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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 36 Recap

After he got up, he discovered that Mi Ha was upward. Mi Ha reported he was a tiny bit just a bit when she had been in isolation. I had been fearful, but I had been worried about if Xing Kelei could be hurt or not. Xing Kelei became guilty.

Mi Jia includes a high fever. She’s really quite scared of becoming infected, but she could simply pretend to be powerful in front of her coworkers. She picked up the telephone again to test and discovered that Xing Kelei nevertheless didn’t respond for her, and her heart was more flustered. While she had been crying softly, Ruan Qingxia known as Mi Yan. She cared a couple of words about Mi Yan. She was also somewhat frustrated with Xing Kelei’s lack. She said that she’d visit the hospital once she was completed. Come to view Mi Ha. Mi Yan has been not able to get Xing Kelei, and she had been stressed that Xing Kelei’s mission could be harmful this moment. She remembered that Xing Kelei consistently left abruptly due to the mission.

Shu Wenbo intended to suggest to Ruan Qingxia, therefore he chose Xing Kelei into the jewelry shop to select a proposal ring. Both looked in the ring and did not understand how to select it. Mi Jie believed it had been Xing Kelei who requested for the union. After learning that he’d chased, he had been a bit disappointed.
Zhuo Wenjing, that came from this hospital, advised Xing Kelei concerning the close of the emergency department, and was a bit worried about if there was something wrong with Mi Yan. When Xing Kelei was stressed, he unexpectedly got information. Xiang Lulu took his son into the yard in the rear door of the hospital. Before he could consider it, he took someone into the trunk doorway and stared at Xiang Lulu.
This Mi Ha’s fever subsided, along with the isolation was raised. Ruan Qingxia went into the hospital to pickup Mi Hao and moved home. Following that, Xing Kelei has been requested to take decent care of Mi Ha, also Ruan Qingxia left.

Ruan Qingxia attracted a great deal of items to Mi Tu’s home to cook hot bud to comfort . Mi Tu abruptly realized the actual issues. They had particular jobs and frequently had unexpected scenarios. Even if they dwelt under precisely the exact same roof, it had been time for them to fulfill. Ruan Qingxia persuaded her to not believe so much. The things she believes, the more joy, and Mi Yan no more believes too much. After Mi Ha went to function, Shao Yuhan advised Mi Ha the Allen Medical Center had passed on Mi Ha’s first test and will conduct a video interview with Mi Ha, but Mi Ha hesitated due to Xing Kelei’s motives. Shao Yuhan voiced his comprehension, yet this thing it’s quite valuable to Mi Tu’s future improvement. He requests Mi Tu to consider it and do not make a hasty decision.

About the 20th, Xiang Lulu took out her son, Xing Kelei took everybody with Xiang Lulu, also discovered that Xiang Lulu took the kid to Jiangning, and happened to visit Renxin Hospital. Xing Kelei understood about Xiang. He must visit the hospital to get a review. Wu Keming is very likely to look at the hospital to determine his son. Everyone could just wait patiently.

Shortly there’ll be a deliveryman who approached Xiang Lulu. Xing Kelei realized it was incorrect and hurriedly led individuals around. Wu Keming realized it was incorrect and fled. In addition, he took a nurse for a hostage at the center. Let him consider his loved ones and kids. Xiang Lulu also appeared at Wu Keming pleadingly. Wu Keming hesitated for a little while, put the gun down and got captured.

Mi Jia took a break for a single night, and went to work at the hospital the following day. Xing Kelei understood that Mi Jia will be off , so he clarified that the both of them would have a fantastic day. Shu Wenbo went to watch Ruan Qingxia following the vacation. Both went into the mountain to find the scene. Ruan Qingxia leaned on Shu Wenbo and unexpectedly said he wished to wed Shu Wenbo immediately. Shu Wenbo did not appear to hear clearly and requested what Ruan Qingxia had merely mentioned. After Xing Kelei took Mi Ha into the shore the Following Day, Team Hao abruptly called and requested Xing Kelei to Select the Endeavor. Xing Kelei could just turn around and return. Even though Mi Ha could comprehend, he was very miserable.

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