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Zara’s Nikah Update Tuesday 6th April 2021



Zara’s Nikah 6 April 2021: The nation’s Chiarman states this isn’t the ideal place. All leave except for the family. Rukshar whispers into Zara I told you I’m the first wife along with you the second.All are hurried to the hospital. Rukshar believes that tonight’s destiny will be determined. The physicians begin treating them.

Zara believes why does she seem tensed? All of them sit . All beverage tea and get started feeling bad. All of them start nausea. Zara feels sick also. Rukshar asks Zeenat which you’re nausea also?

Zara and many others come there. Kabeer says let us go. The Doctor comes with Rukshar and states we must keep her under observation, as she did not tell us but she’s pregnant. Zara assesses her reports. The Doctor says we must look at her child’s health. He leaves.

Kabeer believes I need I could tell the facts to Zara. Afterward she informed him that she’s pregnant. Rukshar says we can not finalize the divorce due to this infant. Kabeer says do not tell me the legislation, we did not have any physical connection, whose infant is that??? Rukshar appears on and says that I watched love in somebody else. Kabeer says you did not tell me since it is a sin. Rukshar says that he is extremely dangerous, he’ll kill me. Kabeer says get dropped out of this home!
Zeenat begs him not to take action, she’s pregnant and it’s going to be a problem for our family. Kabeer says I’m not talking about you that time, she isn’t staying here in this time! Rukshar says I’ll kill this baby afterward. Kabeer says do not threaten me! And after how Rukshar went into the hospital to kill the infant and he needed to discontinue it.

Irfan claims to Kabeer you divorced , then is this your baby? Zara informs Kabeer which you are able to tell me the truth, it can not be your infant… Kabeer seems away.

Kabeer gets mad and he is going to split the palanquin, however, Zara stops him and says when that is really a ritual, then Wife no. two will take action.
Rukshar comes there and states I phoned them. Kabeer is stunned and says that this is really a joke? What do you do here? Rukshar states you care for me , the Doctor desired me to remain there, however, I needed to welcome Zara here.

Salma informs Kabeer you divorced her afterward whose infant is that? Zara appears at Zeenat. Zeenat says I did not know she was pregnant, so I only have to know today.
Dua performs as he attempts to hold her hands, but she moves off. She says you understand why our love not triumphed? Since you take responsibility previously adore, you used to despise me originally, but it was your responsibility, today you fulfilled your responsibility with Rukshar but left your adore shed. Kabeer is hurt to listen to this.

The Caterer says we’ve got a challenging business, we did not do it intentionally. Imran says you should not have abandoned them.
Irfan says what’s that? Rukshar says I must be aware there is a ritual in which the very first toaster chooses the second Wife from the palanquin for her chamber. Kabeer asks her to discontinue this particular drama. Irfan informs Zara that see that? Would you need to remain within this home where you’ll be insulted daily? Rukshar was the second Wife earlier and we did not do so palanquin ritual.
Rukshar arrives to Zara and states yes I’m pregnant. Zara states I understand that but you do not have a husband, then who’s your dad? Most of us know you’re smart but you did such a huge sin? Who’s the father? Rukshar appears at Kabeer and that he remembers the way he guaranteed to become the father of the infant.
Rukshar sees Amaan there and has tensed, she inquires Zeenat what’s he doing here? I asked you not to bring him. Zeenat says that he wished to come.

Zeenat asks Rukshar not to do anything that’ll hurt her. Rukshar states that is my last attempt, it’ll be their last night or it’s going to be my very last night.
Zara and many others are at the women’ ward. Rukshar is yelling loudly and informs the Doctor that I’m feeling quite sick. Zara says we’re feeling better, however, she dropped down several days back so she’s in pain. The Doctor says you are feeling better, but I’ll check .
Irfan inquires Zara if she would like to go home? Zara says no, following the marriage, in-laws home is my home and I can not run away from the reality.

Kabeer and Zara input the home to observe parties going on along with a palanquin. Zara says what’s this? Kabeer asks them to cease this all, who called you ?


Zara asks Kabeer to telephone Rukshar on the point also. Amaan calls out to Rukshar however she does not come up. She informs Zeenat that everybody will probably be in the hospital shortly. I only would like you to choose Amaan out of here. Zeenat states what are you ? Can you plant any bombs or anything else? She begins looking for the place. She believes that I need to send Amaan out of here.
Salma states that you don’t need to get insulted. Zara says if somebody who said to adore me, who stated to give me all of the happiness insulted me , then what is left there? He made me no. 2 even understanding that I can not talk about him. I’ll bear his insults as if I took his love. She sits at the palanquin.

The nation’s Chiarman asks who’s your daddy? Rukshar says it is Kabeer. Salma asks her not to say crap! Rukshar says this infant is of Kabeer. Zara inquires Kabeer why he is silent? Rukshar says that he promised not to say anything that is why I’m telling you.
She believes why I shed my happiness each time?

Zeenat subsequently told Kabeer that Rukshar will remain here and won’t kill this baby should you give this baby your title and maintain Rukshar here. Kabeer says I can not allow an innocent infant die. Rukshar requested me to assure from Quran that he won’t tell this secret to anybody. He assured in Quran that I’m doing so for humankind and will present my title to this infant.

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