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Zara’s Nikah Update Sunday 4th April 2021



Zara’s Nikah 4 April 2021: Zahida and Salma create Zara get prepared. Zara finds out it and hints in Kabeer. Kabeer says let us go.

Kabeer is getting prepared for the valima/reception. Imran requests him to decorate the space. Kabeer says I simply need Zara here. God is freeing Zara from this wicked Zahida and songs.

  • Zara’s Nikah 3 April 2021

Kabeer reveals his face Zara and she awakens. Kabeer messages that the Superintendent to assault the venue. Imran inquires Zara if she takes her Nikah with Sartaj? Zara reads the Nikah newspapers which says that can she take her marriage with Kabeer? Zara says I concur with this Nikah Professor and it is qubool hai qubool ha qubool hai (I really do, I really do, I really do ) for me personally. Irfan cries.

A man in the turban comes facing Zara. A guy asks where’s the Professor? The goon states Sartaj murdered him.
Zeenat states are you laughing or crying? Rukshar says I desired Zara to escape my entire life, but I wanted her to wed Kabeer so that I could give her pain. Now they’re married and that I might need to reside with their own familiarity. It is interesting to believe this pain, I wish to shout, but I wish to give annoyance to Zara and that’s causing me to laugh. Zeenat wipes her tears and states just Zara warrants these tears. Rukshar says let us go and congratulate themthen we can provide them laugh and pain on her cost.

Imran inquires Kabeer if he takes this Nikah? Kabeer says I take my union together with Zara Siddiqui.

Sartaj says only take as I’m giving you. Kabeer says I concur. Zara nods and hints on the Nikah newspapers. Imran makes Sartaj use the turban. Kabeer says I can not locate my ink bunch to stamp the newspapers. Sartaj gets mad and says I shall request my goon to deliver it. Kabeer says I need a blue pack just. Sartaj states fine. Some people today maintain Sartaj’s turban, it is Kabeer’s guys. All seem on.

Zara is shocked to hear and moves from Kabeer. Kabeer believes Zara hear me . Rukshar arrives to Kabeer and Zara, ” she states I’m an eclipse involving you and Kabeer. I’m his first Wife and you’re his second Wife with no light, due to my eclipse.
Zeenat provides him that the Quran and states we believed you’d break the guarantee, so that I came back to take you. You assured with this Quran that this may remain a secret between us just. Kabeer states but Zara wasn’t in my entire life, she’s my Wife now. There should not be no secret between us, I’ll tell all of my Zara. This will stay a secret, she’ll safeguard our admiration and will continue to keep this a secret. Zeenat says you’ll do a sin by dividing Quran’s guarantee?


Kabeer comes to Zara’s home and says I need to speak with you. He takes her into a space. Zara says that they were playing music since… Kabeer says that I wish to tell you a fact and that I can not conceal it from you. Zara is shocked and says that she does not have a husband, then who’s your dad? Answer me.
Kabeer hugs Imran and states you browse my Nikah and thank you . Imran says do not make me emotional.
Rukshar says we know you divorced mepersonally, however, are you able to tell the world that this infant isn’t yours? That I’m not your Wife? So I wish to inform you I am your Wife and that is your infant. Anyhow, I really don’t desire you to sin I am giving you the permission to wed Zara. Kabeer says I do not want your consent, we do not have a connection. You understand why I’m keeping you in this home.

Salma states this is my fantasy come true. Congrats on your marriage day. Zara informs Kabeer that I would like to speak to you. Kabeer is mesmerized to watch . They’ve a shawl over their minds and keep looking at each other.

Kabeer informs Zara that I needed to marry a woman to save her life, yet this Nikah isn’t that, I do not have a motive to break my connection with you. We have different thought processes when it comes to songs, but each husband and wife have this, we’ll fix it together.


Kabeer is departing the home for a groom. Rukshar stops him and says you seem fine, I only need to ask what is my connection with you today? Rukshar says I’m your Wife and you’re likely to be a father of my baby and you wed without my consent. Kaberr says you’re not my Wife, I married you beneath helpless condition, I’ve divorced you.
Kabeer states Zeenat and Rukshar you’re correct, but there’s a error, I’d tear the nikah newspaper, but my heart was exploding with Zara’s love and it’ll stay like that. Zara smiles.
Zahida informs Kabeer which we must obtain a gift from the groom like I am from Zara’s side. Imran states what do you desire? Zahida says I do not want cash, I only wish to ship my Zara from this home. I would like a barat/bridegroomfor Zara, I would like a valima/reception for her to create memories.
Rukshar informs Zara that Kabeer is my husband and yours. Zara moves the glass on the ground and does not feel any pain. Kabeer attempts to prevent her. Zara begins leaving out there. She slips and slides down… it turns out to be Kabeer’s fantasy.
Zara believes where’s Kabeer? Imran asks concerning the Professor. The goon claims he had been speaking too much so we eliminate him. The flashback reveals the way Kabeer told Sartaj they will bring him into his chamber to have the ink. Kabeer and his men took him into the area and conquer Sartaj. The goon ties him makes him unconscious.


Salma says I enjoy your ideas the very first time. I need that also. Zara states I also need my moms to send off me. Imran says we shall arrange a valima/reception ceremony. Zeenat says you’re correct, I’m Kabeer’s sister-in-law therefore we’ll do a huge valim/reception. Rukshar says folks will remember it .

Sartaj is going to take himbut the Police arrive there and grab all of them.
Zeenat comes there and says let us abandon it today. She chooses Rukshar out there. Kabeer gets a phone from Zara. Zara says I’m missing you so arrive quickly. Kabeer says . He leaves from that point. Rukshar believes that Kabeer is going to be guilty today. He will not be happy.
Salma asks Zara to create Shehbaz eat the candies. Irfan states Zara is the daughter-in-law again. Shehbaz smiles softly and attempts to maneuver.


He states that I will inform Zara the facts and inform her about the way Rukshar got pregnant. He leaves the home.

Kabeer begins beating Sartaj. Kabeer drops down and Zara yells in his arms. Zara states congrats… They grin at each other.

Kabeer comes to his chamber and remembers a flashback where Rukshar went into the hospital and wanted an abortion. Kabeer went to prevent her and said it is a sin. Rukshar reported that in the event that you need me to discontinue this particular abortion, then inform the world that it is your baby, become a dad for this infant.
Rukshar is concerned. Zeenat says you stated that Sartaj will treat Zara, so why are you worried? It is bad for the infant. Rukshar says my notion is stating to get Zara wed to Kabeer. Kabeer has concealed about my infant into Kabeer, Zara will wed him and Kabeer will inform her that I’m his first wife as well as the mother of the infant. That’ll break Zara so well, she’ll shout for life. I would like to see her cry, I wish to watch her love perishing for Kabeer. I need her at the annoyance of seeing me since the very first Wife. Zeenat says but they’re fighting music, so that they won’t marry.

Zara gets prepared.
Zara states but I’d a Nikah using Kabeer rather than the marriage. Salma states what exactly are you saying? Zara says you’d Nikah to rescue me Irfan. God says to perform Nikah along with your happiness rather than in certain pressure. We have audio standing between usthis connection… Kabeer prevents her. Salma states why are you increasing the questions? Do not teach Kabeer because he understands everything. She requests Irfan to Speak to Zara. Irfan says I concur with Zara which Nikah can not be carried out in the strain.

Rukshar states Nikah performed in stress can do the job also. Zeenat states Kabeer rescued Rukshar by devoting her and he did exactly the same with Zara, he did not need to marry her, but he needed to, as he snapped the Nikah papers before.

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