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Twist of Fate 25 March 2021: Abhi says I won’t get scared with all the dangers. Purab asks him to maintain the function restricted to household. Abhi says it’s business for us over party. Pragya says it’s not over life. Purab says what you’ll inform to Dadi. Aaliya comes and asks what’s happening. She belongs. Purab asks Pragya to not stress and states Aaliya will create something occurred and will blame you. In case Aaliya is trapping mepersonally, or when Nikhil is supporting the assault.

Purab inquiring Abhi if he suggested Tanu into the press? He states what you’ve done? Abhi says I’d no other way. He informs his name, everything and reputation were at stake following the party episode. Purab says you’d have asked me prior to making a statement. He inquires if Dadi consented? Abhi says she had been hesitant earlier, but consented. Purab says you can not marry her. Abhi says you’re saying like she’s a criminal. Abhi says she’s a version, we will make money together. Purab states that you don’t love . Abhi inquires how can you understand? Purab says I understand. Abhi says I’m confused thinking if I really like her or not? He says I will offer her time, could be I’ll love her. Purab states whose idea is that? Abhi states Aaliya, my just well wisher. Purab believes I must have understand this can be Aaliya’s doings.
Pragya will Abhi’s room. No. She states what you may do should I become his wife. Pragya says she’s performing her duty. Aaliya believes very soon he won’t take her name too. Abhi is looking for the contract newspapers and sees newspapers combined. He believes what things to do everything independently and wonders where’s Pragya?

Robin says it’s pomegranate juice just. Taya ji asks him to include tomatoes inside to allow it to be red. Tai ji inquires what it is you are saying? Tai ji beverages seeing it. Mitali asks what he’s planning? Abhi says he’s awaiting his secretary. Mitali says she arrived half an hour earlier, and informs that she’s changed office to outhouse. Abhi says I’ll take her course.

Twist of Fate upgrade Thursday 25 March 2021: At the early hours, Abhi asks everybody why they did not inform him about Dussehra. Dadi says we aren’t observing this time. Abhi inquires why? And asks if they’re concealing something from him. Aaliya informs that last time firing broke out throughout Dussehra. Abhi says we won’t abandon parties, and states I need us to observe completely. He belongs. Dadi tells Aaliya she won’t forgive her if anything else occurs to Abhi. Aaliya believes to damage Pragya through Dussehra.

Abhi informs him that she’s his secretary’s secretary. Purab comes and smiles inside. He says if she’s here then where’s the secretary. He states I knew itself, and jealousy Pragya. He provides him contract newspapers. Pragya states that I was helpless. Purab says when she tells that she’s rockstar’s secretary then folks will ask her to introduce themand will trouble . Abhi agrees and states next time I won’t lie.

Aaliya believes he came to struggle . Aaliya says I understand and states I’m not curious to describe you. Purab says I presumed you believe Tanu isn’t acceptable for Abhi, but that I was incorrect. Aaliya states Pragya have done this, why didn’t return and cried in our own life. Purab inquires what exactly do you mean? Aaliya says Pragya is now Abhi’s secretary and that is why I’ve done this. Purab says you have insecure. Aaliya says I’ve difficulty if she comes nearer to my Bhai. She states I thought of the to do on youpersonally, but’ve done this with Bhai. She says I’ll get another strategy to snare you. Purab is mad. Aaliya says I’ll do as you state, should you surrender to me. Purab states never. He says that you don’t understand what exactly do you desire in the life, and you’ll be punished all of your lifetime. He states I know a physician who will handle Abhi, and states when he’s good, then your Tanu’s play is finished. Aaliya is mad.

Janki broadcasts TV and sees Abhi creating a statement to the press that Tanu is his woman friend. Beeji says you did not stop him. Pragya says what I’d have done? His lovers could have think him . She states Sarla should not understand about it, else she’ll take her anger out on him. Janki believes if Pragya understand this, believes she’d have been yelling if understood this. Pragya informs Beeji they need to conceal that fact from Sarla. Beeji informs Pragya she won’t tell Sarla.

Tai ji inquires Mitali why she’s sad? Mitali inquires what about my heart wake? Tai says I’ll bring medication. Mitali says that the heart is burning off and informs that she’s concerned about Raj. Tai ji states I spoke to himand he explained he will celebrate Dussehra along with us. Mitali gets joyful.

Aaliya informs Tanu to impress Abhi with ease and wears clothing like Pragya. Tanu says she’s never worn clothing like her. Aaliya says when we create Pragya wear contemporary dress then also she won’t seem sexy. Tanu says she must mentally prepare herself. Tanu thanks .
Sharp shooter says he’s yamraj and will soon be arriving to take his grand son’s lifestyle. He requests her to observe Abhi’s barsi with Dussera each year. Dadi cries. Dadi yells and gets stressed. Purab says nothing will occur to him.

Pragya says I’ll see what he can do? He says you’re doing so as you’re my lover no. 1 and presumed I will do nothing. Pragya states you are only saying rather than doing anything. Pragya asks him why he’s silent? Then he believes to create her clean utensils, then believes no. He asks her to create the Dussehra decoration independently. Pragya says it’ll be performed, and inquires what else. Abhi says that I will inform you if I want anything. Pragya says what is going to be the penalty for every day. She says that I will place Ravan idol additionally.

Aaliya says you are able to speak with her through telephone. Abhi says if that which occurs on telephone then I’ll do every one of the meetings on telephone. He calls her idiotic to prepare office at the outhouse. He says she’s my secretary and I’ll tell her exactly what to do. She tells Abhi that Tanu was screaming after seeing him Pragya in his sack. Abhi says that I will manage her, and asks Aaliya to inform her to speak to him straight if she’s some difficulties. Pragya asks Aaliya to present her handbag from outhouse. Abhi arrives to space and asks Pragya to go into his space. Pragya nods says and no that your woman friend will get mad. Abhi says that I will manage her, and inquires Pragya to offer new contract newspapers. He speaks on telephone.
Pragya is becoming bored from the outhouse and believes there’s not any work here. She takes a fast nap. He believes I have tired looking for newspapers, and you’re sleeping here. Pragya says she wasn’t sleeping.
Pragya says I’m your secretary, however, Aaliya delivered me . She informs him that she had been coming into his area, but Aaliya delivered her and asks her to operate out of here. Abhi says Aaliya requested you to operate here, and asks why did not you inform me. Pragya says I did not state as boss is always perfect. He comes to Aaliya and inquires did you inquire Nikita to operate from outhouse. Aaliya states . He asks her to maintain two chairs to get Nikita and him.

Aaliya arrives to fulfill Sharp Shooter and believes he kept me waiting. Aaliya asks did you perform this job before. Shooter says he’s no. 1 sharp shot and asks her to provide target name and photograph. He says that my job is to take lifetime span of this goal and asks her to devote residual money after the passing verification. Aaliya says the best way to come. Shooter says he’ll manage. She believes she’ll observe Diwali tomorrow. He says Abhi attracted Pragya house as a secretary. Dadi says that I never had any issue with Pragya and states she’s concerned about Tanu and Aaliya’s response. He states if Abhi recalls anything afterward……Purab states I know a physician who will treat his disease. Dadi is optimistic and joyful.


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