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Zara’s Nikah Update Sunday 11th April 2021, Season Finale



Zara’s Nikah 11 April 2021: Kabeer says I shall take her into the School every day. Zeenat comes there and states Kashan is coming back and it is all due to Zara. Zara says it happened due to my Kabeer’s love.
Zeenat hugs her cries.


Salma says I had been cleaning the apparel and found her box I read that this letter and was shocked. Kabeer yells and yells Salma. Amaan comes there also. Zara inquires Shebaz if he wished to inform them? He nods.
He nods. Kabeer inquires what did she perform? Zeenat becomes scared and believes I want to tell the facts. She says I shall tell the truth… she yells and says I had been jeopardized before but I shall tell today… Kabir says inform me today. Zeenat states Rukshar…
Zara inquires Salma how can she know? Salma says I discovered Ayesha’s letter that says that Rukshar had been giving her poison to gradually kill her.

Rukshar’s daughter has been born. Zeenat retains the infant. Salma informs Zara that we’re pleased with you.
Zara cries and informs Kabeer to inquire Rukshar to provide this baby to him, I’ll raise the baby, but do not let this baby be penalized for her actions, please forgive her, please.

Zeenat receives a telephone and can be stunned.

Zara inquires Shehbaz what’s hurting him? What makes him plump? I can show you images. She reveals him Rukshar’s film and he gets mad. Zara says do not worry, we’re with you. She shows him images of their family, however he does not respond and shakes his head. He sees Ayesha’s image and has agitated.

Zara informs Kabeer I have a means to learn why Rukshar is scaring Shehbaz. Zara informs Shehbaz he seems healthy and handsome. Shehbaz smiles . Zeenat is confused because he seems exactly the same.

A Nurse informs the Doctor that we require blood instantly, but Zara’s amounts her low. Zara says that I am all set to provide the blood flow to save a stay.

The Doctor checks Rukshar and informs Kabeer that we need to do pre-mature delivery to rescue Rukshar’s infant. Kabeer says do whatever you can to save this baby. The Doctor states we want blood and it is AB- class. Zara says I will give the blood . Kabeer says but she’s a killer. Zara says but she’s a person and I am saving her own life.

Amaan yells at Rukshar’s area she murdered Ayesha and Kabeer will penalize her!! He kicks in her doorway. Rukshar becomes scared and requires a few tablets. She says I will not go to prison.
Zara provides the ice-cream to Shehbaz and he can hold it. Amaan comes there and says that I have an entry in a sizable boarding School. Kabeer is pleased to hear this. Zeenat says it is all due to Zara. Zara says we could attempt, your joy is empty , we’ll attempt to make him listen and allow him to return to you.

Rukshar is carried to the area where a Doctor assesses her. Kabeer says I dropped my mom for her, I’ll phone the Police right now but Irfan stops him and says that we must rescue the innocent infant to begin with, you want to calm down. Salma informs Zara that we’re rescuing a killer in this circumstance. Zara says we will apply all of the teachings, we’ve got humanity left , we need to be correct and rescue her and the legislation can do it.
Zara says that she will visit my School. Kabeer says she’ll visit a Madarasa. They grin at her. Zara says we shall honor one another’s thoughts. We’ll offer her teachings and let her pick her path. Kabeer says we won’t fight facing Ayesha. Zara says she’ll see our love just. We’ll spread love just. They hug for a family.

She reveals the way he can eat his own today. Zara says I have not achieved anything, he actually wanted to consume the ice-cream and that he strove for it. The nation’s Chiarman states that this is really a change, we wish to provide you with 6 weeks time for Shehbaz to turn into nice.


Kabeer believes she forgave my dad who attempted to kill her how do I punish this infant when she did not actually do any sin. Kabeer requires the baby and states that your love won Zara, I’ll present my title to this infant.
A Nurse arrives to test Rukshar, she inquires is Shehbaz? However, the Nurse does not answer and depart. She believes if Shehbaz becomes nice, then he’ll tell the facts.

With time, Amaan begins analyzing .
Kabeer and Zara begin enjoying their own lives. She blushes.
Rukshar comes there and states you attempted a whole lot to put me on the ideal path but I did not hear, I will cover my deeds today and the greatest punishment would be to steer clear of my baby. Because somehow I desired Zara to boost her, to make her be like Zara. You’re giving your name to a kid whose mother killed your mom, remain happy, you’re the best person, I will cover my actions and I will leave my little love for my love just.
Salma comes there and states Rukshar destroyed Shehbaz’s lifetime and Rukshar took off Kabeer’s mum, Rukshar murdered Ayesha. Kabeer is astonished. All shout hearing that.

Salma says that her baby is at risk. Zeenat and Salma assist her. She believes I need to rescue her innocent infant.
Kabeer hugs Zara and says that I love you a whole lot, I’ll keep you on my lashes. Zara claims no I’m fine on the ground simply, you did not do exercise today. Kabeer says you did not do it so that I stopped too.
Kabeer calls everybody and states fulfill my Zara’s daughter Ayesha. We all are pleased to listen to that.

With time, Shehbaz begins eating ice-cream by itself. Following a month, Zara is enjoying audio for Shehbaz.



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