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Zara’s Nikah Update Friday 9th April 2021



Zara’s nikah 9 April 2021: Irfan inquires Kabeer. Zara says I presumed not to visit a place where we’ve got different thought process but we must come from this fear, my dad claims that we could get different thought process but we’ve got a loving lifestyle, I wish to take this place. Zara arrives to Kabeer and states Shehbaz was attempting to write today, we’re seeing progress in him. She requests the Servant to remain with Shehbaz.


Zeenat yells and says look at them Rukshar, you’ve cheated and harmed all of them life, but they’re shielding you today. Kabeer calls for the Authorities and asks them to come and detain Sartaj.

She provides her knife and states kill me before murdering Shehbaz! Rukshar says you understand my secrets. Zeenat says that I did the huge sins by concealing your sins and secrets. Rukshar says do not worry, I murdered Ayesha and standing . Zeenat says be fearful of God, if anybody knows that you murdered Ayesha, then we’re gone, we’ll be ruined and my Son won’t have a fantastic life.
Zara believes Shehbaz does not get tensed seeing Zeenat because he does facing Rukshar. Imran comes there and states all are here in order to welcome Kabeer and Zara, let us go.


Zara is enjoying audio for Shehbaz and sees him Pairing the pencil and paper. He attempts to compose, but could not grip the pencil.

Zara begins cleaning the space. Kabeer comes back and he is surprised. Zara claims what? I understand you enjoy the white colour, and so I changed the drapes and bed-sheets into white. Kabeer states but you do not like them? Zara states I will attempt to modify my liking for you. Kabeer presents her a vibrant suit and says that I need colors on your life. They enjoy the tea collectively.
Kabeer inquires Sartaj you may be thinking why I had been there? Rukshar explained everything. Sartaj says she cried me, I understood she had been disloyal! Zara states Rukshar told me that you’d come there, she told us you had money and she left you get trapped with us. Sartaj says she cried me! Sartaj appears on and extends to Rukshar. He states you understood this baby is mine and you wished to kill me?? Kabeer takes off Rukshar’s fabric, she says he’s lying! Sartaj says I’m her child’s dad.
Zara arrives to Rukshar’s space and says you murdered Ayesha… Rukshar says she had been my mom also, Kabeer states Shehbaz told me he composed . Kabeer reveals the way Shehbaz composed that Rukshar murdered Ayesha and she was scaring him also. He got the power and composed this.

Rukshar says I did not do anything such as that, he’s going mad. Zara says somebody else testified for it also. Rukshar says that? Zeenat says , I did an error of shielding your sins. The Authorities comes there. Kabeer informs Rukshar that you’ve shamed the entire mankind, I kept you on Zara’s expression, but you murdered my mom… it turns out to be Rukshar’s fantasy. She says I need to create Shehbaz quiet before he can deliver out this truth.


Salma informs Kabeer that Zara is correct, Rukshar should happen to be in jail, but she’s pregnant and we must save her.
The Superintendent comes to detain Sartaj. Sartaj says I want to move from here differently, I’ll take Kabeer! The Superintendent says do not take Kabeer, I’m putting down my gun. A bullet is taken and Kabeer sees that the Superintendent has taken Sartaj from the mind.

Rukshar hides and believes that when Shahbaz writes it then I’m gone. Zara asks him to continue striving. He can not write. Zara believes at leasthe began trying.
The flashback reveals how Sartaj told me that we do not have money and you’ll drop the home of Kabeer. Should you give me the cash, then I shall force you to keep in Kabeer’s home forever. She states ? Sartaj reported you don’t have any choice.

Zara says I discovered your divorce documents together with Rukshar but I wished to understand your helplessness, I must understand your obligation towards people is over everything else as well as your own love, if I could bow after God, I would. Kabeer says that a new life filled with love is awaiting us.
Zara slaps Sartaj and states that the entire world understands that Kabeer is your dad and individuals will understand this fact only until this baby is born. Kabeer says no, I won’t spare Rukshar that time! Zara states that I know you did all of this to guard the honor of the house and protect that infant. Kabeer says you understood all of this? Zara says , my love is not that feeble, I only wanted to hear it in your own mouth.


Kabeer and Zara come to the couch to see everybody there. The blossoms shower . An associate says we need Zara to return into the board. Imran says we’ve got a member who’s sick and he needs Zara to take his chair.
Rukshar says you can not be afraid, I advised you not to tell this secret to anybody… if you tell this to anybody, then I can hurt Amaan because I’ve killed Ayesha! Zeenat is stunned and says you’ve crossed all limits, handsome I won’t tell this secret to anybody but I will not allow you to do anything wrong from now on! Rukshar states you’re threatening me?? Zeenat says , I guarantee to our mother when I see you close Shehbaz, then I shall send one to hell myself!! She leaves from that point.

Rukshar says I did not need to leave this home, I had no option and that I did the sin that I should not have done. Zeenat states I took the side at all, I had been blind on your love, however you’ve done such a huge sin, how can you do this?
Zeenat asks Rukshar to inform everyone how this occurred? How Sartaj left you pregnant? Rukshar states when Kabeer educated me, I did not have much time at this home and Bubbly/new Zara was becoming near Kabeer.


Zara comes from their showers and jerks her moist hair. They grin at each other. Qafirina performs as Kabeer brings her nearer. Kabeer brings breakfast to get her. Zara likes it says this is yummy. Kabeer says this is the favorite. Kabeer says but they’re your favorite and you do not need to quit making them only because I do not like them, you’ll receive all you like from today. Zara smiles . He says I’ll bring oats for you personally, he leaves.
Irfan informs Zara she should consider her responsibilities which she can meet from the Sharia plank along with Zara’s husband that I wish to inquire Kabeer what he believes? Kabeer seems on.

Kabeer says you ought to apologize to God and do not be this blind ! Kabeer informs Rukshar you ought to thank Zara since you’re still here on her consent. Rukshar yells and folds her hands to Zara. Zara says I’m sorry Kabeer, you’re shielding the innocent infant. Kabeer says no, you understood everything but still stayed with me.
Sartaj informs Rukshar I advised you not to cheat me! Zeenat asks what’s he saying? Sartaj states no… we didn’t wed, we had a bargain.

Kabeer says what bargain? Kabeer pushes him and says that I will not spare you, you attempted to run away with my Zara! Irfan asks Kabeer to abandon himwe will hand him over to the Authorities. Sartaj states in case you inform the Police that I’m Rukshar’s infant’s dad, then you’re going to be insulted, your home’s girl has completed a sin!

Kabeer says and smiles I desired you to return to the Sharia plank, we concentrate on issues longer and may find solutions together.

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