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Youth Entrepreneurship Manual 青春创业手册 Episode 1 Recap

Luo Lixia, who was successful in starting a business in Japan, was framed by his entrepreneurial partner Ando and was swept away by the company he founded. Luo Lixia, who was double betrayed by her friend and girlfriend, was devastated after returning to China, and even clashed with Gao Yanan, a college music teacher.

Fortunately, her friend Zhou Mengjia took care of her. After seeing Ando wanted to replace herself, she decided to start her own business again and defeat Ando. When looking for a new team, Luo Lixia met Zuo You and Chu He, alumni college students who were preparing to start a business in Wuhan. They were just brutally deceived by a liar because of their inexperience in the world…



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