Twist of Fate update Wednesday 10 March 2021 On Zee World


Twist of Fate 10 March 2021: He states do you believe that I’m a betrayal, thief, liar…She says that I can not tell anything to show my innocence. She says you’re unhappy as you understand someplace that we’re destined to remain each and are created for each other.

She says I can not betray you and can not lie you because I adore you. Pragya says I can not stay away from me, like I love you. Abhi inquires what it is you are saying? Pragya says you may be thinking that I’m speaking odd, or lying to protect myself. She says I do not need one to free me . She says that I just spoke out my heart and wish to listen to your own heart.

She states that a man who loves someone can not betray him. Abhi says that I am likely to wed Tanu….Pragya states no issue, I really like you and it’s my choice to be together with you. Abhi appears on emotionally.
Purab comes and inquires Inspector where he’s taking her. Inspector informs that she’s done fraud. Purab is shocked and asks Abhi how can he think his secretary could betray himwhen she’s fair. He asks why can not you see in her eyes and understand. Aaliya says incredible, Purab is shooting her side today, and says he does not understand about her game program. She states Nikita has immobilized Abhi and Purab both with her own innocence, also states do not understand she’d trapped how many men before. Purab lifts her hands on her inquiring how dare she? Abhi stops him and asks when he’s gone insane. He states you’re raising your hands on Aaliya for her. Abhi says I do not wish to chat about her and travels.

Sarla believes to telephone Pragya and asks when she’s coming. Beeji says I do not need her to come home now and says she obtained abhi’s mehendi and kumkum on her hands and maang respectively. Sarla calls on her, but she does not select the telephone. Sarla opens the door and finds out Purab standing. Beeji states when Abhi was there, how can he allow her arrested? Purab says he’s convinced Aaliya made concrete strategy . Tanu informs Aaliya they will not take Pragya softly and informs that she had been staring Abhi and her. Aaliya asks her to love the drink and says she can not do anything. They cheers. Aaliya says I’ve seen her teary eyes says we will proceed to jail and sees her . Tanu asks who’s Pragya and laughs. Aaliya says great one. Dadi and Dasi listen to them and become depressed.
Abhi looks at his own clothes from the mirror and thinks of Pragya purchasing it on line for him. He remembers trying tops and inquiring how he’s looking? Pragya states you’re looking as johny lever. Abhi asks in the event that you would like to see Tom Cruise, and is going to take off his shirt. Pragya claims runs and no. Abhi laughs. Fb ends. Pragya believes why did her maang had been full of kumkum if she was going to separate . She believes Abhi can not uncertainty on her and believes he’ll come and free her. Abhi places wine from the glass. A fb is revealed, Abhi recalls Pragya stopping him from drinkingthreatening to notify Dadi. She says she needs his improvement and is secretary of everybody who believe about his improvement. Fb ends. Abhi breaks the glass and believes do not understand who’s stating truth and who’s lying? He states Aaliya can not lie and Nikita can not do this. He’s confused.
He believes why did not I quit her. He believes to speak to her. Pragya is at the police station. Constable informs her that someone arrived to meet with her. Pragya appears at him with tears in her eyesand holds his hands. Abhi takes his hands , and asks why do you really do so with me. He says that he got very much depressed when she left, which he’s more miserable thinking she’s broken his hope.

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