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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 37 Recap

Emergency therapy, otherwise it has to be busier. Xing Keyao said the Allen Medical Center, stating the physicians there are quite active and just have a day of rest weekly, but the physicians who come from Allen Medical Center, nationwide hospitals are Xing Kelei sought after hearing .

Ruan Qingxia already understood that Mi Ha will move overseas, and stressed Mi Ha and Xing Kelei wouldn’t have a fantastic talk tonight, Ruan Qingxia comforted Mi Ha with a couple words, and proceeded to locate Shu Wenbo. Ruan Qingxia arrived in the police staff to fulfill Shu Wenbo.
Both quarreled when they got back together. Shao Yuhan believed that Shao Yuhan hadn’t contemplated her and Xing Kelei, also stressed that Xing Kele and Mi Ha could be pressured like they did previously. After dividing, Xing Kelei came back and discovered that the quarrel between them both. He originally wished to suggest to Mi Yan thankfully shifted his face abruptly.

Mi Yan hurried downstairs to locate Xing Kelei, stating that he wouldn’t visit the Allen Medical Center, Xing Kelei didn’t talk, and hugged Mi Jia. Mi Yan was prepared to give up the chance for Xing Kelei. , But Xing Kelei explained that the both of them have gone through death and life, and there’ll not be any longer things to distinguish them. Mi Jia took the ring out and requested Xing Kelei when he wished to donate it to himself.

Ruan Qingxia attempted her wedding gown in the bridal store that day. She also Shu Wenbo had set a wedding date. Since Shu Wenbo’s dad was in poor health, they intended to return into Shu Wenbo’s hometown for the marriage, but they remained in Jiangning and shot images of the marriage. I will pretend for a little party and invite a few friends and coworkers to watch. Before Shu Wenbo and Xing Kelei arrived, Ruan Qingxia requested Mi Yan to attempt the wedding gown.

Xing Kelei stopped listening. Xing Keyao and Shao Yuhan wished to change their heads and go home, but if they came in the doorway, they did not understand how to confront Mi Yan. One of these stood within the doorway and another stood out. They were rather confused, as well as both remembered. Seeing their responses, she understood that Xing Keyi already understood she was going overseas.

Mi Yan appeared in the ring Ruan Qingxia’s hand and recognized the ring onto the dining table was purchased by Xing Kelei. On the 1 hand, Xing Kelei would like to be delighted with her union proposal, and on the other handhe would like to admit to Xing Kelei about his moving overseas. Mi Yan would like to head out to locate Xing Kelei, however she’s quite hesitant.

No objection, so long as Xing Kelei’s parents have married, it does not matter who they wed. Xing Keyao will Hong Kong within a couple of days. She knows how big Mi Jia’s palms, so she consented to assist Xing Kelei purchase a suggestion ring.
Shu Wenbo confessed , stating that he liked her years ago. As a result of her for teaching herself the way to love and how to thank adore, Ruan Qingxia consented to Shu Wenbo’s union proposal without hesitation.
On the opposing side, Shao Yuhan moved into Xing Keyao’s home and asked her to see the home on Saturday. He explained he expected that Xing Keyao and himself could dwell from the new home together. Xing Keyao did not understand how to reply the dialogue for a little while, and did Shao Yuhan.

Xing Kele maintained thinking of Shu Wenbo’s words, therefore that he took the soup went into Xing Kayao. Xing Kelao watched Xing Kele came suddenly. I figured that Mi Ha didn’t return on duty at the hospital, and also both quarreled, Xing Kelei was a tiny helpless, stating the two had not been lonely for quite a while, and could not struggle in any way. Xing Keyao explained that Mi Ha was peacefully moved back.

Mi Yan has not seen Xing Kelei at the previous couple of days, and she has not had the time to inform Xing Kelei in person that she’s going to go overseas to the Allen Medical Center.
They had been split seven decades back. It was very helpless. Now they can match again, Shao Yuhan does not wish to allow Xing Keyao depart anymore. When he goes back to seven decades back, he’ll definitely talk.

Xing Kele reported that he initially wished to suggest, but that this occurred, he requested Mi Jia what he believed. Mi Jia reversed Xing Kele’s suggestion and requested Xing Kele if he’d love to marry him. To wed herself, Mi Yan requested Xing Kelei to wait around for him to return from overseas, then make up a formal union proposal for himself.

Mi Jia didn’t wait till Xing Kelei came back in home. She moved into Xing Kelei’s area and have a glance and saw the ring Xing Keyao purchased for Xing Kelei. She believed it was the ring which Shu Wenbo purchased for Ruan Qingxia. Ruan Qingxia known as the movie. Call to discuss his pleasure of being suggested to Mi Yan.

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