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Young Dreams update Thursday 11 March 2021 Zee World



Young Dreams 11 March 2021 update: Episodes beings with Gunjan and Rachna happy and dancing around. Mayank also wakes up by Seema pulling the curtains. She tells him that he is lazy and should help Dayal in the shop.

Mayank refuses. Shayl comes with a box and tells Seema that’s this heirloom is for Gunjan. Seema is shocked, but says why? But Shayl says that now that neighborhood knows about Gunjan and Mayank , Seema and Prabha should talk to Akash and fix a wedding date. Seema gives a fake smile and Shayl leaves. Mayank also leaves, while Seema is angry. Mayank calls Gunjan and says he has a surprise for her. She asks what the surprise is but Mayank says she will only know when the surprise time comes. Gunjan says you see I lost my voice because of you. Mayank is confused. Gunjan says your behavior was weird yesterday and you made me go on top of the car. Mayank denies and says he can’t remember anything that happened, while Gunjan says oh please; don’t play smart with me and she hangs up the call as she has to go to classes. Vihaan comes and tries to take a picture of both of them but Gunjna declines. Vihaan says online he gets lots of friend request from girls so if he uploads their picture girls will stop send him requests as they will know he is in a relationship. He challenges Gunjan that he will take her photo before one clock and if he does she will have to listen to him and Gunjan takes the challenge.

Part Two

Shayl is in her room and seems one of the earrings on the ground and remembers it was Sneha’s. She remembers their childhood days and starts to cry. Bua comes and asks Shayl why she is crying. Shayl tells her she is missing Sneha. Shayl says she will divide the jewelry between Rachna and Gunjan. Bua says but you have bought it for Rachna and should give it to her. Shayl says Gunjan is like her daughter and if more jewelry is needed they can always buy. Bua says she understands, Mayank overhears. At college Gunjan and Rachna are talking about the challenge and Gunjan is laughing and says this is an adventure and not to worry. But Rachna says what if Vihaan does win the bet and he upload your photo and our family comes to know the truth. They we will land in trouble. Gunjan says yes, true. Gunjan says she won’t make him get her picture in anyway. Vihaan is hiding behind behind a tree and is set to take Gunjan picture, Rachna sees and runs in front of Gunjan. Vihaan comes and says wow; you will save your sister. Gunjan tells Rachna to run and they run away. Gunjan sees her sir and goes and talk but Vihaan comes behind and tries to take picture but Gunjan keeps moving to and fro. She bends and takes his blessings and then run away and hides behind a post while Vihaan wonders where she is.

Part Three

Later in the day, Gunjan is walking about and sits on a bench in college and someone come there in a burga and asks now is what time. Gunjan replies 12:58. The person replies that means I still have 2 minutes, Gunjan looks and Vihaan takes out her picture. At home Myaank helps Shayl with buckets with clothes and Mayank says Shayl you should give Rachna all the jewelry. Shayl says no. Mayank tells her that he does not want to marry now and instead want a good job and he thinks he should not live in the same house. Shayl is surprised and says she is proud of him and will talk to Dayal about this as soon as possible. Gunjan says this is cheating! Vihaan says you will have to do what I say. Gunjan says never and Vihaan runs away. Gunjan runs behind him and they start to argue. Rachna comes and says why the two of you are quarelling. Gunjan tells her what happened. Vihaan says Rachna will tell us who won and Rachan says Vihaan has won. He then tells the girl he wants them to meet the most important person in his life. And he drags them along. Rachna realizes they are on hockey field and whispers to Gunjan what if Rajiv sees her and asks her to let go. But Gunjna says look Rajiv is not here. Vihaan holds a person hands and says I want you to meet my fianc. The person turns around and is shocked to see Gunjan and Rachna. Gunjan and Rachna is shocked to know Rajiv is Vihaan brother. Gunjan and Rachna look at each other.

Vihaan introducing Rajiv as his brother to Rachana and Gunjan. Vihaan tells Rajiv that Gunjan is his fiancee and in comparison to him is not great but its their mother’s choice so he agrees. Rachana is worried as to what Rajiv would think that she likes him although engaged to Vihaan. Gunjan tells that she has to say something important but Rachana signals her not to do so. Vihaan says he knows what she is about to say and its about him taking her photo. Vihaan says he isn’t going to give the phone to Gunjan but Rajiv tells him he wants to see how the picture was taken and asks for Vihaan’s phone. Rajiv takes the phone and passes it to Gunjan telling her to delete it. Vihaan asks him why did he do that after all his hard work and Rajiv tells him its bad manners and unethical to take someone’s picture without their permission. Gunjan thanks Rajiv and he says if Vihaan ever disturbs her again to come to him. Vihaan asks who’s side is he on Gunjan or his and that he doesn’t know Gunjan she’s not like Rachana. Vihaan asks Rajiv if he knows Rachana and realizes that Rachana is on Rajiv’s hockey team. Vihaan continues saying that Gunjan is as innocent as she looks. Rajiv tells Gunjan that Vihaan is not as naughty as he looks and that he is good at heart. Rachana then holds Gunjan’s hand indicating to go. Gunjan tells Rajiv that they have some work at the library and says they’ll leave. Vihaan also says he’s got work and leaves.

