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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 29 Recap

Xing Kelei recovered for a while but still did not improve his hand tremor. In a competition with Zhuo Wenjing, he saw that Zhuo Wenjing had not exerted his full strength in order to let himself go. This hurt Xing Kelei’s self-esteem. He asked Zhuo Wenjing why he wanted him and Let Zhuo Wenjing run ten laps, Zhuo Wenjing was at a loss and could only listen to Xing Kelei’s words. Shu Wenbo saw that Xing Kelei was too nervous and would not allow him to continue training. After Xing Kelei returned home, he lost his temper with Mijia, thinking that it was Mijia who told the police about his shaking hands.



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