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My Identity update Sunday 28th February 2021 Star life


My Identity 28 February 2021 update: Avni seeing police saluting Neil. DD says you disappeared. Neil says relax, I m fine. He asks DD to drop madam home. He asks her why is she standing, come. Avni says I will go on own.

He asks what happened, are you afraid of police, listen, its night, I will drop you home safe. She says i don’t need your help and goes. DD asks who was this girl who made you speechless, sorry. Neil says I want all details of this girl, I will give someone’s description, I want the sketch till morning.

Hetal says its not anniversary today, you have rated flowers high, take the flowers, we will manage. Dayaben comes and says its lovely flowers. Hetal says yes, but see the price. Dayaben asks the men to send same flowers daily, we will clear the bill. Hetal says I know you are excited for Riya’s engagement, but there are many functions. Dayaben asks her to think big for Riya, she is going in big house, this is an investment for our future, Riya and Amol will get everything in future. Diksha looks on.

Diksha says fine, shower love on grandchildren, I will also do something, Riya’s engagement will happen well. Avni comes home and smiles seeing Neela. Neela asks for icecream. Avni gets icecream from fridge. Neela asks about the shirt. Avni says I was waiting for you to ask.
Neela stares at her. Avni says you will not digest icecream till I answer, we will talk at breakfast time. Neela asks how did you get hurt. Avni asks her to ask questions later, the one who has mum like you, can she lose, I m feeling scared. Neela says fear is not your weakness, it will become your strength.

Avni says we lost many things behind. Neela says tomorrow morning will make you meet your past, chance and destination are ready, my Avni is also ready, right. Avni nods. Neela wishes her all the best.

Neil comes to police station and asks for sketch. DD says yes. Neil asks why are you laughing, show me the sketch, is it any monkey. DD shows the sketch. Neil sees his own sketch and laughs. DD says that’s why everyone was laughing, it was made by the girl’s description in recording. He plays the recording and realizes Avni told about him.

DD laughs hearing her. Neil says this girl is Ajooba, she removed a policeman’s shirt and then fooled me, I will find out, she has become a case for me. Neela says you made breakfast after many days. Avni says your fav Aloo puri. Neela says its nice, you got this from hotel. Avni asks how did you know. Neela says I m your mum, have it now, shall we continue discussion, about shirt. Avni says what to discuss, have one more puri. Neela says fine, tell me about the guy, was he handsome, every girl has boyfriend, you may also have, its cool.

Avni says what cool, I don’t like all that. Neela calls her mad and smiles. Avni hugs her and says now our happy days have come, you can ask me anything, you know my answer, my life’s motive is not a guy, its a fight to get family. Neela asks are you ready for this fight. Riya refuses to have food. Dayaben praises her. Riya asks can’t I buy a designer lahenga in my engagement. Hetal says its worth 15 lakhs, will you wear such costly lahenga for a day, you won’t see it again, we get life partner, that’s engagement gift. Riya says my followers will see me, what will they think if I wear plan dress, what will be my image.

Dayaben asks Riya to wear the designer dress. She gives her card and asks her to shop whatever she wants. Riya says Hetal is not happy in my happiness. Dayaben asks Riya to take her boyfriend on shopping too. Riya calls her too cute and goes. Dayaben asks Hetal to think about success always. A man delivers something.
Neela prepares Avni. Avni says I m Ananya Verma. Neela asks her to stand right, will you take much time to answer, you will face Dayaben by meeting her eyes, she is our biggest enemy, answer me, don’t forget, family matters a lot to Dayaben. She asks Avni not to be scared, now its time for our enemy to be scared, don’t forget you are Aisha’s daughter, you are a born fighter, you can’t lose this way.

