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Zara’s Nikah Update Sunday 28 March 2021



Zara’s Nikah 28 March 2021: I am only asking you to protect yourself. Zara says I’m not scared of anybody. Kabir says right, you’re going to guarantee a lie on the Quran, I took it out of you. Zara says you can not disrespect her like this, you’re a liar. Kabir says your instructor has made , your loved ones, and your Kabir. . Zara says enough, I’m trying to be positive but she’s my mother and that I won’t hear all of this. Kabir says but there’s only 1 mother who gave you birth you can not replace her. Imran calls Kabir and states you’ve got to come for a meeting, they’re not listening.

Prays for Salma and asks her to tell her what happened to her so that she can treat her. She gave us hope but … Kabir comes there so Salma wipes her tears. Salma says I shall go and check on Zeenat and Ruksaar. Zara says no, you can not leave the session such as this and Kabir should not disturb us when we’re in the center of the treatment. Kabir nods. Salma says I’ll come in a moment, she leaves. Zara attempts to leave but Kabir stops her. He states Nargis I believe Ruksaar was behind the attack on your home so I’m requesting you to protect yourself. Zara says you have started calling me Nargis so I’ll give in and call myself Zara? Kabir says when we have a heart connection then there’s nothing in the titles.

Zara cries and says yes I’m your Zara. Kabir tells her that there’s just 1 Maa and you can feel her pain. The locusts fly outside. She cries hugging her closely. Kabir wipes his tears seeing the household reunite. He thanks God for sending her back into their lives. . . Zara takes Kabir out there smiling.Zara brings Kabir into a space and opens her arms. Kabir is reluctant to touch her. Zara says you’re looking at me as if you know me for many years but you’re scared to touch me? Kabir says no, I’m… I’m not afraid to touch you but scared to lose you, I can not. Zara smiles and states then tell me priest just how much did you miss me?

Ruksaar applies glue on the door and thinks nobody would have the ability to open the door. Ruksaar says I was only trying to find you.Kabir tells Irfan I am coming back in an hour and I’d recommend you throw the mangoes which Ruksaar attracted, she can not be trusted.Salma informs Irfan that Ruksaar was here so I’m not feeling well. Irfan says I will throw these boxes from the house. Irfan takes a box but it opens and locusts begin attacking them. They attempt to open the door and shout for Zara to save them. Zara rushes there but Ruksaar stops her and says if you’re not Zara then why do you care? She pushes Ruksaar off and head to the door. She tries to split it and states open the door. Irfan says somebody has locked the door. Zara attempts to break it. Zeenat and Ruksaar appear on. Salma says I’m unable to breathe. Zara cries and says that I will not let you anything happen to Amma and Abba.

Salma states our Zara used to it for us. Jasim says yes, she was able to come to Dargah to see you both. Kabir says that’s great news, Zara was affectionate and keeping an eye on us. Zara says I did not ask about you Kabir. Jasim tried to tell me but I stopped him.

. He attempts to stretch and is going to fall down but Zara pulls back him and hugs him. They grin at each other. . Everything turns out to be Kabir’s fantasy. Kabir thinks why she’s still hesitant? Irfan asks Kabir to come nearer. Kabir tells Zara that I understood you’re our Zara and no Nargis. Why? Answer me whenever you’re ready. You don’t need to say sorry because we know there has to be a reason for doing all this and staying away from us. Zara says you’ve left the choice on me and time but I wish to have a decision for this particular witch. She says to Ruksaar that you’re dangerous than locusts, what if something happened to my mother and dad? I will let you know what fear is. She’s going to strike her but Kabir pulls her back and states do not. . She pushes him off.


A Man comes to fulfill Zara. You taught me so much but I lost my cool and could have killed that Ruksaar if Kabir did not stop me. That Ruksaar attempted to hurt my parents to make me say the truth. I failed. Zahida says you did not fail, you’re beginning a new life. Salma calls Zara and says somebody has come to meet you. Zara says Jasim you ? I was attempting to contact you for 3 weeks. Kabir says to Jasim you understood that Zara was alive and did not tell us? Zara says I asked him to promise me not to tell them. Jasim says yes she said that God has changed her path, and so I thought to turn into a link between you all. Zara tells Salma I was on another route but I worried about you , I used to call Jasim as he was used to in front of your property. Irfan says that he used to bring presents for us. .

Kabir sighs and says why are you angry with me? Zara says I saw the way you took that liar Ruksaar’s side now, I did everything right. Kabir thinks this happened now but Zara was mad with me because before but why?Ruksaar is dance around. Zeenat asks her to be careful, she’s pregnant. Ruksaar states did you see how Kabir shielded me? Due to this baby.I don’t have any danger from Zara now. Maybe now I am a threat for Zara.Salma offers thanks and prayers to God for sending their daughter back.Kabir and Irfan offer prayers. Irfan prays for Zara to remain with them until their deaths.

Kabir prays to God that forgive me if I did a mistake, I like Zara with all my heart so make her view that.Kabir comes to Zara’s room to see her praying. Kabir thinks it’s great to see that Zara is from her wicked educator Zahida and praying to God. Zara sets the Quran back and Kabir helps her. He’s shocked and says ? Zara says it is your rule, you used to clean your hands when you touched a few woman. If you recall you pulled me out of this room by holding my hand, and so I believed to wash your hands. I am a stranger to you today, you’ve got no right to be in my area in this way. Kabir says never thought you’d say that. But I won’t be angry with your words, I won’t feel bad at anything you do. I just adore you and I know you will not be able to live without me, I’m your life. Zara claims to lie. Kabir says I’m not lying, I never ceased praying for you in these 2 decades. Zara says this is a lie, you do not love me. I just know something that there’s a girl named Zara on your life whose hands you held on a street and told me that you did not wish to lose her. Kabir recalls how he explained it to another Zara and is stunned.

Zara says you’ll take this liar’s side? Ruksaar says many things have changed in two decades. Zara says but you’re still a lowlife individual. I will not spare you. Kabir pushes her back and says do not do it. Zeenat begs Zara and states leave Ruksaar, I did not know she’d do it. Ruksaar says I did all this to bring out her truth, we know that she’s not Nargis but Zara. Ruksaar says you ought to thank me for bringing out the truth that she’s the daughter, she ran off and did not care about you folks. She does not see your pain. Zara says you’ll inform me about morals? Have you ever seen your sins? You do not understand about mother-daughter pain. I’ve spent my time for God, I had been away from my parents but not disconnect to them. . Kabir says no you do not need to explain anything to Ruksaar. Ruksaar says I thought I’d be appreciated here. Zeenat takes Ruksaar out there. Irfan says Ruksaar will not change. Zara says yes she won’t ever change but what happened to the head , he’s changed a lot? Kabir thinks I can not tell her what’s changed in those years. Salma informs Kabir that Zara is fair in being mad, why did you save Ruksaar? They depart from there.

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