Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 3rd March 2021


Zara’s Nikah 3 March 2021 update: Then you are going to shout and shout to God which you just did a sin, possibly then God will provide you a lifetime. You’ve ruined Irfan and Salma’s lifetime, confer with them and you are going to go to authorities. Shahbaz comes to Irfan and states I can not alter my error, I’m sorry. Shahbaz starts departing. Zara says he would run away. Kabir says when he attempts to run then I’ll inform the media that my dad is a killer.

Ruksaar says I can not go to prison. Zeenat takes the gun away from him and states you can not do it. Shahbaz says I’ve lost my admiration and everything. I can not go to prison. Zeenat states that you don’t need to do this, I’ve a way to help save you. Shahbaz states nothing could happen today. Zeenat says that I will spare you out of this mess.
Zara provides the interview into the reporters. She says we can do everything to attract Shahbaz’s reality out. The writer asks her to allow them fulfill Kabir. She says you can not meet him. A reporter asks who’s she to Kabir? Zara says I’ve a heart relationship with him.
Shahbaz have dinner together with Ruksaar and Zeenat. He says Kabir will lose, he will have nothing to prove.

This is your movie, was that movie edited to snare you? Kabir says that this movie is crystal clear and he’s accepted his offense. The inspector says we’re doing our job, you do not tell me exactly what to do. Kabir says you’re the one to establish that I’m mental. He requests Shahbaz to talk up.
Scene two
From the courtroom, Kabir informs the estimate that Shahbaz has accepted his offense punish him. She reveals Ruksaar’s movie where she states that I murdered Zara Siddiqui and Shahbaz desired to rescue me. Zara and her dad trapped Kabir in a way he needed to marry her and that I dropped my Kabir so that I murdered her. I’m the offender here thus punish me. Kabir is shocked and says that this movie is a lie, they’re attempting to conserve Shahbaz. Zeenat states Kabir is correct, this movie is a lie such as Kabir’s video. She reveals a movie where she’s threatening Ruksaar to make a false confession she murdered Zara. Shahbaz says Kabir compelled me to confess I murdered Zara but I did not. Kabir says that this is really a lie. Kabir says he’s lying.

Salma serves meals to everyone. She informs Kabir that you’ve made biryani like Zara did. Firdous says I understand how to cook also. Shahbaz says I’m not going into the police station. Kabir says I attempted to offer you an opportunity from respect but today I’ll call the authorities.
Shahbaz provides the interview to websites and states Kabir took 5 crores out of me and he does not need to provide money back that is why he’s doing so. Irfan was covetous of my position that’s precisely why he’s with him. Kabir sees that on TV and fractures the TV. Zara says we’ve away, we could acquire post-martem done. Kabir says , she’s sleeping peacefully .

The court hearing begins . Shahbaz’s attorney gives some records that say there was no tomb of Zara from the graveyard granted before. The judge claims he murdered his daughter. Kabir says you can not free him until we receive Zara’s post-martem report. The officer comes there and states this report wasn’t tempered at any price. The judge assesses the report and states Zara Siddiqui’s body wasn’t found at the tomb, this DNA does not match Zara Siddiqui’s DNA therefore her departure can not be verified. We’re freeing Shahbaz on the grounds of this. Kabir and many others are shocked. Shahbaz smirks.


The authorities begin functioning. He informs Kabir that we won’t damage your system at any price. The inspector chooses the leaves and sample. Kabir and Irfan visit Zara’s tomb. Irfan yells and yells for her. Kabir remembers his minutes with his Zara and yells.

Shahbaz asks Kabir exactly what he desires? Kabir says you’re likely to Amaan and inform him that you’re going overseas and then you’re likely to acknowledge to Ruksaar and Zeenat.
Scene 1

Kabir attempts to strike Shahbaz but the authorities stop him. Shahbaz says Kabir is still lying, he does not have evidence that Zara expired. Kabir says we’ve lost. Zara says no, we’ll discover evidence against him. He’s a killer.
Kabir informs Zara that you do not know my love, you won’t know my pain. Zara catches him and says that you believe I really don’t know about the pain of love however, consider Salma and Irfan, they’ll establish your Zara as a robber but what can you? I’m a woman but they’ve placed allegations on me which I was unable to withstand, I admire your emotions but consider her parents, so we must do it because of her. Kabir appears away and provides a tissue.
The authorities arrives to Shahbaz’s home. Kabir seems on.


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