The man says I got the jewelry, but its all mortgaged in our bank, my job is in risk. Dayaben says I got your job there. He says so, I got this jewelry, you can take jewelry now and keep the rest. She stares at him. He gives her the box and says none should know. She says this jewelry and your job won’t go anywhere. She says once Riya goes in that family, this bad time will be gone. She smiles. Neela says you have to win Dayaben’s trust, your should be confident. Avni says this fear comes as bad memory. Neela says when you feel scared of outer fear, you revive your inner light, you can do it. Avni says I m ready and smiles.
Neil thinking of Avni. Ali asks him what happened, is everything fine. Neil says I m a bad loser, I got beaten up by a girl for the first time, case 123 did not get solved and now this girl’s case, she is strange. Ali teases him. Neil says she is stubborn, oversmart and beautiful. Ali says she answered phone right, tell me more. He does shayari. Neil says love is nonsense, this girl is a mystery. Ali says look at yourself after spending an evening with her, I m living in Avni’s memories since 15 years, person’s joke is made in love. Neil asks why do you link everything with Avni.

Ali says Avni’s name is permanent on my name. Neil says I m saying about case and girl, you are saying about Avni. Ali says sorry, tell me about her. Avni gets a message. She sees Riya’s picture on FB and laughs. Neela jokes on her. Neela says its time Ananya Verma enter Dayaben’s world, Riya’s engagement is business deal. Avni says now this won’t happen, Dayaben’s face will be out, they will know she is greedy and hollow person, who have kept everything mortgaged, and now keeping Riya mortgaged for her use, we have to find out whom is Riya getting engaged to. Neela says that’s why I joined fancy kitty parties. Avni checks Riya’s pic and sees the store name in background.

Neil says that girl talks nonstop, she does not say sorry or thanks, anger on nose and punch in hand is always ready, she falls in problems, after taking help, she says I don’t need your help. Ali looks at him and says you said there is nothing to say about her, now see you did good research. DD says Neil’s mum has sent shirts, as a girl has taken his shirt, Neil came home shirtless. Ali asks Neil the story. DD says your mum is on call. Neil answers the call.

She asks him does he not have time to meet her. Neil says I m meeting you on dinner. She asks why did you come home shirtless. He says I m meeting you in evening. She reminds his date. He says I remember, this is embarrassing. Ali does shayari. Neil says you both talk here, I have urgent work, enjoy.
Riya is at jewelry store and tries bangles. She clicks selfie and posts on social network. Avni meets her and says you are Riya Mehta, my fashion icon, I m Ananya Verma, your number one follower, we met because of social media, I got to know you checked in this shop and came here, I m so excited to meet my style guru, can I take a selfie with you. Riya says yes of course. Avni takes pic and praises her.

Avni thanks her for making her day. She sees Riya’s bangles and compliments her. Avni says its my engagement gift, my engagement is tomorrow. Avni says you look gorgeous in normal outfit, you will look so pretty in your engagement outfit. Riya says everything is sorted. Avni says I wish I could see you, I will see your pics, I wish if we were best friends, I could share your life’s imp day. Riya says you can, you have to come in my engagement party. Avni says I just said in excitement, your guest list will be set. Riya says you have to come. Avni says if your family feels bad. Riya says none will say anything, I will make you talk to Dadi. She calls and asks Dayaben to ask her friend Ananya to come in party. She says my Dadi is very sweet, talk to her.
Avni thinks of Dayaben. Dayaben says Riya said you are her special friend, so you are also my granddaughter, will you not come to share her happiness. Avni says its Riya and my life’s imp day, how can I refuse if you invited me by love Dadi, Riya calls you Dadi so I thought to call you Dadi. Dayaben says its fine, I will wait for you, come tomorrow. Avni says I m coming, I will be seeing everyone for the first time. Riya asks what. Avni says I will be seeing you in designer lahenga. Riya says you are lucky that Dadi invited you. Avni asks about her family.

Riya says you can come early and help me in getting ready, my friends are on holiday, they will miss all fun. Avni says I missed a lot, I mean I will learn to live with style. Riya says yes, you only love once, I have another surprise, he is coming here, we decided to shop engagement ring together, I will introduce you. Avni asks really, you gave me many surprises, I m thinking how to surprise you. Neil calls Riya and asks where are you. Riya tells him about jewelry store. Neil says I m coming. Riya says he will be coming. Avni says time has come. Riya goes to update status. Avni stops her and says your lipstick… Riya says it spoiled, thanks you saved me, I will fix makeup and come, its my third date with my boyfriend. Avni says these bangles with this dress, no cool. Riya says not bad, I m impressed, your style quotient got higher being with me. She asks the man to pack bangles and goes.
Avni swaps the bangles. Neil enters the store. He calls Riya and asks where are you. Avni sees him and says did he come here finding me.

