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Zara’s Nikah Update Saturday 3rd April 2021



Zara’s Nikah 3 April 2021: Salma asks Shehbaz to plead for Zara. I’ll forgive you if she’s back quickly.

The goon attracts Kabeer and many others in disguise. He informs Sartaj I could not locate a Priest.
Sartaj brings the bridal gowns for Zara and states you may select the one that you like.
You’d have killed me if you wanted to, I’m moving from this vehicle. Sartaj laughs and says in the event that you do not escape from the auto, then I shall kill Kabeer.

He informs Zara which you’re so beautiful and likely to be my Wife shortly. He asks to deliver the Priest fast. He informs her that I will phone your toddlers here also, we’d prefer some kids here.

Zara is secured inside the room. A goon brings jewellery and asks her to use what she enjoys. She throws it off.


The shield tells Kabeer the Zara was stressed when she was departing. They visit the CCTV of Zara speaking to the slave and leaving the home. Kabeer requests him to be aware the automobile amount and hunt. They see the automobile number plate is imitation. But who’d have completed it?
Kabeer informs the girl whose Toilet had been used in the prosecution? Kabeer says that I will assist you, but you must tell me what. She says I do not know anything. Kabeer says in the event that you allow God help you, then he’ll guard you also.

Irfan arrives to Kabeer and states you promised to shield Zara, then why would you let her go? I had been concerned about Zara from this Rukshar, and why are you protecting her letting her remain here?
He informs Imran along with other classmates that you are likely to be a watch at the marriage. Sartaj can not understand that we’re there to prevent it. A guy tells Kabeer he wants a Nikah Priest from the English, he does not know Urdu. Kabeer says I’ll use this to my benefit and rescue my Zara.
Imran provides the Nikah newspapers to Zara. Sartaj says it is in Urdu so read it as I really don’t understand. Kabeer says do not think too much since he’ll shoot. Zara writes and reads a note about the newspaper asking Kabee if he’s sure? Do not say yes to this marrying for me personally. Imran says she’s requesting more wedding cash Sartaj.
Kabeer notes the automobile amount and Imran locates the home number of the auto owner.

Kabeer calls Irfan and inquires if Zara isn’t there? Irfan states Zara is in your property? Where’s she? Kabeer says do not worry, she needs to be on her way. Irfan states that you let her go through the night? Salma takes the telephone and asks what’s our Zara? Kabeer says that I will not let anything else happen to Zara, do not worry.
Imran tells Kabeer we do not have a means, we’ve got 10 minutes to spare Zara and Irfan. Kabeer says how do we request Zara’s approval? Imran says to leave me.


The goon comes to his home so Kabeer catches him and defeats him. He yells in his Wife for lying . Kabeer defeats him asks whose union is occurring? The guy says she’s getting married and you can not save . Kabeer is astonished.
Kabeer asks for a bath so Sartaj shows him how. Imran begins leaving him with him. Sartaj states where are you moving? Imran says I wish to wash myself until the Nikah. The goon leaves together.

Zara informs Sartaj I am never bothering you, I have saved from death due to Kabeer’s love, he does not like somebody looking at mepersonally, but you’ve touched me, therefore that he will not spare you. She believes I’m sure Kabeer will come to rescue me. She recalls their minutes too and smiles. Sartaj informs her I will show you a movie, I’ve my guys here all about and when he attempts to come here, then he is going to be dead. The Priest/Professor Automobiles are beneath my home arrest also.

The Servant comes there and states Zara phoned me and stated Irfan had an crash. She stated that she got a telephone and her dad is in the hospital, so she abandoned . Salma says if that Rukshar is behind this… Zeenat states , my sister had been in pain every night. Kabeer says ! He believes who has to have known as Zara?
Sartaj informs Zara that Kabeer isn’t coming to rescue you. You gave pain for my brothers, but I will provide you this pain! Zara begins to operate, he flames . Zara catches him and states what happened along with your brothers will occur with you! He catches her. Zara says if Kabeer comes there, he then will not allow you to misbehave with me. Sartaj brings her nearer.


Sartaj shouts in his goons for linking Zara into the seat. Zara throws it off. Sartaj states I enjoy this particular style of yours. He states induce her if she does not comply! Zara says you can not make me say Qubool hai ( I really do ) for youpersonally, Kabeer will do exactly what he did along with your brother. Sartaj gets mad and asks his employees to operate on her!!


Rukshar arrives to Shehbaz and states you understand all of my enemies will die, we’ll observe how he leaves you to save and go Zara. She sees Kabeer and many others coming into his room so that she leaves and hides.
Sartaj says Kabeer has to be around together with the Police so that I called you here to prevent them. He informs Irfan I need this Nikah to be carried out in 10 minutes, even if it does not occur, then take Zara and Irfan soon. Kabeer appears on and huffs, he informs Sartaj that I’m fearful of this shooting. Sartaj laughs.
He yells in his Servant why would you leave him ?? Irfan informs Kabeer that if you weren’t with Rukshar the entire night, then that would not have occurred and Zara remains missing. He makes Shehbaz sit in the wheelchair also informs Irfan that until I locate Zara, you need to take Shehbaz for your residence. Irfan nods.
Zara is hoping to leave the home she’s locked in. She sees some girls there and says that you are girls, please assist me. The girl says let us proceed with us. They protect her face and deliver her into a space. The girl states you’re safe today.

Kabeer calls for the Superintendent and states that I will message you if it is secure for Zara. Kabeer and many others arrive at the wedding. The goon presents them as Priests. Zara looks at himbut does not recognize it.

Irfan comes there and states Shehbaz is using Salma. Kabeer gets a telephone and comes from the Police station. A guy is speaking on the telephone that a number of goons broke everything at the store and their boss will marry the woman he kidnapped. Kabeer hears it asks him to provide particulars.

Sartaj informs him that the Professor should not eye my bride. A goon informs him and a few Police officers are in the region. Sartaj says if somebody attempts to stop this particular wedding, then take this bride! Kabeer is astonished to hear this. Zara is fearful.
Zara believes that I can not place Kabeer’s life at risk and I must get off the Automobile to depart out of here. She’s from the Automobile. Sartaj states there are no rules , therefore we’ll get married readily here. He says , we wll get married and visit Singapore eternally.

Sartaj informs Kabeer you need to perform your job for a witness. Kabeer says let us do it quickly, it is possible to leave me with all the bride. Kabeer states madam Zara are you nice? Zara is astonished to comprehend him. Kabeer says I will not let anything incorrect occur with you, are you prepared for this wedding? Sartaj states are you okay today?
Kabeer informs Zeenat that inform Rukshar if she’s supporting this, then you won’t remain in this house ! I will not let anything else happen to Zara.

Kabeer calls for the Superintendent and informs him this goon’s boss’s title is Sartaj. The Superintendent says and calls we want the force at a certain place. The Superintendent informs Kabeer that you simply go there and my guys are there as civilians.

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