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Twist of Fate update Thursday 1st April 2021 Zee World



Twist of Fate 1 April 2021 update: Prachi looking for her journal and telling Shahana that when she retains it today then there’ll not be any difficulty in workplace. Shahana inquires if she wishes to do additional work to make extra and claims tomorrow is Sunday.

Prachi says she did not think. Shahana teases her accepting Ranbir’s title. Ranbir asks what exactly are you doing at the time. Aryan says I arrived to meet you since you was always occupied with Prachi each day. Aryan says not actually and states when you had been with me, most of women detecting me. Ranbir asks her to shoot all of the women and asks him to not provide brotherly like to eena, meena and deeka. Aryan inquires that are they? Ranbir says I won’t provide my love for you personally to somebody else. Aryan states liar. Ranbir says something is happening in your thoughts. Aryan asks him to not sleep also says I was believing what’s occurring. Ranbir states I will sleep should you bore me. Aryan asks are you currently in love with Prachi? Ranbir gets up amazingly. Shahana inquires Prachi if she’s in love with Ranbir. She states she watched them together out.

Prachi fails and asks if she’s having fever. Shahana says you’ve got love fever. Aryan states Prachi is such a love, I enjoy her. Ranbir asks have you ever gone insane and says how do you believe I’ll love Prachi. Prachi asks her to use her free time to get a few great use. She says that my fantasy man is going to differ from him. Shahana inquires how he’ll be? Prachi says she have not believe, first she’ll focus on her research and profession and will wed wherever pragya asks her to wed.

Pragya is at the cab and believes about Abhi. She believes he’s feelings for her and overlooks her. She believes even she would like to visit him and meet with him want him to visit me and call me fuggi. She believes why he went abruptly. She believes if we’ll meet again.

Pragya is going to select the telephone, but it finishes. He calls pragya’s number. Before Pragya could select the telephone, it’s cut. Sarita behen speaks to him. Abhi asks her to place love in the meals. She says she’ll charge additional. After she concludes the telephone, she inquires Pragya if she’s jealous meeting her hero. Sarita behen states that is why you’re happy. Abhi messages Pragya he could not speak to her.

Ranbir informs Prachi she did not book cab and asks her to thank him and also have some decency. Ranbir states that you don’t possess decency. Ranbir says you’ll never do so. Prachi says you won’t get thank you as well as any excuse. Prachi says I’ve got two words to you and says good bye.

Ranbir believes he can not possess friendship with her and believes who’ll wed her, I can not even behave to become friendly with her. Prachi is coming into himstumbles and collapse. They’ve an eye . Waiter asks Pragya to maintain the bags in the most secure location. Vikram comes and states singing. He goes to find call. Abhi gets Dasi’s message which Rhea dropped down the staircase. Ranbir inquires Prachi when she felt anything. Prachi says I’m fine and goes indoors. He believes what I had been thinking and what I had been requesting. He sits in automobile. Prachi waves bye and goes indoors. Shahana appears at them and smiles.

He says I can not endure for 5 mins and believes the way to take her entire life. He states that my mind begins paining listening to her own doctrine. He says she’s an opinion about everything and we do not know anything. He says she gave much experimentation, and I’ve grown up hearing her lecture. He says that he feels shame on the man quitting her says she will give him lecture on wedding night. He says when she has married then it’ll be arranged marriage for her. Prachi informs Shahana she do not need to fall in love and tells that she’ll whine to Maa. Shahana states no. Prachi goes.

Shahana believes Prachi is actually love. Aryan inquires why you had been looking at her with this look. Ranbir says if she’s infront of himhe feels like crying and cries to rescue him. Ranbir says Aryan was teasing me carrying Pra..and afterward says a woman. Beeji says there has to be some thing and asks Aryan who’s she? Aryan says he had been stating exactly enjoy that. Ranbir says that he wanted to check me. Beeji asks him to state. Ranbir says she’ll arrive in Aaliya’s wedding anniversary. Beeji says when she enjoys the woman then will arrange their union. She belongs.

Rhea believes Ranbir won’t fall for Prachi, but Prachi will collapse because of him. She runs down the staircase and pretends to stumble on staircase. Dadi yells Rhea. Sarita behen informs Pragya she told the women he is your boyfriend to eliminate them. Vikram reaches talks and there to Abhi. Sarita behen receives a telephone and asks Pragya to fulfill Mr. Mehra. She leaves.

Vikram comes to Pragya and inquires about her. Pragya says she’s nice and inquires about Prachi. Vikram says she’s doing work well. Pragya asks concerning the celebration arrangement. Pragya asks concerning the message. Vikram says I shipped it. He belongs. He retains hand on his head. Pragya moves from that point. Abhi believes he’s imagining her. She yells.

Disha states Hritik will manage it, I’ve much work. Secretary calls Hritik and provides telephone to Disha. Disha asks him to wear clothing and says she’s feeling pity . He asks her to pay attention to. She says she doesn’t do any favor . Disha says CM will provide award to Abhishek Mehra. She states she’s a idea that something wrong will occur. Disha gets mad on him. Hritik wants her to go and informs he is with his buddy. Disha agrees to proceed.

Abhi messages sorry message into Pragya for unable to fulfill her. She states she met a person whom she wished to fulfill because many days. Abhi is going to write the exact same thing then believes what she will think and answers goodnight.
Abhi reaches house and comes running indoors. He inquires Dadi what occurred to Rhea. He asks if she’s alright. Dadi states Rhea blackmailed me. Vikram says I can not know anything. Rhea says I’d have slept with the time you arrived here. Dadi says she wishes to phone you before. Rhea says she wishes to invite Prachi along with her mum to celebration tomorrow. She states minute, she wishes to purchase gift for bu ji. Thirdly, she does not want her to want Aaliya and Purab because it’s going to be surprise for them. Rhea believes I will not allow my strategies fail this time, Ranbir will suggest Prachi and that I will fulfill her mum.

Ranbir asks if she’s mad because she refused to carry his aid when he offered elevator. Prachi says I can telephone you nuts and inquires are you nuts. He says and laughs all women die for me personally. Prachi says that they do not run behind you, but you attempt to impress them by forcing fast auto, playing guitar, soccer etc.. He pushes the car quickly and states I’m trying to impress you. He stops the car and inquires are you really okay. Prachi states that I did a mistake by accepting elevator. She asks him to push automobile. Rhea calls him and asks to the advancement in her vehicle. He believes he must woo Prachi, but can not endure her. He says he’ll call her later and finishes the call. He informs Prachi he will push the vehicle on 20 and 30 rate. Prachi asks him to push silently. He gets angry.

Abhi says that I sleep here and states you can sleep also. He says okay. Rhea asks them to not want Bu ji. Purab says okay.

Abhi comes to his chamber window and appears at the moon. Allah Wariyan playswith. Pragya believes of the words.

Abhi says okay and works towards Pragya, but he could not her because of the mad fans.

The women share love. Abhi says it’s a sense for me that is told, but may be felt, and if you feel it that will be with you all of your life. He says if you have a click on a pic, you may keep it for lifetime, but love…that you can just sense it. He states I recall the time once I got soaked with her in rain and if she hugged me. He states I recall her touch and sense her, since this feeling is still alive since I…Their minutes are revealed. He states that I used to adore her. A man asks why did you mention that you just used to adored her. Abhi says that I will sing tune for you. Sarita behen states I thought you moved. Pragya states nothing.

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