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Wife on Duty เมียจำเป็น Episode 12 Recap

Mia Namphae Sawai (Tookyani) returned to Bangkok with Jiew (Scene Phatsarakorn) and Sutee (Bright Raphipong) Duean (Nong Porn Suda). Sutee was worried about wanting Tawan (Pie Rinrada) came back and looked at mother’s heart.

Before it’s too late But still no one has contacted Javelin (Mai Warit) with Tawan, Tawan and Javelin, like a true honeymoon. When both of them revealed their good feelings to each other by teasing, smiling by the sun with a warm heart that had a javelin beside. Although he is still a little stubborn One day, the sun fainted because of a side effect of the pregnant woman.

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Javelin was worried about the sun so quickly took him to the hospital. Receipt (X Thitinan), who was not dead, came back, took something from the javelin, and the Jiw family told Tawan about the very sick month. The sun hurriedly packed things to return to Bangkok to look for a month, but Javelin intervened because he was worried about the weak Sun And he doesn’t know the reason for her return to Bangkok Tawan is angry, thinking that the javelin is blocking it just so he wants you not to go.

The sun said that you are the sun, not the sky! He was shocked. The threat of money from Sopit (Best Chanidapa) makes Sopit enrage and starts to devise a bad way to get rid of Barman and Sun, because Sophit has blamed everything on the sun. Tawan wants to go back to her mother. So he agreed to tell the whole truth about his switch to marry to the doctor and the javelin, including the fact that the unborn child is the child of the javelin. By Dr. Pramote (Judo Thammathat) confirmed with Javelin himself He regrets everything he has done in his face, does not do well with the sun And he thinks from now on he will do whatever it takes to make the sun And the child was with him not caring about the deceit of the sun Because he loves you …



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