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School Bully Pick A Fight With The Wrong Student In Owerri, Imo State (See Photos)

A Student In Owerri, Beat Up Their Bully After School Lectures.

This Happened In The Premises Of A Secondary School In Owerri, Imo state. As Of 2pm in The Afternoon, Immediately After School Lectures was over.

There was a little misunderstanding between the both of them earlier in the classroom, the bully (the student bully who beat up fellow students because he is taller) threatens to deal with him (the shorter student).

But in brazing response from this courageous boy, he said; "Because you are like an Iroko doesn't mean we don't have a Daniel that will bring you down, you can't do anything to me, get out" (converted from pigeon english).

With this statement the bully got really angry and replied, "OK, no problem after the lecture you will hear from me" (converted from Pigeon English).

The student had already apologized for mistakenly quacking his school bag to the dirty floor. But the bully hits him on the head insisting he should pick the bag up and dust it with his handkerchief.

Then the fight began:

"I don't want to fight you, because if I do you will die". The bully said, after receiving several punches to his jaws.

The Fight End With Bruises.

Source: Opera News

If you’re going to bully someone, make sure he’s not a young MMA fighter in the making, otherwise you’ll get your ass well and truly kicked - like this guy did.

The Bully eventually walks away after the student is met with praise from his peers, with one telling the bully: "So You Are Not Strong Like This"

Moral of the incident? Pick your battles wisely .

Thank You So Much.

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