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Young Dreams update Wednesday 10 March 2021 Zee World



Young Dreams 10 March 2021 update: The Garg’s do a poja,each take turns.(Charu gives a Romantic look to Mayank),Sageetha warns her(says to concentrate on the poja),(scene now in the Agarwal’s), Savitri tries to call someone, but says that the line is disconnected…(,Vihaan and his friends), are gambling and drinking, Vihaan wins,Vihaan and one of his friends end up in a argument, another friend tries to cool Vihaan, but he says “shutup, let me play my game”,(the scene now in the Garg’s) Charu gets a sweet box from her handbag, (Seema and Sangeetha give a evil look),Charu gives the besan ladoo to

Mayank,Gunjan comes, Charu says that besan ladoo, is Mayank’s favorite sweet, (Gunjan thinking that shehas really changed, gives a kind smile)(Seema,Sangeetha, and charu give a evil wink, Seema can’t control her laughter),Gunjan gives the sweet to Mayank, (Scene now in the Garg’s),Rajeev&Vihaan’s father asks “where is Vihaan” to Rajeev,and Rajeev gets a little tence, Shail and Dayal takes a lot of gifts,Vihaan still gambling,this time Vihaan loses,Vihaan feels diappointed,(Rajeev suddenly comes and sees Vihaan gambling) ,then he says to come with him, to change the mood, Vihaan gives a quick hug, (Vihaan with a red eyes),then Vihaan says one game,(scene back to the Garg’s house), Gunjan and Rachana are doing some fireworks,Suddenly Mayank gets dizzy, (I think Charu put some bong),Mayank and Gunjan put fireworks together, (Charu gets happy at first seeing Mayank get dizzy< then gets jealous seeing them together),(scene back to the bros), Vihaan scared if he will lose, gives his chain,Rajeev shocked,Charu purposely creates a fire with her shal, Mayank saves her,(sce back to the Garg’s),Vihaan says that he is very happy to Rajeev,His dad gets worried.

Gunjan asks mayank to drop charu home , seema agrees when sangeeta asks permission. Gunjan asks mayank to come back soon as she will be waiting on the terrace. Seema asks charu if mayank can drive in this condition charu whispers that the effect will start only in one hour. Gunjan feels weird and prays .

Seema and sangeeta also want their plan to succeed and pray. Mayank turns to see gunjan (looks like his bidaai). Rajeev gets vihaan back and puts him to sleep. Dad comes and asks rajeev to stay but SD is upset that he left the house for some girl. SD lectures rajeev to learn something from vihaan who agreed for marriage without seeing the girl and emotionally blackmail s him. SD s husband tells her that vihaan was in no condition to come back home and rajeev was the one who got him.

Mayank and charu leave seema sangeeta shake hands. (why cant gunjan go along to drop charu) Mayank feels dizzy near the car door. They are about to leave gunjan starts running , seema and sangeeta try to stop her but she goes out. The car starts and gunjan comes in front of it. Rajeev tells his dad he will meet later wishes happy diwali and leaves. Rajeev leaves the house while dayal who is about to enter sees rajeev and asks shayl. Shayl does not see him properly and they enter. Gunjan tells mayank she will accompany them.

Mayank seems really happy sings songs and is driving recklessly he gets a text. Gunjan sits on front seat with mayank he kisses her hand. Charu is jealous. Dholu is trying to burst a bomb and it does not so seema tells Sangeeta that the name must be charu. Seema wants gunjan out of mayank s life hook or by crook. Mayank leaves charu in front of her gate, she gets down . Mayank on gunjan s words gets out of the car and says bye. Mayank takes some decorations from the gate. Gunjan s on the driver seat and mayank sits next to her. Charu pissed while mayan drive away.

Mayank is getting cozy with gunjan she asks him if he is high. Mayank wants her to smell his mouth. Gunjan stops the car he gets out and screams out his is love . Mayank wants to give her a gift. Mayank standing on top of the car and rubs the decoration , lot of glitter falls down on gunjan. Sapne suhaane title song in background. Gunjan wants mayank to come down and he wants gunjan to come up. Gunjan also stands on top and they have a cute moment staring the full moon [;P]. Mayank hugs her and is very expressive about his love. Gunjan and mayank decide who will scream loudly loves the other person more and they keep shouting I LOVE YOU.


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