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Wife on Duty เมียจำเป็น Episode 13 Recap

Mia Pramtawan (Phayarinrada) returned to the funeral of Mother with a heart broken with Jiew (Scene Phastharakorn) and Suthir (Bright Raphipong) alongside Jodon (Mai Warit). When the funeral of their own father has been completed He thought it was time to organize his family life.

He went up to follow the sun in Bangkok. And bringing the sun back home But Tawan did not return because he thought he wanted to win that the lie deceived him. Sutee intervenes because he does not like that the Javelin controls the sun.

CHINESE PLOT: The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 13 Recap

Javelin claims the right to be a husband. And the father of Son Tawan and said that if Tawan does not return as well, he will call the police to arrest Jiw With Sutee, charged with conspiracy Played to Tawan to tell the suspicion of Sopit (Best Chanidapa), Javelin met, thought that the play was going to hurt the sun. Yurin) threatens to fight the sun The sun does not agree anymore.

And said that he had already told the truth about switching to the javelin Ice drops hurriedly throw the blame for Tawan to tell Sawai (Took Yannee) and everyone that play is Tawan’s husband. And she is willing to be her daughter-in-law And married to the javelin The javelin sent the blue sky to an internship in a rubber plantation.



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