Part 2

Vihaan chases after Gunjan and Rachana and asks Gunjan out on a date in the evening and Gunjan says her family doesn’t allow going on dates and phone calls and walks away. Vihaan says he won’t take a no and says the date will happen. Gunjan is angry at Rachana for not letting her tell the truth to Vihaan and Rajiv. Rachana says the truth that she is Vihaan’s fiancee and is in love with his brother and starts crying. She asks Gunjan did she ever think what she was going through and says she felt like running far away and never able to come back. She asks why does this happen to her. Gunjan says she understands and there’s nothing else they can do but move forward. Rachana says why is she always brought closer to Rajiv. Rachana says the person she wanted to awat from she’ll have see him everyday now as her brother-in-law. She tells Gunjan that they’ll go home. Vihaan asks Rajiv what he thinks of Gunjan and he knows Rajiv knew Gunjan long before. Rajiv says she’s the perfect girl for him to bring Vihaan in line. Vihaan says only he can do that. Rajiv says only time will tell who will put who in line. Rajiv then asks when’s the wedding. Vihaan says after Rajiv’s and Rajiv says what a joke. Vihaan says he’s not joking and he can get married only after his older brother does. Vihaan says if he needs help finding a girl he’ll help. Rajiv tells him to do his work. Vihaan says he’s too busy with hockey to bother about a girl. He then asks Rajiv how does he find Rachana and isn’t she sweet and Rajiv says what is he saying. Rajiv says don’t know when he’ll grow up and says he’s going and Vihaan tells him to think over his suggestion. Rajiv angrily tells him to leave and Vihaan says it’ll be a great combo to see two brothers with two sisters. Shail says its good they spoke to Akash and they should get Gunjan and Mayank engaged soon. Dayal thinks they should get married. Sangeetha tells Dayal that Akash needs to be given time to get things ready and its Mayank’s final year. Bua tells Sangeetha why wasn’t she understanding about the matter when it was about Charu and Mayank. Sangeetha says because her aunt and uncle were harrasing about the wedding. Dayal asks Seema what she thinks and she says whatever they think best. Gunjan and Rachana come.Shail tells Gunjan they have a surprise for her that Akash is coming for her engagement and they were just discussing that. Shail tells Gunjan not to hesitate to ask for anything and that nothing should be left out in her engagment and then tells her to freshen up

Part 3

Mayank drags Gunjan and tells her to come with him. She asks him what does he have to say. Mayank says that someone is coming and Gunjan says she knows her father is coming and that they are getting engagaed. Mayank asks who told her. He says he wanted to tell her first. Mayank says she doesn’t look happy about it and she says she is but Mayank says she looks sad. Gunjan says she’s thinking about Vihaan. Mayank is confused and Gunjan realizes she almost spilled the beand and says she think Rachana and Vihaan are so different to which Mayank says its good as opposites attract and he’s sure that Rachana would be able to settle in time. Mayank tells Gunjan not to call Vihaan by his name but to call him jeejaji. Gunjan says he’s of their age and in college so she’ll call him by his name but Mayank tells her the family may not like it. Gunjan says she won’t cause she want to irritate him. Gunjan tells Mayank she’s going down and that they won’t like them meeting up and Mayank says she’s become understanding but to meet him at the terrace at 5. Gunjan says ok and goes. Shail comes into the room and sees Rachana upset and asks why. Rachana says she has a headache and Shail says she’ll massage oil on her head and the pain will disappear in minutes. Rachana refuses at first but Shail insists and starts putting oil. Rachana asks Shail why doesn’t God fulfill wishes and Shail says because He knows what’s best for their future and provides the best. Rachana asks why can’t He grant something that she really wants. Shail says because what she wants now may not be the same thing she wants in the future. Shail says so she should leave everything in God’s hands and trust Him. Shail asks Rachana what she wanted from God.Rachana says it was her friend that wanted something and Rachana says she has everything and a very nice mother.

Part 4

Gunjan is getting ready and tells Rachana she has a date with Mayank on the terrace. Gunjan reaches the terrace and sees flowers and a designer watch and says Mayank is really good with surprises. She opens the watch to see it when Vihaan asks if she likes it. Gunjan is shocked to see him and asks him what is he doing here and he says they have a date at 5 how did he get up here and he says Shail told him Gunjan is upstairs. Gunjan is surprised to know the watch is from him and is nervously looking around if Mayank is there. Vihaan insists on wearing the watch for her and says this is his first gift for her and tells her to keep quiet when she protest. Mayank comes there and sees Vihaan holding Gunjan’s hand and putting the watch. Mayank looks angry.

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