The Evil Eye update Wednesday 31st March 2021 Starlife


The Evil Eye 31 March 2021 update: Saanvi claims to Guru Maa which we must find her before authorities catches Naman. Dilruba informs about moving to stone’ cave and Mausi followed . Guru Maa states but did Panna kill Mausi?

Nishant claims to Shekhar there are two pills, one for lifetime and one for departure, you pick which one you need to offer her, we dont know which one is for what. Shekhar chooses one pill computer and prays to God to guard his Vedsheree.

Ansh sets Piya down. Mohana comes there and claims that you did exactly what I desired you to do, you’ll come to bad side today as Devik is lifeless. Flashback demonstrates how Piya told Ansh he might need to kill her to create Mohana trust him take spirit jar out of her, she could comeback following few moments of accepting soul jar differently she’ll be dead entirely. Ansh claims to Mohana you contested Piya and now she’s dead, where’s Adi? I dropped Adi, I’m lonely in this world and I’ll kill you, you chose my entire life and today I shall kill you. Mohana says there are Adi, I dont even understand where Piya masked Adi. Ansh starts strangling her Mohana states that I know a way to locate Adi.

Ansh and Piya come house and sees mom dying. Piya states you’ll be OK. Piya provides her spirit jar liquid into Vedsheree. All are all relieved.

Scene 1

Dilruba sees imli and states I threw it before. Naman asks her to relax, Police could arrest you for murder which you do. He appears at cave and states that I couldnt find anything there, killer is smart, we must go home. They depart.
Guru Maa claims to Naman my sister had been murdered by a few chudail and also we dont have an evidence, they could take Dilruba. Dilruba states I will runaway. Naman says they’ll declare you as conducting offender and they’ll catch me afterward. Dilruba says I shall kill them afterward. Naman states you dont need to take action, I discovered this coin on place, he reveals her, Dilruba states it signifies Panna murdered Mausi?

She says that we cant open its door but that I could do indoors. She’s a bat and goes indoors. She’s out and says jewellery is lost, she stole it. Naman says she had been stealing it, Mausi attempted to stop her Panna murdered her left, we’ll inform this to authorities, Saanvi states as though they will consider you.
Ansh flies and places Piya’s on earth. Ansh takes empty spirit jar. Mohana asks him to place her spirit inside and place some spirit back on her she becomes living for sometime, can you get it done? Ansh says I will do anything to my son. Ansh spits her spirit in spirit jar and is and is going to pour soul back in Piya however Mohana quits him. Ansh states what exactly are you doing? Ansh recalls how Piya explained that Mohana would need back wings. He feels pain . Mohana says recall you’d lose wings should you do a sin, then you murdered a devik so that you will drop these wings today. Ansh says you did that for wings? Mohana says yes and that I will become strongest in world, you’ll lose wings today. Ansh states this won’t occur, but I didnt do a sin, so I didnt kill Piya because she requested me to strike her so we can save Vedsheree. I will spare you. She tries to strike him Ansh strikes away. Mohana attempts to strike them but they throw away her from mountain. Ansh asks if she’s fine? She nods. Ansh says I understand where’s Vedsheree’s soul jar.
Ansh states that I know you did everything for Vedsheree, I watched that your earring. He discovered Mohana telling Piya I chased Adi and Ansh would believe you took him he will kill you, flashback ends. Piya says I desired you to believe that, now you’ve got to kill me. Ansh states what exactly are you saying? Piya states Mohana has to be arriving here, you must take action, we dont have an option. Ansh hugs her then pushes her off. He begins eating her lifestyle.

Shekhar says to household I must do this. He chooses one pill from death and life and is going to donate it to Vedsheree but didnt. Nishant says that she doesnt have a lot of time left.
Piya is operating . Ansh flies and catch her, he lifts her into atmosphere and glares at her. Sajna plays, Piya rolls her brow to him caress his face.
Scene two
Ansh and Piya arrives to place however Vedsheree’s soul jar overlooking. Ansh states we cant do anything today. Piya reveals her soul jar also states we could contribute this to her. Ansh says its your spirit jar.


Nishant claims to Shekhar that people cant use it until the end. Shekhar states Vedshree is dying, she’s my spouse and that I have right to pick, please provide that medication to me? Nishant says fine and provides him box, he says in the event that you give medication to her afterward Ansh and Piya’s efforts will be futile.
Nishant says to household that dont understand where Ansh and Piya are, we must await them. Shekhar states I am all set to take danger. Nishant says we could give pill computer to Vedshree however we dont know which is perfect. Shekhar says I’m all set to take action, I understand Piya will bring her spirit backwards but imagine if its too late and we shed Vedsheree?

Shekhar requires a breath and places one pill in Vedsheree’s mouth, so she begins becoming gloomy. Nishant states no. . That has been passing pill, she’s dying today. Shekhar drops.


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