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Wife on Duty เมียจำเป็น Episode 15 Recap

Tawan (Pi Rinrada) refuses to talk about the story that Sophit (Best Chanidapa) told him to go to the worker’s home and go to work (Xthitinan). Because he was still worried about Sophit, but Javelin (Mai Varit) was able to guess about it Sopit called to tell the sun that he would kill himself. Tawan and Javelin hurried to stop Sophit.

Turned out that Sopit Klum was mad to shoot the sun And blame the sun for all the bad things she has to face If there was no sun in the first place, Javelin would have ended up with you. Javelin tried to stop Sophit. Tawan apologizes to Sopit But it seems that Sopit would not let go Javelin put himself in to block the bullet from the sun. How will the love story of Javelin and Sun end? Must follow …



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