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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 38 Recap

Xing Kelei created a calendar in the home, documenting his everyday confrontation. Miss Mi Hao, the both of them can just take a leisurely movie with one another. From the movie that afternoon, Mi Hao stated that she’d go back to China next month. Doing any translation work, I am going to have the chance to meet up with Xing Kelei once I return this time. Xing Kelei is quite pleased.

Xing Kele appeared at Mi Ha who had been placing on the wedding gown. The entire person appeared silly. Xing Kele suddenly regretted and consented to Mi Ha to research overseas. He took the suggestion ringand he left the ring using a necklace. The queen had been worn Mi Yan’s neck, stating that she could proceed, but he wished to go because his fiancée, Mi Yan additionally agreed. Shortly, Ruan Qingxia moved into the authorities to take a wedding photograph with Shu Wenbo. Mi Yan revealed the photographs to the nurses, along with the nurses were astonished, as well as gossiping about if Mi Yan wed Xing Kelei.

Both drank a beverage amidst the sound of the audience. Li Nian and others chose Shu Wenbo to pledge , wishing him a happy wedding. After drinking for some time, Ruan Qingxia arrived to guard her husband.

Xing Kayao understood that Shao Yuhan utilized Mi Yan to confer with himself. Xing Kayao explained that he and Shao Yuhan advocated Mi Yan that afternoon. Xing Keyao was really very happy that Mi Yan could confess to Xing Kelei she couldn’t perform without Xing Kelei.
In the start, she and Shao Yuhan did not speak about their love to each other due to their self-esteem. Xing Keyao invited Mi Hao again, trusting that she and Xing Kelei could nurture a favorable fruit. After speaking with Mi Hao, she chose to telephone Shao Yuhan and requested him to visit the home on Saturday, which had been forgiven. Shao Yuhan.

Mijia arrived in the forum resort and was checking , but fulfilled Yanshan at the lobby. Yanshan also followed her mentor back to China to take part in the forum. She’d seen Mijia among the record earlier, and she reached the resort to search for Mijia. She was also quite pleased to visit Yanshan. Xing Kelei was coaching with different teams in Changgang. Following the movie of Mi Jia and himhe requested him to ship the positioning . Following the discussion was finished, he moved to Xing Kelei. .

However, Mi Hao was feeling unhappy for the approaching separation. Shao Yuhan watched Mi Ha’s despair, therefore he comforted a couple of words, and told the story of himself and Xing Keyao, also stated that when he and Xing Keyao were back then. Yao can comprehend each other such as Mi Yan and Xing Kelei, and perhaps they will not be split. Mi Yan is somewhat odd, Shao Yuhan does not like to say, but now she suddenly said to himself, she wondered whether Shao Yuhan wanted herself. Notification these words into Xing Keyao, Shao Yuhan was very happy to observe that Mi Yan knew what he intended.

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