The Evil Eye update Friday 2nd April 2021 Starlife


The Evil Eye 2 April 2021 update: Ansh hears Trishla saying to somebody that today you can comeback since Piya is fine. Ansh states Trishla is something. He sees her gone and stems out her doorway. Family asks him not to doubt her. Ansh breaks door goes in space.

The Evil Eye update Thursday 1st April 2021 Starlife

They see that a statue of water. Ansh asks who’s that? Nishant states Divya? Piya says that which you. . Piya states but Mohana. . Murdered you. . You’re alive. . All seem on. Nishant says you’re back, ” he hugs her. Divya yells and says Trishla attracted me back, she’s behind all of this. Trishla says I must understand that if evil abilities interrupts a witch hunter afterward just blood-life can deliver them back so that I used my understanding. All are pleased to see . Divya claims to Ansh which you aren’t pleased? Ansh says I’m in shock. Piya says you’ve got to meet somebody. She attracts Adi. Divya goes to him he becomes of rock. Vedsheree requires him. Piya says he’s simply scared, Divya says I’ll meet him afterwards.

Ansh Thank you Trishla and claims sorry for doubting you. Trishla says its alright, dont stress. Piya sees bud growing out of her hands and says Bua did so. Trishla says we arrived here for specific work , dont thank me, ” she leaves. Ansh says ? He moves . Nishant goes also.
Shortly he’ll get life. I understood Nishant would phone me Piya becomes feeble. Trishala says I had been quiet until today but its time to strike. Ansh comes there however water statue is now gone. Ansh says I’ve pain in your mind. Trishala says I had been functioning but its time to do what I came for, she renders. Ansh sees powder floor and water going off. He rolls powder and its gone.

Naman and Saanvi assesses Mausi’s items in police station but mani has been now gone. Panna comes there and states I’ve got it. She reveals them mani.
Family begins aarti together. Trishla and Divya seems on. Divya brings reddish sack out and extends to balcony. She sees celebrity in skies and is going to open her sofa but tree wraps round her.

Trishla claims to Divya my job is completed, you’re back, I’ll depart, I dont have time, you know tonight is a huge night, she provides her something in crimson fabric. Vedsheree comes there Divya hides it. Trishla says I must return to my own world, this isn’t my world. Vedsheree says alright but please perform aarti with us. Trishla and Divya seems on.
Ansh states you’ve got a wound. Piya says I’m fine. Ansh makes her sit down and claims that I shall call Bua to test you.

Ansh calls Nishant and informs him concerning powder. Nishant states Trishla must use it to create Piya fine, dont worry I’m coming , he concludes call. Ansh sees water foot marks on flooring and states what’s that?

Ansh sees water moving inside area. He rushes and divides doorway. Family comes in area and sees it coated leaves. Piya says I’m fine today, Bua made me strong . We all thank Trishla. Trishla states is mine also. Vedsheree says that I was dying inside but I am quite happy for you today. Piya states Ansh you’re concerned for nothing. Trishla says that he loves you a whole lot, I must leave now.


Dilruba attempts to take mani out of Panna however Panna strikes her. Saanvi states quit it Panna. Panna is now gone.
Ansh sees Trishla speaking with somebody. Trishla states Piya is nice, it means that your time is here.

Naman asks bat to comeback indoors, Police will believe you ranaway. Dilruba flies nearby inspector. Officer gets leaves and call. Naman attempts to pull it indoors.

Ansh believes something isn’t right. Nishant gets Saanvi’s phone who states that all types of witch book are vacant. Nishant informs Piya and states tonight is wicked nigh.

Ansh comes out Piya’s room. Family informs him that Trishla is functioning on Piya inside. Ansh says I must go indoors. Trishla comes out and says I understand you’re concerned but you cant move indoors. Ansh says ? Trishla states you’re a davansh and I’m witch hunter therefore its not a fantastic mix. Nishant comes there and states to Ansh you have witch bloodstream, please know that she simply wants to create Piya.

Dilruba says I need mani, she becomes a tongue and leaves mobile.

Ansh comes to space. Ansh says she abandoned aarti and. . Piya states you’re doubting her? Dont worry. Ansh states I feel strange, like something terrible is happening. Piya states dont worry, mommy is with us. Ansh states Adi became of rock seeing her. Piya says that he was only scared to find a new face, dont stress.

Piya comes to Ansh and asks him to quit functioning, she provides him juice but has pain in drops and hand juice. Ansh says I’ll bring balm. Piya says its alright.


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