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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 35 Recap

Wu Keming’s parents have since passed away and they live in the home. It is a renter. The renter is a girl named Xiang Lulu using a kid. Xiang Lulu runs on the Taobao shop. The youngster is nearly six years old.

This Wu Keming has been a significant suspect. Intelligence revealed that Wu Keming had returned into Lucheng. He wants the Tigers to encourage the Interpol. Xing Kelei isn’t. Dare to fail, fast took the advice and ready to proceed, and delivered a message to Mi Yan, stating that he had a job tonight and wouldn’t return, Mi Yan was busy, and didn’t find the information.

Xing Kelei additionally found that Xiang Lulu’s Taobao shop had any issues. Xiang Lulu’s Taobao store did not make money in any way. Xing Kelei and many others guessed that Xiang Lulu and Wu Keming understood each other, which Xiang Lulu’s child could be Wu Keming’s. Xing Kelei delivered Shu Wenbo to Xiang Lulu’s home pretending to be care employees, and put a miniature video recorder at the home. When Shu Wenbo was outside, Wu Keming’s sister arrived. Xiang Lulu was recommended to cover the lease, which also sparked Xing Kelei’s suspicion.

Xing Kelei suggested the both of them head out to perform together. Mi Ha suggested to visit the shore the day after tomorrow. Xing Kelei packed things up in the home and washed up for a visit.

Mi Hao lasted to isolate and watch from the isolation area. Wei Lan requested Mi Ha when she wanted anything. Mi Ha hurriedly said he needed a cell phone. Shortly Chen Tao introduced the telephone into Mi Ha. Mi Jia turned to the telephone and discovered that Xing Kelei had no longer info but for the news he couldn’t return. She wished to inform Xing Kelei she had a fever and had been quarantined, but after hesitating, she did not send the information, however told Ruan Qingxia that she had been quarantined.

When she was going to change shifts, Mi Yan developed fever and cough symptoms. She withstood the doorway of the isolation area to stop Chen Tao and Shao Yuhan from penetrating, and requested Shao Yuhan to ascertain whether the patient needed it. Need to prevent feeling, Shao Yuhan’s face was a bit dignified, therefore Chen Tao hurried to receive his protective garments.
Following Mi Ha and Shao Yuhan completed the surgery on the individual, they remained in the ward to look after the individual. Mi Ha didn’t read the cell phone messages. They utilized Shao Yuhan’s mobile phone to phone Xing Kelei, but Xing Kelei’s mobile phone was turned away. Mi Hao was somewhat worried about Xing Kelei. .

Jia Li requested Mi Yan to deliver Shao Yuhan a medical document. Shao Yuhan told me that a relative of a patient had dropped in the emergency section. After comprehending, the relative of the individual had only returned from the Middle East. He had been supposed for a patient with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and was advised of this illness management. The centre had been closed, and also the emergency department was briefly shut. Currently Mi Tu could just accompany Shao Yuhan from the emergency department to do surgeries on the individual.

Following diagnosis, Xing Kelei chose to begin using Wu Keming’s black tribe evaluation. They discovered the job of the tribe, successfully detained the tribe, and started to interrogate him. The tribe stated what he understood and stated he was obscure. Hearing Wu Keming explained they would depart on the 20th, Xing Kelei and Captain Xu hurriedly sent individuals to look any significant events from town around the 20th.



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