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Wife on Duty เมียจำเป็น Episode 14 Recap

Mia Pramtawan (Phayarinrada) looks for a way to help Sopit (Best Chanidapa) by borrowing a large sum of money to Javelin (Mai Warit) but doesn’t tell the real reason. Causing Javelin to be disappointed, thinking that Tawan only wants money Javelin rarely at home But let less watch the sun The day that Sopit nad East said he would go to negotiate with Little pretend to have a stomachache But in the end I could not hold back.

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East to follow the meeting. Upon arriving, he found that it was a javelin that was in the worker’s home, not a service. But the door of the villa was closed Both of them tried to find a way out. The fire came from the front, the smoke came inside. The javelin tried to break the door but couldn’t open it. Javelin protects the sun Sopit has escaped.



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