Zara provides juice Kabeer and states just resistance booster can spare you from bad eyes today. Nothing can hurt you. Kabeer says provided that I’m with you nobody may do anything.
Rukshar says that I will burn off everything. Zeenat says that you won’t do this thing! Rukshar goes outside.


Kabeer says when Rukshar is accountable for that, then she will not be spared, but if your audio is supporting that, I shall stop this illegal action in most areas that come under the Sharia board! Kabeer leaves.
Zara states I called the Physician. Rukhsar waits with flame pole. Zeenat stops Rukhsar and states are you mad?? Be on your perceptions. You can not go to prison. Zeenat states we will resolve this. Zeenat says Kabeer is going to probably be with you tonight. Zeenat states .

Rukshar arrives to her chamber and leads. Zeenat states what exactly are you doing? Rukshar says Kabeer believes he did a mistake by phoning Zara here, Zara also believes she’d some error, and Shehbaz can not say a word. Do you understand what I did? The flashback reveals Shehbaz listening to Zara’s audio and taking a look at the water. Zara says that I can bring water to you, she leaves. She says you’re befriending your buddy? She reveals him Ayesha’s picture and says I murdered her like that, I suffocated her with a cushion. Rukshar says , I murdered your adoring wife. Shehbaz begins crying and panicking. Rukshar leaves and moans. Rukshar comes there and says hello God, what exactly did you do with him Zara? Zeenat hugs Rukshar and states I do not think Zara is going to be spared today. Rukshar says let us finish our suggestion today.

Zara calls Zahida and informs her around Shehbaz’s condition. Zahida says I’m sure nobody can fall sick with our therapy, she provides her a few directions.

Zara claims no, I believe Rukshar is accountable for this. He becomes really jittery whenever Rukshar is close to himI am certain that Rukshar failed something. Zara recalls Shahbaz attempting to stage at Rukshar.

Zara informs Kabeer I do not understand how this occurred.
Zara comes there and states Mother/Teacher is departing, please request her to remain for a few days.
He informs Zara that you’ve given a new life to KabEer by arriving here. Irfan states that the President always thought that you’re alive. Zara thank him for praying and states that my Mother/Teacher saved me. The President thanks . Zara says she’s leaving. The President says she cared for Zara, rescued her, therefore we must serve her, he requests Irfan to prevent her.

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