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Zara’s Nikah Update Wednesday 7th April 2021



Zara’s Nikah 7 April 2021: Sartaj calls Rukshar and says I’ve lost my business and needed to shell out money on kidnapping Zara. I need cash, come and speak to me. Rukshar states but… Sartaj states in case you do not come to meet me, and then I will not spare you! He finishes the call.

Kabeer says it is love and it will not go away. Zara says that I am simply fulfilling my obligation as a Wife, I’m not yelling for you. As a Wife, I’ll do bandage of your palms, she renders from that point. Kabeer is astonished.

Imran attempts to prevent himbut Kabeer claims these aren’t Zara’s clothing but her fantasies. He places the ash in the box to rescue them. Imran states tell me exactly what you’re hiding? You need to stop being quiet, he or she leaves. Kabeer says that this silence will break as well as the facts will emerge. I only need Zara to have peace with of this.

Salma comes there and states your pain will disappear, but the wound you’ve given to Zara will not go away, you’ve broken the connection with us once you combined with Rukshar.
Exactly why God is doing so together with you both? You’re here and Kabeer is there attempting to collect the ashes of your garments with his palms. . Zara says that he burnt his hand?
Salma states in case you misbehave with us, then we’ll conquer you, we’re here to rescue Zara out of you wicked. You’re nothing before my Zara!

Irfan says we’re helpless as you’re our Son-in-law, therefore I’m requesting one to throw my girl from the home, at least I shall know she isn’t getting insulted here every day, she’ll die here. Salma says do not beg himwe are not going to abandon Zara alone.

Kabeer believes that I’ll bring out the truth to Zara but that I need her love and hope, not only duty… after that night, Zara worries for Kabeer’s wound and believes to test it. She discovers his wound and believes that he did not allow me to feel , his palms are burnt. She cries softly and implements peroxide to his wounds.
Kabeer appears at the burning off clothing of Zara. Kabeer says you can not take our love away and you can not decide for ourselves in your, I know your pain, therefore I guarantee to make you know you’re the only one for me personally, there may be no one for me personally. He chooses the ashes and his hands is burning.

Zara attempts to control himself. And says I can not depart Kabeer but I’m doing this so that I could discover the facts concerning Rukshar and Kabeer’s relationship.

Zara believes I understand Kabeer loves me a great deal and can not find me in pain, but I’ll use this to learn what’s the fact of your connection with Rukshar. Zara leaves from that point. Rukshar gets Sartaj’s telephone and leaves.
Kabeer informs Imran to look after those. Imran says you ought to speak to Zara, she should not shout as differently, she is able to become hopeless . Attempt to make her mad.


Salma informs her to reveal her feelings, cry, and be milder. Irfan says she’s perfect. Zara appears at them worried because of her and says that I understand you’re concerned for me which I could eliminate expect from life but trust me, this will not occur this time. I’m worried that you need to endure as much pain for me personally.
Zara says I’m not going anyplace from my in-laws’ home. Zeenat states why you’ve got a bag with you afterward? Zara opens the bag and throws out things. I’m the second Wife and my love has dropped so that I will fulfill my obligation. I’ll treat Shehbaz. She chooses a match-stick and burns all of her bridal dresses. Kabeer and many others are shocked.

Irfan informs Kabeer that I’m afraid to see all of this, she will not have the ability to bear this insult. Kabeer says I’m ashamed, I only wish to speak to Zara. Salma claims no, things will probably be poor now. Kabeer says that I love her a whole lot, I guarantee… Salma maintains enough! We loved you like a Son however you… my girl is becoming insulted here!
Zara informs Kabeer I am the bride in this society that does not have some color in her own life, thus there’s absolutely not any point in wearing those bridal dresses. I will meet all of my duties, I’ll create food for Kabeer and perform everything, but it’s going to be all obligation as we could make our love shed for our obligation, correct Kabeer?

Zeenat comes there and asks Rukshar not to contend with them, they’ll provoke you so that they could complain to Kabeer. Zeenat says they could remain in the guest home. Salma says we shall remain right here!
Kabeer asks her to come outside and states do not turn into part of Rukshar’s play. Zara says play with the tune. Rukshar claims that the groom and his buddy will take the bride to her chamber. Kabeer says I’m not doing this at any price! Zara says you’ve me a second Wife thus do your own duty. We’ll do this ritual also that I will not come from the palanquin if it does not go to my area! Zara is mad.

Salma asks Zara to start out the doorway. Kabeer asks her to start it. Rukshar says she may have taken a few measures. My Zara can not do anything. He divides the doorway to see Zara together with her packed bag. She’s out. Salma states this is the ideal choice, let us go home. Zara begins leaving together. Kabeer goes .

Rukshar says she may want to shout so allow her to be. Kabeer informs Rukshar which you aren’t my Wife. Zeenat says she’s pregnant and you can not give her anxiety, are not you embarrassed?? Kabir says I’m doing what to save baby differently I’d have never allowed Zara shout. Rukshar believes Zara will shout for her life today.

Kabeer and Imran regrettably lift it and begin taking her into the space. Zara cries remembering her minutes with Kabeer.
Kabeer says you’ll apply bandage similar to this? Zara says I will’ control my love at this time, if I really don’t see your pain and wound, I shall shout. God places love in our hearts and gives us pain. She asks him to present his hands . Kabeer believes that she’ll attempt to control her tears when she rolls my wound, so I can not let her feel my wounds. He makes her employ the balm on the nice hand at which the wound isn’t present. Narazigi teri plays with… Kabeer believes I’ll make Zara shout, but maybe not having a wound, together with love.
Rukshar comes there and states I moved to Zara’s area with tea, but she isn’t opening the door. Zeenat says she is in shock, she understands she is bride no. 2. Rukshar states what if she chooses the incorrect step? All rush into Zara’s room.


Kabeer believes that I invite God to make her shout. I will begin working in my connection as from tomorrow.

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