My Identity update Saturday 27th February 2021 Star life


My Identity 27 February 2021 update starts with Neil saying I did not get the thief, and got this heavy girl. He lifts Avni and gets her to the shore. He asks her to listen. He gets close to her. She spits water on him and coughs.

She sees him and gets over him. He says I was just… She says shut up, I know what you were trying to do. He stops her and says I m not your punching bag, will you say thanks this way. She asks why, you made me fall. He says you committed suicide. She asks are you mad, I can do anything. He asks did you not see danger board. She asks how to go out from here. He jokes. She goes. He says I can call DD, but mom will know. She says would I be able to meet Dayaben or not.

Ali serves Poha to a lady. She says I come here to have Poha made by you, you are the best. She pays him and goes. Neil’s mum comes to Ali and asks about Neil. Ali says he had tea and went. DD says he went hospital. She says it means he had food poisoning. DD says no, he went to catch thief. She asks why are you not say first, say openly. DD says Neil went to mountain. She asks why, he went there to die or romance, he has no connection with romance, it means… Ali says relax, he was very happy, no stress, no problem. She says I m fed up of police job, call him. Ali calls and says his number is unavailable.

Sshe gives him 60mins to prove his friendship. DD goes with her. Neil tries to get network. Avni and Neil argue. She asks him to find the way out and prove he is a hero. He says I m leaving. She asks him to stop. She slips. He holds her in arms. Music plays………….
She asks Neil to give his shirt. He asks what nonsense is this, are you mad. She asks him to give shirt, else I will tear it, control your mind, I have to make a flag out of shirt, so that anyone comes to help us. He says like I saved you. She gets a stick and ties the shirt. He says we should put this in open so that anyone can see.

Hetal asks everyone to do arrangements soon. She says Riya will get married soon, its happening so fast. Riya is shown. She gets ready. She dances on Radha teri chunri……. Hetal comes to her. She says you are going to marry, you will be starting a new life. Riya says I know, you booked photographer for engagement right. Hetal explains that girl has to do many sacrifices, are you ready to do adjustments. Riya says they have everything, what’s the matter, that I m getting engaged, you can’t see me happy.

Hetal says I was saying all this because decisions taken in hurry just give pain, I can’t see my daughter in pain, your happiness is very happy for me, believe me. Dayaben comes there and stares at Hetal. Neil and Avni try to get help. She takes his phone and tries to make a call. His phone rings.
She sees Ali’s name and answers. He asks where are you. She says hello… Ali hears her and asks who is this. She asks him to say ahead. He asks for Neil. She says who is Neil. He says you are using Neil’s phone. She says I m stuck here because of Neil. Neil comes and takes phone. Ali asks all okay, where are you. Neil says long story, I m sending you location, come fast. Ali says fine, who is that girl with you. Neil says she is problem burden. Ali says fine, coming. The call ends. Ali says Avni on call…..no….what will happen of me.
Avni says no, how can it be Ali, focus Avni, I have to go out of here and meet Dayaben. Dayaben hugs Riya and says your mum in law has sent ancestral bangles for you. Riya says thanks, its so pretty. Dayaben says you will always be laxmi of this house. Riya shows bangles to Hetal and says everyone loves me, I don’t have to make any adjustments, you don’t let me stay happy.
Neil checks his phone. He takes Avni’s bag and checks. She takes it back and asks him not to touch her bag without permission. He says I did not tell anything when you have touched my phone, I was checking your phone to send location, are you running away from someone. She says I have to meet someone, I have work. He sits and says you need to have way first. She says ways are got by finding. He says when roadmap within is clear, outer ways also get clear. She says I got the way, but got a stone in the way too.
He asks did you see butterfly. She asks are you mad. He says butterfly comes to you when you leave it, this philosophy is called let it go. She taunts him. He says fine, you can go, but you will come back here, its a fact, it will get dark in some time, wild animals can see you. She says I m not scared of darkness. He says but you would be scared of light, as everything can be seen clear. She asks him to keep his nonsense and goes. He says she is like a case, don’t know from whom is she playing hide and seek.

