Twist of Fate update Wednesday 17 March 2021 On Zee world


Twist of Fate 17 March 2021: Twist of Fate update Wednesday 17th March 2021, Tanu arrives to Aaliya and tells her that Sarla is arriving here. Aaliya gets joyful and states Sarla will predominate Pragya now. Sarla comes there and yells Pragya’s title. Tanu informs Aaliya that her suggestion worked. Aaliya says she’ll do mind blowing job and will amuse us. Dadi asks Sarla to not shout Pragya and states if Abhi finds her name then…Sarla states Pragya isn’t wed in people’s eyes, and states I’d have been pleased if she had been married, however Abhi does not remember anything. She says I’ve encouraged her, but she is wrong. Sarla states every time a woman becomes a mother, it was a fantastic evening for her, but her husband isn’t with her. She states that which I shall tell to individuals, as they understand she’s blessed.

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Aaliya says Abhi do not wish to remain with her, and Abhi will wonder her and despise her. She asks her to move far out there, and quit interfering in their lifetime. She states that this live telecast will be understood to all society members, so you then can not be liable to your loved ones. She states from today onwards, no longer challenges and love tales. Tanu says I’m considering Sarla. Pragya inquires what did you tell her why. Aaliya says we advised her that you’re pregnant and she obtained quiet with joy. Aaliya says she’s coming , with candies, and asks her to wait . Tanu says we’ll celebrate .

She states she isn’t choosing telephone. Janki asks her to phone Pragya or phone at telephone number. Tanu chooses the telephone. Beeji asks her to donate telephone to Pragya. Beeji informs her that Sarla is arriving there. Tanu says that she may be bringing sweets as well as proposed godh bharayi. She says it is going to be surprise to get Pragya and they’ll celebrate. Mitali hears her asks Tanu who’s coming? Tanu informs her that Sarla is arriving whose expressions will be intense.

Mitali asks Tai ji to finish the suspense and inquires why did you telephone girl to Pragya. Tai ji states you’ll know this if you become saas. She says I’ve secured my future by simply phoning her daughter. Mitali says you’ve done miracle and states I’m proud that you’re my mummy ji. Sarla takes Pragya into space. Pragya asks her to hear her and says she isn’t pregnant. She informs everything. Dadi says you’ve raised question in your upbringing. She states Aaliya bribed the physician and attempted to win the struggle and that is why she left Pragya insulted. Aaliya behaves infront of Abhi and inquires why did she conceal her pregnancy from her mother. Tanu says do not understand. Aaliya says middle class folks are so affordable, and states Bhai does not listen . Tanu says she’s taken illegitimate benefit and did so. Aaliya says Bhai could have felt awful. Tanu smiles.

Aaliya asks Pragya to offer incomplete title of her romance to infant, such as Abhigya..etc. Tanu says she does not understand who’s father of her infant. Aaliya says she can not fool Abhi and inform that baby is his. Tanu says you’ve blackened your head, and asks her to proceed. She states that your mother phoned me characterless etc and states what she will phone you. Pragya asks her to close up and says you understand that I’m pregnant. Aaliya informs of her ordeal and states when you have unconscious, I got a notion and bribed physician. Aaliya says she’s become feeble and states that her ordeal and oath are over. Tanu says she stated that she’ll be with Abhi just like a manifestation, and will provide us answer within our way, and will expose us.

Abhi believes how can Nikita conceal such a huge truth from him if she promised him that she won’t conceal anything. Robin brings java. Abhi asks him to deliver tea. Robin says you’ve got java naa. Abhi insists him to deliver tea. A fb is revealed. They see children fighting. Pragya asks them to discuss their secrets rather than struggle with one another. Abhi says you requested children to guarantee, but did not promise me. Pragya says we’re not children. Abhi asks her to not conceal anything from him. Pragya guarantees him that she won’t ever hide any secrets . Pragya states never. He recalls Aaliya telling that Nikita left him a major idiot, and asks him to not prefer her. Fb ends. Abhi believes his tension isn’t ending.

Sarla says I will not leave themI doubted my daughter for these. I won’t leave them. Pragya states what we could do, we can not tell the facts directly, we must acquire the evidence. Sarla claims that Doctor need to tell the facts and Abhi will consider her. Pragya says why she’ll come here. She says that I need Abhi to remain with you and will bring that physician.

She states my mind was stating that my daughter can not do so, but. She says I had been stressed, also says if you’re pregnant then…She moans and apologizes. Pragya says you’re only worried for me and says that I did not feel awful about your scoldings. She says Abhi questioned me, and that I did not feel bad like I know he cares for me. Sarla cries. Aaliya informs Tanu that they’ve done it. Tanu says you left a mommy insulted her daughter. Aaliya says today Pragya will require time to get this over. Abhi has seen this all with his eyes. Tanu says today she can wed Abhi and appreciate her roles. Aaliya says no, also states Pragya won’t stay silent, and states she’s a injured cat not under a tigress. She asks her to not violate resistance, and says she’ll think about breaking up your union. She says we’ll strike her one , and she won’t have the ability to believe anything. She states she’s one large program in her mind.

Abhi believes why Sarla was blaming himwhen Nikita did not tell him anything. Aaliya and Tanu arrive. Aaliya asks him to not get tensed due to the woman whom never dealt with him as her buddy. She says you left her secretary, but she isn’t trustable. Abhi says might be she’s helpless, which was done by error. Aaliya states you’re innocent and sweet, and that is why she’s taking advantage. She says she isn’t saying who’s father of her infant, or might be she don’t understand due to several men in her life. Abhi asks her to not badmouth about her personality. Aaliya requests him to consider himself and Tanu, also states that woman isn’t fair for her mother so that she won’t be fair to you . She asks him to assist Tanu within their marriage agreements and states your sangeet is following 3 times, and asks him to be happy and care for himself.

He says I’ll inquire Nikita to….then states Dadi. Aaliya says we’ll make all of the arrangements. Tanu tells Abhi she will probably be with him and won’t let him have anxiety. Abhi says alright. Aaliya believes she won’t leave a opportunity to insult Pragya.
Sarla bursting her rage on Abhi and states she won’t forgive him. Tanu informs Aaliya that Sarla could tell Abhi that Pragya is his spouse. Sarla says Pragya can not become pregnant . Abhi seems on amazed. Sarla says I’d have forgiven you if you had been just her buddy, but you’re her…. .Pragya comes and prevents her from stating additional. Sarla reminds Pragya she is a divorcee and inquires why did you do so? Pragya says she did not do so. Sarla slaps her inquiring why did she ever do so. Sarla asks what you’ll answer to the entire world that whose kid is this. She says that you are only a secretary , and daughter of my residence. She says you have not thought about our standing. Tai ji asks her to not worry and states she’s our daughter also.

Sarla says you’ve made me embarrassed, folks will taunt you, but I’ll be ashamed and might need to flex my thoughts today. She says that you did not consider Beeji and me did so error. Dadi inquires Sarla, why you’re insulting her and claims nobody wants you. She asks her to provide an opportunity to her to explain. She states do not inform something that you need to shout and shout later. She says I can not criticize others, but might scold her.

Sarla says when she do not remain with her husband from where did she become pregnant. Sarla belongs to Abhi and inquires did not you understand how this has occurred. Tanu informs Aaliya that Sarla is attributing Abhi right back. Abhi says he wasn’t conscious of her pregnancy also can be both angry. Sarla says she did not become pregnant . Abhi appears on confused.


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