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Zara’s Nikah Update Saturday 10th April 2021



Zara’s Nikah 10 April 2021: Zara reveals Shehbaz in a different area, she predicts Kabeer and states Rukshar attempted to kill Shehbaz today, she’s not fearful of uswhat to do? Kabir says that she will remain in isolation today where she can not hurt anybody. Zara says you’re correct.

Salma is launching an old bag box. She discovers Zara’s youth clothing. Salma says I wished to present these to Zara’s children so that I kept them with me personally, it is time to play with her grandma. Let them be happy at this time. Salma says , it is my fantasy and I’ll send these garments to her.

Kabeer is departing, but says that I do not need to leave you. Zara says do not fret about me. He hints in her and she blushes but proceeds . Kabeer believes he’s giving her a kiss, but she does not, he gets mad so Zara strikes his cheek and he admits, he pushes away. Rukshar sees it thinks now Zara can not be saved!
She states Shehbaz will not have the ability to guard himself and he’ll perish! Nobody will know I did this.
Zeenat says you’re right Zara, it is good that Kabeer did not call law enforcement. Zara says we shall earn a ward here enjoy a hospital so you’ll be treated in the event of a crisis, pray to God now.

In the night time, Zara inquires Kabeer what he’s thinking? Kabeer says time differs today, I never believed you’d develop into a Sharia board penis again. He states come nearer. Zara says we’ll pass this and be adoring home. Kabeer says it is difficult. Zara says my entire life attention is the love, I’ll pass any test along with you being with me, but you must cook for me a whole lot. Kabeer smiles. Zara informs Kabeer that we will have a calm night.
Zeenat is on the lookout for Amaan and does not find him in the area. She recalls Rukshar’s danger that she is able to hurt Amaan. She comes to Rukshar’s area and asks where’s Amaan? Rukshar says I do not understand, I’m playing with a ball. Zeenat states tell me where he’s?? She catches her arm and says if anything else occurs to Amaan, I will not spare you! Rukshar says I’m not lying, I do not know where he is, let us look for him together. She eyes the ball leaves .
Zeenat informs Rukshar you believe that you can prevent Zara from damaging Shehbaz? They trapped you enjoy this, they understand you do not want Shehbaz to develop into nice, ” she leaves. Rukshar states Zara can not stop me!

Zara goes to test on Shehbaz and does not see Rukshar. Rukshar arrives to Zara’s space and takes the box from that point.

Zara is playing music for Shehbaz. Zara calls Kabeer and informs him that Rukshar was immobilized and does not need Shehbaz to turn into fine. Kabeer says I do not understand why she’s attempting to prevent you. Zara says we must bring out her truth. She finishes the call and informs Shehbaz not to worry, I’ll look after you, you’re fearful of Rukshar? She believes to learn what occurred between Rukshar and Shehbaz which left him scared but until then, I’ll attempt to cure him with my songs.
Rukshar arrives to Shehbaz’s space and opens . The ball is full of all the smoke, so she says you’ll perish from this smoke!
Rukshar yells a box in the patio that has Zara’s musical tools, therefore that she can not handle Shehbaz. Rukshar opens the box she finds and got bricks indoors and no tool.
Rukshar arrives to Shehbaz’s area and sees that the Servant coming from. She says I must send him off. She calls and hides him out of an unknown amount. She says we’ve sent you a present from the lottery winning strategy, we’re outside. He states I’m coming beyond the home and leaves.
Zara says we ought to devote Kabeer time to consider doing it.

The Servant includes running and states Shehbaz’s space is full of smoke. They rush there and watch Shehbaz however Zara turns the wheelchair and it is not Shehbaz however a dummy. She reveals her the movie of Rukshar coming to the space and filling it with smoke. Zeenat shakes her mind. Zara says she can not change her ways. Zeenat asks where’s Shehbaz???

Zeenat scolds Amaan for receiving reduced amounts. He informs Zara I do not attend online courses, as Kabeer advised me not to use videos and photos. Kabeer says that I do not agree with internet courses as children become habituated to phones.

Rukshar believes to kill Shehbaz tonight after the Servant strikes. The Servant leaves and Rukshar attempts to strike Shehbaz, however, Zeenat stops her and says that I understood you’re a Snake and won’t alter your antics, so I’m keeping a watch on Shehbaz, even if you attempt to come near Shehbaz, then I shall send you to prison so get missing from here!! Rukshar starts departing.
Zara states this is the demand for time and should Parents watch on them, they then are able to have a useful results from telephones. I’ll help Amaan and choose online courses with him. I believe Kabeer you can reply folks contacting Sharia board utilizing sound call in case you don’t need a video phone?

Zara catches Rukshar’s hands and says that we did not state anything to you since you’re pregnant but should you do anything today, then you are going to be sent to prison. She attracts Rukshar to an area and says you’ll remain in this area all the time, this really is the jail and you’ll receive food here also!
Zeenat says I phoned her, I arrived to provide milk into Shehbaz. I requested Rukshar to bring sugar. They depart.
Kabeer is exercising at the morning. Zara says I can not workout. Kabeer pulls her and states you need to. Zara says I’m tired. Kabeer says you’ll get sick by age 50, you may shout for me to get matters. You’ve got to get fit. He asks her to perform sit-ups. Zara runs off.
Can Rukshar endanger her? She requests Zeenat to sit together. Rukshar believes they are here and that I will do my job on Shehbaz. She leaves from that point.

Zeenat sees Amaan analyzing with Zara. Zeenat states I was anxious because I could not find you. Zara says I attracted him into the patio. Rukshar believes Zeenat will not open her mouth due to Amaan.
Kabeer informs Zara I must head from this City, however Rukshar can strike you. Zara says I need that, I need Rukshar to be immobilized.

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