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Young Dreams 2 March 2021 update: Vihaan is playing goat run if his mother comes in and talks about his own marriage he gets a picture saying she will decide on the ideal. She begins crying that rajeev abandoned and vihaan says that he wants to see her scream. She blames her fortune and the picture is really an image of gunjan and rachna hugging (ye lo naya play start). She asks him to fulfill with the girl and persuading him. She leaves showing him the image. .


Mayank is hoping to speak with his mother. Seema is so upset and needs him to overlook everything like a terrible dream and become married to charu because dayal will send gunjan away. Mayank doesn’t concur and seema includes a break down since the marriage cards are already printed. Prabhu informs Mayank the seema has a medical issue and physician has advised her to not take anxiety. Mayank walks away but prabhu informs her to quit dreading her illness. Sangeeta enters and informs seema to attack the situation coolly.

Gopal talks to Prabhu and informs him to consent to Mayank and Gunjan s connection as today s world differs. Prabhu talks and cares regarding Charu s happiness and he states when they’re wed Mayank will fall in love with Charu. Shayl overhears and can be mad. In the table Shayl is serving Rachna and inquires in which Gunjan is. Rachna answers Gunjan is upstairs and soon both of these come together. She rolls her and claims that because she hasn’t eaten in the morning she must eat. She says she left her fav bharva bhindi and wishes to feed her own hands. Sangeeta is angry and she informs is feeding on your bahurani incorrect. She says she believed that a lot and she understood most significant in her life is her child so happiness so she reasoned That She’s ready for mayank gunjan s wedding departing prabhu and dayal stunned
Vihaan comes home and his mother does arti. His mother and daddy hug him. His mother tells him she will find a excellent woman for him and he insists. His mother smirks with pride.

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Sangeeta says if charu are the dil she’d load her with presents. Sangeeta is missing in her idea and smirks.
Mayank enters Gunjan s room and he attempts to prevent her from leaving. He tells her when she moves Shayl wont be spared then and all of the accusations against her will probably be shown right. Dholu and Rachna processor in stating they are prepared for the union and everything will be all perfect. Dholu says he’s contributed his pyaar ki kurbani. Rachna is prepared to unpack Gunjan s tote. Seema is mad and asks sangeeta to receive back her son as she’s quite smart. She doesn’t wish to lose to gunjan who’s a’piddi ladki’. (I expect she hears your son so I see you in tears)


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Mayank is missing in his thoughts and dholu comes from cheers him up and claims he is prepared for the marriage given he keeps her happy since he loves her.

Gunjan clarifies that if you’re in love nothing goes on mind. Right wrong etc but if you’re in extreme wala love that individual is part of you. Rachna is fretting about rajeev. Gunjan claims that what’s mayank and her error.

Dayal would like to phone and inform akash everything about gunjan compared with akash shayl attempts to prevent him but he tells her to focus on rachna.
Mayank apologizes to Dayal stating he’s the one who taught him that phrase. He had been the one who got him a bicycle once he was young, let him research in kanpur. Dayal informs marriage is between two households along with his union is repaired he cant postpone or discontinue it because its hopeless. Mayank retains his hands but Dayal chooses his hands from his grip and leaves.
Shayl attempts to cool him saying she’s apologized but he’s adamant. Shayl informs him akash is alone dayal agrees however he needs gunjan to depart.
Rachna asks gunjan to wash her tears. Rachna informs gunjan that in case you need some thing and dont get it once you get it will be greatest. Rachna says she doesn’t believe what gunjan did was wrong and when mayank is hers she’ll get him. Rachna deny so and so espouse. Vihaan is so happy and relationship besan laddos and also he wishes to feed a few to rajeev. His mother is upset. Vihaan desires him to return so his mother claims that she’s a plan and he must help her.
Seema bursts out stating shayl has to be very happy that gunjan can patao a man who’s an engineer . He informs seema what happens he’ll wed gunjan. Seema is angry Shayl apologetic while sangeeta s mind is turning.


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