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Wife on Duty เมียจำเป็น Episode 11 Recap

Javelin (Mai Warit) brings Tawan to the hut in the rubber plantation without telling anyone and not telling Tawan (Pi Rinrada) that the truth is he is afraid of the sun will be hurt again. Therefore hidden In front of the sun, he looked stiff and cold, but behind that, he took care of it. And keeps buying things to nourish her Even a mosquito javelin did not want to bite the sun. Many times he acts strange.

Peeing in front of the hut In fact, he stood blocking the mosquito spray that was just sprayed on the sun Late night, sleep tightly hugging the sun. Tawan himself secretly smiled, as if he could feel that he was stubborn and did not match his heart. Tawan is happy to be close to the man she loves. The side of the house javelin suddenly One day, I almost fell down the stairs. Fortunately, Dr. Pramote ((Judo Thammathat) came to pick it up in a little time.

The doctor wondered that little would not have missed it himself. But didn’t see anyone around that area A little thank you doctor Parents peeking into it, it can be seen that little has begun to love. The doctor, too, seems to start to feel good. And worried less …



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