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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 30 Recap

Mi Jie believed that Xing Kelei’s shaking hands was associated with his emotional signs . In reality, there was not anything incorrect with his palms on. Xing Kelei believed that the surgery would lead to damage to his palms. Additionally, he had been so powerful he wouldn’t understand it. Mi Jia said that the most important thing today is to allow Xing Kelei stop considering it and unwind. .

Seeing that he had been sweating a good deal, he advised him to return to have a bathroom. Xing Kelei took the chance to take the prepared change of clothing and stated he had been here. Wash. After dinner at the day, Mi Ha shut his eyes onto the couch and rested. Xing Kele desired to show off his muscles attract Mi Ha’s interest. Mi Ha did not take care of the surface, but afterwards Xing Kele switched his mind, he took a peek at Xing Kele’s training. Xing Kelei felt somewhat distressed when he noticed that Mi Yan hadn’t been transferred.

When Ruan Qingxia was studying taekwondo using Shu Wenbo that dayhe could not help but lose his temper at Shu Wenbo, stating that while penalizing him, he explained to Li Nian he enjoys himself, which he’d give himself into Lu Feng, do he use her as a chunk? Kicking about, Shu Wenbo immediately explained that he only wanted to create Ruan Qingxia joyful, but Ruan Qingxia reported he loathed Shu Wenbo and turned away.


On Friday, Xing Keyao and many others didn’t wait till Shao Yuhan came. Xing Keyao was somewhat upset about being at the dining area, so he moved out the hotel lobby . After a time, he waited patiently to get Shao Yuhan. When they had been chatting out, Yi Qian came outside to frighten the both of them went and Yi Qian spoke about what to be organized inside this classmate assembly. Shao Yuhan requested Shao Yuhan to locate the preceding digital camera and extract the prior videos and photos to edit. Xing Keyao reported he would additionally help locate it.

He wished to deny Yi Qian, but Yi Qian reported that Xing Keyao especially pushed for the weekend celebration to take part, and requested Shao Yuhan to achieve that. When he came, Shao Yuhan had no option but to concur, but stated he could be there a bit later, Mi Yan discovered it across the side, and felt a small gossip in his heart.

Xing Kelei wished to return to his house to live with Mi Ha, and in addition, he stated he had purchased equipment for coaching hand power, however, Xing Keyao didn’t permit him to put in Xing Keyao’s home, and requested Mi Ha when he could put in the gear by himself. In the home, Mi Jie consented to Xing Kelei. Mi Jie explained that Xing Kelei desired to reside with him, Ruan Qingxia guessed Xing Kelei’s head, also stated Xing Kelei could discover a variety of motives to appear facing Mi Jie, stating their relationship was going to turn into heated. Stage.

Ruan Qingxia heard of Shu Wen. Bo softly did those things for himself, feeling somewhat perplexed, Lu Feng sent a second message to Ruan Qingxia, stating he had purchased something to her and sent into the pub, and requested Ruan Qingxia to visit the pub to receive it.
Ruan Qingxia arrived in the pub, but Lu Feng confessed to her public. Ruan Qingxia was ashamed. Ruan Qingxia nevertheless rejected Lu Feng. She was really thankful for all that Lu Feng’d completed, however, the individual within her heart wasn’t Lu Feng. So unacceptable.

Xing Keyao was likely to see the series with Shao Yuhan, but if Shao Yuhan arrived, a skateboarder alongside him fell and fainted. She was somewhat sorry to say he could not observe the operation today. Shao Yuhan did not blame himand he sent Xing Kayao house.



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