Avni saying I have to reach Dayaben’s house. Neil gets the locket piece and says broken heart, I will get case solved when this heart meets. Avni hears foot steps and hides. She sees Neil and asks can’t you have normal entry. He asks why did you hide. She calls him mad. She says look Mr. Neil. He says wow, how do you know my name. She says your friend called. He says so you got to know everything about me. He sees a snake on the tree and pulls her. She says leave me. He shuts her mouth and says snake…. He shows the snake to her. She looks at him. The snake goes. He says don’t stick to me, I saved your life, you can thank me. She asks why thanks. He counts the favors. She counts his mistakes.

He says snakes are better, snake went peacefully and you are talking nonstop. She goes. Dayaben says I understand your worry Hetal. Hetal asks is this not happening in hurry, I feel restless. Dayaben asks shall we make Riya sit at home all life. Hetal asks is this happening wrong. Dayaben asks her to see Riya’s happiness.

Neil and Avni argue. He collides with her. She shouts Oye and gets ready to fight. He says I m teaching you right technique. She asks him to start ashram, to teach fighting and philosophy. He holds her. She says leave me. He asks her to free her hand and push him back. She pushes him back. He falls. He says I m impressed, good try. She picks her bag and her belongings fall. She sees the locket and worries. She picks it and keeps in bag. He asks what did you hide just now. She picks all the belongings. He asks her to answer.

Ali asks DD did he start eating sweets in tension. DD says I m tensed about Neil. Ali says don’t worry. DD gets Neil’s mum’s call and answers. He goes. Ali waits for Neil to send location. Neil asks what are you hiding, show it to me. She asks are you policeman, do you have search warrant. He asks her name, you are questioning me out of fear. She asks him to see bag and says I m not scared of anything. He checks her bag. He asks if there is nothing, why were you running. He says you can’t do a policeman’s work. He says we can take lift to leave. She says I came here to get lift for myself, I can’t bear you. He says I taught you self defence. She says I can take care of myself.
He stops a car. They take lift. The man asks her to sit, and says sorry bro, just one seat is vacant. She thanks the man. The car leaves. Neil says foolish girl, she keeps herself in danger. He runs to reach her. He sees the car vacant. He sees the man fallen. The man says I did not know she is wrestler’s granddaughter. Neil says now you take lift from ambulance and slaps him. The man runs.

Neil sees Avni crying and goes to her. She holds her torn sleeve. He asks did you get much hurt. She says no. He says you saved yourself, thanks to me, the technique I taught you. She says thanks to me, I saved myself, I did not use that move. She recalls beating the man same way. He says you are thanking by heart. She says not you, someone who helped me. He asks who was that problem solver. She says he helped and went. He holds her and asks who was that man.
He sees her torn sleeve. He stops her and asks her to wait. Angie comes to meet Ali. Ali says I was calling Neil, don’t know where is he, why did you come. She says I forgot. They talk about Avni. She says its 15 years now. He says I m still living in her memories. He teases her seeing the nail paint. She recalls and says Fatima is coming back tomorrow, did you get her earrings. Ali says wow, I got Neil’s message, see you, I will get earrings.
Neil makes Avni wear his shirt. He does her aid. They sit near the fire. He asks her to say thanks now. He asks her who saved her life. She says you did not stop asking. He asks her to answer. He starts recording. She says he was like guava, he was short in height. He asks eyes. She says big eyes like black cat, and beard was light. She sees him and describes. He asks voice. She says like frog, he did not talk to me, he spoke to that man, happy now, I m seeing for first time, a guy is interested to know about other guy. He says I was interested to hear your answer, if you keep pain inside, it will double. She says weak people take support of pain. He says sharing pain is a sign of courage. She says I m going, if you follow this time, then see. He says fine, atleast tell your name. She says I don’t say name to strangers. He says and you can take lift from a stranger. Police comes there. She gets tensed. Police staff salute Neil. She gets surprised.m