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Twist of Fate 24 March 2021 update:
He informs he has hired for Aaliya’s aid and inquires Purab not to be worried about her occupation. Purab states I will see. Pragya signals Abhi to depart. Abhi believes what she’s signing me to perform.

Dadi says if anything else occurs to Abhi then. Dasi says when we’ll get fearful and says we will not stop Pragya when he can not help her. Dasi asks Dadi to not stress and states when she do anything afterward he’ll push her throat with her hairs. Abhi is falling Pragya house, and is going to get down. Abhi says you’re mannerless, you’re not asking water. Pragya says it does not look great. Abhi says that I have begun to satisfy my lover no. 1, also have food. Pragya says everybody had food. Abhi says that I will drink water afterward. He says if I do not come inside then your mom will scold you for this particular wound. Pragya says alright, but do not tell anyone I am your secretary. Abhi says you’re requesting me to lie. Pragya says it’s for somebody’s improvement.

Abhi claims odd, if you do not love anyone then how can you understand this. He states these items touched my heart and shout me. He states I felt great, and have known that your sadness. You enjoys someone, but could not get him. Pragya says it’s not like this. Abhi says that your words touches hearts, also states what’s going to occur when you love somebody. It’s possible to turn into a great lyricists. Aaliya comes and hears them believes Pragya begins doing magic after he meets him. Abhi informs Pragya he doesn’t have feelings for Tanu, also decides to give her a time. He informs her that he’ll drop her house, as all motorists moved. Pragya states no demand. Abhi says he’s your boss and will fall her.

Raj speaking to somebody on telephone and reassuring that he’ll manage everything, but can not arrive from the day. Mitali hears him thinks with whom he’s speaking to. Mitali says I arrived to offer you blossom, and inquires with whom he had been speaking too. Raj asks her to not come infront of him also states you’ll be penalized all life for the error that you’ve done. Pragya tells Abhi she has kept all of his things and asks him to call if he wants anything. She inquires will I go? Abhi is missing in believing. Pragya inquires why you’re asking? Abhi says that I am referring to ordinary love rather than filmy adore, and asks what happens when a person is in love. Pragya says if the individual is in love, he then gets misplaced and smiles without any reasonhe would like to spend time together and get pleased with hergrin with her, cry with her, and the world appears great with her, and when she’s not with you afterward world appears pristine. They’ve an eye . Pragya says I do not love anybody.

They visit Purab (face shifted ) speaking to Beeji and requesting her to be careful about her food. Abhi inquires Purab, what it is you’re doing here and inquires in the event that you know . Janki brings record and states that this is Beeji’s report. Pragya informs that she fulfilled Purab in a office and might be he arrived to receive my resume. Abhi says you’d have spoke to her on telephone. Purab says she’d written address and name incorrect. I find her home with difficulty. Abhi says she’s my lover no. 1 and I won’t forget her residence. Abhi asks for java. Janki proceeds to deliver it. Abhi inquires about Sarla. Beeji says she moved outside, and inquires Pragya about her wound up. Abhi jokes , tells about injury. He states that she is going to be fine. Purab says you arrived to drop her property. He inquires Purab if he’s some issue. Purab states why do I have some issue. Janki comes and inquires where’s she working? Abhi says today she remains infront of my eyes, and states she’s my secretary.
Pragya says that I will let you know later. Abhi requests him to inform truth else he’ll come and notify her family . Mitali inquires if you’re working out there. Aaliya says no, also states Pragya will operate from there today, and won’t enter to anybody’s room. Dasi asks if you requested Abhi. Aaliya says that he won’t refuse. Dasi asks her to speak to Abhi. Dasi inquires Dadi, what do you really believe that Pragya will proceed out of here? Dadi says she’s doing so as she can not bear to watch Pragya visiting Abhi’s area, and so is anxious thinking if Abhi’s memory goes back afterward he’ll kick her out .


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