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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 27 Recap

Though both understood this was a little surgery, they were equally uncontrollable and stressed. Time passed each moment, and also four hours had passed since the surgery, both of these became stressed, and also the members of this police force were also awaiting information. Last, the performance was finished. She recalled Xing Kelei’s directions and awakened Xing Kelei in the anesthesia.

Shao Yuhan reported that she had been from concern for Xing Keyi. Contemplating his own interestshe understands Xing Kelei is quite worried about if he could continue to be a special police officer, so he’s prepared to perform minimally invasive operation for Xing Kelei to make sure he can continue to get exactly what he needs after the surgery.

She can not control herself. She expects that she is able to encourage all Xing Kelei’s choices, but she’s uncontrollable and fearful. I had been so concerned about myselfand he had been somewhat happy, but in addition, he comforted Mi Yan, as a physician, he must be more logical, and he comforted Mi Yan a couple more words, Mi Yan is much better.

In the day, Mi Jie stated to Xing Kelei she could be Xing Kelei’s aid later on, and she would continue with Xing Kelei when she had anything to do.
Xing Kelei was transferred by what Mi Ha explained. He decided to consider in Mi Ha and picked minimally invasive operation. Shao Yuhan believed that Xing Keyao didn’t believe in herself.

He didn’t want Mi Ha to find him lying on the table. In addition, he said he hoped the very first man he’d see when he awakened is Mi Ha, Mi Ha He consented to Xing Kelei’s petition.

One night after, Xing Kelei was outside of this intensive care unit. Mi Yan hurried to the overall ward to see Xing Kelei’s review report. Xing Kelei kept crying for something to eat, stating that he wished to eat watermelon. Mi Yan hurried to the fruit store and purchased Xing Kelei the greatest watermelon, and he fed it into Xing Kelei.

Xing Kelei’s operation date is coming shortly. Provided that she thought of Xing Kelei lying around the operating table, she’d be fearful. The same as however strong Xing Kelei is or if he’s a sharpshooter or maybe not, provided that he’s on a mission, Mi Yan is going to be nervous.

Shu Wenbo and many others came to go to Xing Kelei. Shao Yuhan arrived and requested Mi Jie to shoot Xing Kelei to get a checkup at 8 o’clock in the day. Don’t drink or eat after, and operation will start tomorrow afternoon. In the day, Xing Kelei advised Mi Hao to not enter the working room tomorrow.

When Xing Keyao found that Xing Kelei had triumphed in the surgery, his dangling heart was alleviated. In addition, he intended to follow Xing Kelei at the hospital. When you have any information, you ought to know in time, however Xing Keyao, that had been relaxed, finally could not hold back his fatigue, and dropped in Shao Yuhan’s office. Shao Yuhan didn’t wake up Xing Keyao, but place a bit of clothes on her own, but only sat in a seat. Shang looked at her softly, thinking about the last of both.

Throughout Xing Kelei’s retrieval, Shu Wenbo and many others and Mi Hao altered their approaches to cook healthy meals for Xing Kelei. Mi Ha was planning to make soup this afternoon, however if something went out briefly, he needed to depart Ruan Qingxia alone in the home and known as Shu Wen again. Bo Lai helped to keep on producing the soup. Ruan Qingxia was somewhat ashamed to see Shu Wenbo here, and may just get together normally like she was fine.



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