Twist of Fate update Tuesday 23 March 2021 Zee world


Twist of Fate 23 March 2021 update: Abhi asks if she’s not a person. She says others may attend . Abhi says I shall attend if anything happens to her. He states you’re stating that, even after realizing she has slipped for you. He says you’re speaking on telephone, turned and forced her slide from stairs.

Abhi says if anything else happens to Robin then I will treat him. Robin brings aid box also goes. Abhi says if workers admire you, then just world will honor you. Tanu informs him that she’s feeling pleased to have a lifetime partner like himand tells that she’ll do the very first help. Pragya believes she’s done this intentionally, but performing play. Abhi asks her to awaken and uses savlon on her mind, and blows. Dadi and Dasi move from there. Abhi sucks her wound. Pragya shuts his eyes.

Abhi addressing to websites and states you’ve revealed what you desired and hurt me, however, the way you’ve made this lie attained everybody, make one fact reach everybody too. He informs Tanu is my woman friend, and anyone is going to do this together with his woman friend. He says we did not do so relation people as we desire solitude, but what we have is poor picture.

Aaliya scolds Tanu and inquires who requested you to try it, I advised you to not use your mind. You made me drop down, what do you really believe that she’ll die. Tanu states I only need to harm her. Aaliya says who is getting hurt today. She says you’re bringing them closer. She says Abhi can not see anything wrong happening infront of the eyes. She states Bhai could have declared his breakup with you. He’s got a soft corner , why? She informs that Abhi enjoys simple, middle class women. She reveals her magazine, where a woman is wearing salwar kameez. She asks her to wear clothing like her, and speak great like her. Tanu says folks will laugh if I become behenji. Aaliya says you can laugh . Abhi has been take care of her wound and sucks it. Abhi signals what occurred?

Dadi says I’m the one. She states what did you believe I will make her bahu, and states I won’t let her manifestation come about him. She states due to Tanu, Abhi was going to perish. She asks her to possess pity. Dasi calls for her shameless and claims she came to incorporate toxin in Abhi’s life. Dadi asks Aaliya to request to depart. Aaliya says she will not go everywhere, and will remain here. She states until Pragya is about him, there’ll be danger, therefore she’ll depart out of here. Dadi asks Aaliya to consider herself and states I’m allowing you to remain here only for Abhi, else I’d have thrown you out. She says you’ve split Abhi and Pragya, even after realizing he can not live without her. Aaliya says I don’t have any issue with abhi, but together with Pragya. I can not bear her. She says I do not wish to mention anything, and states I won’t ever allow Abhi wed her. Aaliya states Abhi will do anything was there in his thoughts. Now you’ve stopped himbut in the event that you can subsequently stop him . She inquires you’ll blame whom if anything else occurs to Abhi. She says you can not quit his union with Tanu, also says she will wed right infront of you . She chooses Tanu out of here.

Tanu asks Aaliya to not postpone her marriage and states could be Dadi and Pragya affected him. Aaliya asks her to create Abhi mad inside her love. Tanu appears at Pragya and states she will destroy Pragya’s face and won’t leave her. She behaves to be speaking on stairs and also makes Pragya drop down. Abhi runs for her and asks if you’re alright. Pragya says she’s fine. Abhi says your mind is bleeding, also asks Robin to deliver first aid box. Tanu gets tensed and believes why he’s stressing for Pragya. They’ve an eye . Dadi and Dasi arrive. He sucks her wound.

Tanu states Abhi is proper. He’s my boyfriend. She asks why did you introduce our connection erroneously and asks if we are not human? She says we’re a few. Reporter asks did you believe about marriage. Abhi says we’ve believed about our children, suhaag raat, children boyfriend or girl friend. He asks them to pick the date whenever they desired. He says we’re only in connection, and would like to focus on our livelihood today, will allow you to understand when we opt to wed. Pragya and Dadi seems on. Tanu believes why did not he tell anything about union. Pragya appears at Abhi and remains optimistic. Aaliya informs Tanu that Abhi told me that he’ll make marriage statement, but he did not say that. Tanu says Pragya shifted his choice. Aaliya says Pragya can not do so because she don’t desire Abhi’s life at risk. She states who are that individual.

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