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Zara’s Nikah Update Friday 2nd April 2021



Zara’s Nikah 2 April 2021: He receives Zara’s telephone and inquires if Shehbaz is ok? Zara says , however, is Shalini coming? She’s a gynecologist? Kabeer says I do not understand. Zara states Zeenat telephoned her, I’ll ask the Doctor if there’s anything to be worried about. Kabeer finishes the call.

Kabeer states Shehbaz is lonely. Rukshar shouts loudly. Zara says I’ll call the physician. Kabeer says no, I’m here so you visit Shehbaz. Who knows perhaps Rukshar is simply pretending because she does frequently, which means you visit Shehbaz. She says you’re correct and leaves.


Zeenat inquires Zara if she can deliver java for Kabeer? Zeenat calls somebody and states we must do this today just.
She attempts to enter Rukshar’s space, but it is locked from inside. She says Kabeer may not be here. She’s going to depart, however, Zeenat comes with medication. Zeenat says Rukshar remains in pain so I’m giving her medication. Zara states where’s Kabeer? Zeenat says he’s using Rukshar, he did not abandon her ever since the Doctor left.


She explained that you take care of your own infant a good deal. . It usually means that Rukshar is blessed with your baby? Inform me, Rukshar wouldn’t enable you to marry me, then did you encounter without asking her consent? You had to conceal such a significant item from me… It turns out to be Kabeer’s fantasy. Kabeer believes I’m hiding such a huge truth from Zara and she’s alone.

Rukshar believes that Kabeer will not allow Zara come to me, and then how will she understand that I’m pregnant. Kabeer believes if Zara talks into the Doctor then she’ll understand the truth, I need to call the Doctor since the infant’s life is at risk, God please find a method.

Kabeer says I shut my eyes intentionally as I’ll want you to acquire everytime until I’m alive. I pray to God that we achieve success in this evaluation of love. He prays for her and sucks on her face… it turns from be Zara’s fantasy.
Zara informs Irfan which I’m certain that somebody is hurting Shehbaz, I wish to learn so allow me to remain here. Irfan says everybody knows about your connection with Kabeer, I hope you but I’m worried about your own protection. Zara states God is with me, nothing else will occur to me, when I don’t determine the facts, then my songs is going to be blamed, Kabeer goes out to plead so that I really don’t need to leave Shehbaz lonely with Rukshar and Zeenat. Irfan states okay, take good care.

Zara believes my Kabeer can not maintain a room with Rukshar, is Zeenat attempting to deceive me? She sees Kabeer sitting Rukshar’s mattress out of the window. Zeenat states you can see out of the eyes which Kabeer cares for Rukshar a great deal. Zara states Kabeer will inform me himself exactly what it means for him to remain in Rukshar’s room the entire night. She’s going to knock, but has Irfan’s telephone. He asks if she’s fine? I feel like some thing wrong will occur with you, are you currently tensed? Irfan’s telephone becomes dead.
Kabee states what do I must do? Zara states I wish to kiss your lovely eyelashes. Kabeer is astonished and says you’re granted the desire. Zara moves nearer and kisses his eyesagain. Kabeeer sighs and says more. She blows along with his eyes shut again. Zara yells and kisses his eyes . She sucks again and he shut his eyes.

Zara says okay let us take your love test. Kabeer says I’m prepared. Zara says I’ll blow appreciate’s prayer in your face and you can not shut your eyes. Kabeer says if my love is facing me, I can not shut my eyes. Zara states what should you do? Kabeer says it will not. Zara smiles and believes I pray our love stay like that and nobody can enter . She sucks his head and his eyes shut on it’s own accord. Zara says and laughs you’ll need to pay now.
Kabeer comes to Shehbaz’s space and says I’m in pain Zara. Would you pray for me that can cause me to be with you all of the time despite the circumstance? Kabeer says there isn’t any problem at a lover’s lifestyle. I can not remain away from you and that is the only difficulty.
Kabeer says I need to go provide prayers and that I can not compromise that. He leaves from that point.
Irfan says it is late, I’ll fulfill Shehbaz in the afternoon. Kabeer informs Irfan which I’ll shield Zara at any price and therefore don’t worry, Irfan provides the food to Zara and leaves. Zara informs Kabeer that in the event that you allow me to help you create the food, I will eat .


Kabeer says to himself which I did not speak to Zara today.

Rukshar informs Zeenat that Zara will understand from the Doctor that I’m pregnant. She informs Rukshar which I did not inform anybody about your pregnancy. We’re all fine . The Doctor states we need to be cautious of this Corona. She asks them to depart Rukshar’s examination. They depart.

She chooses a taxi and calls the guy. The driver of this taxi says what injury? He says I’m the person who attacked you but you have saved. I’m Sartaj. I will ruin your life! Zara states stop the vehicle, I’ll telephone Kabeer.
Kabeer sits at Rukshar’s area and remembers the Doctor telling him that Rukshar is nice, she’s only terrified after falling. You ought to speak with her differently, the infant would be at risk.

Kabeer says that nothing will occur Rukshar. Zara states Kabeer? Kabeer believes I can not allow Zara understand that Rukshar is not pregnant. Zeenat believes Zara will figure out the truth today. Why are you stressed Kabeer? Kabeer takes Zara out there and says she dropped in the feces. Can you call the physician?


Rukshar holds her belly and also asks to call the physician. Kabeer calls the physician and he is tensed.

Zara arrives to Rukshar’s space and sees Kabeer gone out of there. She looks round the home for Kabeer. She receives the guy’s telephone and says I might need to leave your dad so come here quickly. She says I’m coming. She predicts Kabeer’s slave and asks him to return to Shehbaz’s space, my dad had an collision, so I’m leaving.
My Telephone is off also. He calls her out of Zeenat’s telephone but her phone is off also. Zeenat says she appeared worried earlier. Kabeer believes if she’d gone into her property?

Zara arrives to the Kitchen also states I’ll sit and speak to Kabeer. He will not lie to me about his connection with Rukshar, it is making me tensed. A guy calls Zara and states your dad had an crash, come here since he’s unconcious.
Kabeer and Zara sit but Zeenat comes there and states Rukshar dropped from the staircase. Kabeer runs from that point.

Sartaj informs Zara that you ruined my brothers’ lives. I’ll ruin your life today! Zara is going to telephone Kabeer however he throws her telephone from the automobile.
Zara checks Shehbaz’s fever and finds him sleeping. Zara says I hope that Rukshar sounded nice and Kabeer comes so we could speak. We’ll inform each other about the core thing. She hears Zeenat speaking on a telephone, she asks the physician Shalini to come back here quickly, she renders. Zara states is she calling that a gynecologist?
Zara says it is prayers time and Kabeer did not come out of Rukshar’s area? I expect Rukshar is nice. She predicts Kabeer’s telephone, but it is off.

Zara asks if she’s a gynecologist? Kabeer seems on. The Doctor claims no I’m Shalini Kapoor. Kabeer asks Zara to visit Shehbaz. Zara leaves. Kabeer states why this? Kabeer says you stated that you did not want everyone to learn about the pregnancy until 3 weeks.

Kabeer receives the physician and sees with Irfan there. Irfan provides him a pious publication and says I’ll leave today. Kabeer believes Zara can not fulfill the physician. He leaves. Irfan calls Zara and claims that the Doctor came to test Rukshar so that I hope she’s fine, Zara says , she concludes the telephone.
Rukshar and Zeenat examine a ladder. They smirk and tamper with this.

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