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Wife on Duty เมียจำเป็น Episode 10 Recap

A javelin accident (Mai Warit) almost neared death that helped play (Tui Kiatkamol) from the pole during the construction of the transport fell.

Play is sincerely grateful to Javelin. As for the javelin, the father has reminded him to think about what life is uncertain, what you want to do, you have to hurry and do something you want to say Before there was no chance Javelin thought, hurried back to Wang Ngo Tawan (Pi Rinrada), the sun itself, Jiw (Scene Phatsatharakorn) saw Tawan has the same symptoms as a pregnant woman, therefore interrogated Tawan said that he was pregnant with javelin, but was afraid to tell him.

Jiew reminded the sun that he should tell Khun Javelin. Because Tawan said little is still happy Then the father of his child will be delighted. Tawan decided to tell Javelin. But when the javelin comes to the hope of reconciling his wife Then found that the sun was going down, the stairs were sleeping with blood Little sat crying for help.

Javelin hurriedly brought Tawan to the doctor, the sun was better, but Dr. Pramote (Judo Thamm) Touch wonders how the west of the stairs was. As for the javelin, when he found out the cause, he hurried back to try and inspect the stairs. And thought that someone must definitely hurt the sun But there is no evidence of who it is! Javelin thinks a plan to take the sun to another place. For fear of the sun being harmed again But in front of him, he made a cold, no heart and sun



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