Zara’s Nikah Thursday update 4th March 2021


Zara’s Nikah 4 March 2021 update: Zara puts honey from the milk and states I’m allergic to this.

The attorney calls Shahbaz and states that his name will be cleaned shortly. He and finishes the call. Shahbaz tells Ruksaar I had murdered Zara’s body someplace else so he could not get the DNA test performed. He’s my son so that he can never triumph against me.
Azra recalls Irfan indicating that he could make Imran a mind priest. She says I need him to develop into that and I’m his queen.

Zara comes back home and informs Irfan and Salma who Kabir is at the mosque praying. Zara says I do not understand how Shahbaz managed to become free. Shahbaz comes there and states that you people can not triumph against me. Imran asks him to keep away. Shahbaz tells Irfan which it is possible to keep me misbehaving. Irfan says just I’ve got the right to present my position to somebody else. I am able to offer my chair to Imran and create your programs go to waste. Shahbaz seems on.

Kabir prays and assesses his mobile phone. Zara hides and seems on. Kabir says Shahbaz obtained the position at the board, you’ve shown that evil wins within this world. I bowed for you and cried for you, I gave regard to my dad and followed your dad, he’s living because of your will. But not Shahbaz will not live today.
Kabir says Shahbaz will not be saved today. He comes from the mosque and seems at Zara. He informs Zara that I’m sorry. Zara says you can not ignore God’s existence. Kabir says I’m miffed with himhe did not listen to my own petition, he renders. Zara asks God to give power to Kabir and finish his rage.
Azra and Imran input the home. Imran and Azra move from there. Azra believes that I need Imran to turn into a head priest that’s the reason why I greeted Shahbaz.
Zara is becoming sick. Imran says why do you do so? She states for Kabir. Zara comes there also and drops down. Zara says that nothing will operate. Irfan says I’ll plead for her, Kabir deliver the publication. Kabir goes but ceases. Irfan says I can not read it without my eyeglasses. Salma says Kabir might have read it. Zara goes to smoke. Kabir seems on. Irfan asks Kabir to see it to get her. Zara drops down on the ground. Kabir is tensed however requires the sacred book.

Shahbaz is maintaining prayers in his home if Kabir comes there, all seem on. The priest asks Kabir the children are here so give them a few blessings. Kabir says I have no some regrets for them, I’m not speaking to God anymore. Shahbaz believes I need to control him. The guards begin following Shahbaz however Kabir says I need to speak with my dad .
That killer ought to be punished. I’m begging you. He yells. Kabir says you move away. Zara says let us go home. Kabir says I can not return until I receive justice out of my God.
Zara arrives to Kabir’s space and takes his garments. Shahbaz says but he’s against me, I can not do it. Zara leaves and hears from there.

Shahbaz tells Kabir I wished to provide you with the power and also make you a mind priest but also you fell in love with this Zara? Kabir says , a killer is telling me the way to love? Shahbaz provides him a gun and states kill me. Kabir says I might have done it easily but I won’t. Shahbaz says I’m your father so that you can not win against me. Kabir says I understand, I will do something that God does not allow. I’ll kill you as if you murdered my Zara. I’ll put allegations on you personally as you did with Zara. I can kill you as if you murdered my Zara. I’ll do it when you’re lonely. I am not after God’s path anymore therefore I’m free. He leaves from that point.
Kabir hears Azan and attempts to prevent praying. He says . . Irfan and Salma come into his chamber. Irfan asks him to maintain lying since you do not honor God. Salma says we can not leave God’s route such as that.
Shahbaz understands the government article. Shahbaz says I discovered some newspapers which Irfan had signed for Kabir before and that I used them.


Zara informs Irfan which I want to locate Kabir. He states I’m coming with you. Zara says do not fret about me.


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