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Wednesday update on Zara’s Nikah 31st March 2021



Zara’s Nikah 31 March 2021: Kabir is mesmerized to watch . Zara states with due respect, I’m not here to speak against my faith, I am here to discuss music recovery people. She informs Kabir that inform me where it is written in the Quran that audio is prohibited? Kabir states where it is written that it is legal? Zara states you’re a priest so that you have to be aware of that the Quran has composed 5 prohibited items that don’t include things like songs, in addition, it is prohibited to predict something illegal in your that you’re doing at this time. You’re performing an illegal item and all of you’re taking his side, you gave me a note without identification.

Scene two
Kabir tells Zara which you’re alleging me that I’m doing illegal work? Zara says then inform me where it is written from the Quran that audio is prohibited? 1 way to simply read it, other way would be to comprehend it and then 3rd is distributing it by a few critical scholars. I will say where it is written in the Quran. Kabir says Quran claims not to do black work. I will inform you how songs is shameful. He reveals CCTV of sharia board library and whispers into Zara we used to go there to see collectively. Kabir says that there are students there to find out without disturbance. I’ve completed a few installation. He requires someone to start the window and begin playing music. The pupils begin hearing songs Kala Chashma. They try to focus but the music brings them away and they begin swaying to the music. Kabir finishes the movie and states that this wicked music distracts them from their faith, this is prohibited and shameless. You’re calling this lawful? You’re doing work. Zara says you revealed the distraction through audio and I concur with him. Kabir is astonished and says you approved that your defeat so soon? Zara smiles and says you have happy with a single arrangement? Can alcohol be lawful and soulful? Do not fool us and inform us where it is written that audio is lawful from the Quran? Zara says our faith enables us to play daff (music device ). Zara provides some references regarding Prophet allowing children to play daff. Kabir says do not bring Prophet’s expression to be able to prove that your argument. He punches the wall . Zara rushes to maintain his hands and states that your hand is bleeding. The president asks Imran to deliver first aid. Kabir says I need one minute. He gasped in Zara and leaves.

Irfan is getting breakfast. Kabir calls him and says all are awaiting you, you’re never late to the encounters. Irfan says I’m coming there. Kabir says in the event that you do not come today then it’ll be a insult to the plank and that I might need to request you to resign if I really don’t wish to. Zara takes the telephone and states do not flaunt your electricity such as this, we have a bit late but we’ll be there. She finishes the call and informs Irfan the Kabir’s admiration is my admiration and that I did not need to contend with him facing all, I love him I am helpless. Irfan states in the event that you do not need to visit the sharia board then do not go, you do not need to fret about Kabir threatening me, I’m standing with you. Zara says I wish to show to Kabir my condition from the mehr isn’t a sin and you’re not incorrect to stay with me.

Imran cleans his wound and states you will need rest, you need to cancel that meeting tomorrow. Kabir says you’re attempting to inquire why I’m burning my heart? You need to inquire Zara why she’s after that wicked lady’s route, visit her and inform her that she’s wrong. Ask her not to come to sharia board , people will benefit from her and her loss is my loss. Kabir appears on and requires the telephone. Irfan arrives to Zara and states it is my fault, I must have spoken to Kabir ahead so that you would not eliminate hope similar to this. Zara says it is not your fault, you showed me a route that I could not see before. I will never be angry with Kabir, our love won’t ever lessen with these struggles within our thought procedure.

Scene two
Jag sona lage performs as she yells.

Kabir informs Zara that if somebody is doing something contrary to Islam then it is my obligation to prevent it and Zara as a kid of the priest, it is your responsibility to never open this audio centre, he glares at her and leaves.
Salma inquires Irfan what we shall do today? Irfan says that I shall stand with my kid’s choice but also since the priest of sharia plank, we’ll see what happens. They hear Zara enjoying audio. Salma attempts to proceed however Irfan says let her calm down then I’ll speak to her.

Zara is playing audio. She recalls every debate with him because their first meeting afterward their union and love. She plays music and believes God I began after a new route that you just showed me but are you currently testing my patience or my passion for Kabir? .

Zara rushes to Kabir and states show me that your wound. Kabir says I do not need your sympathy. He goes to wash his wound and also a paper drops out of his pocket. Zara reads the letter that says that do not let people laugh in our love, you’re my love and my life. . The paper goes and flies to Kabir. He sees Zara has read it looks away. Zara is in tears and attempts to hold his hands. He allows her bandage his hands. She asks if it is hurting? If you love me then why this space? When you arrived home last night, I watched that your hand-wound and that I wished to ask you but I did not. I could not sleep the entire night considering how it occurred. We could fight but that won’t happen what happened today. Kabir says why are you currently in the sharia board? Imran comes there Kabir leaves.
In the early hours, Kabir comes to the sharia plank and matches the president of this board. The president claims I wished to fulfill Zara so I’m here, where are you?

Kabir informs Imran that she did not take my phone. Kabir says she would not place conditions before our marriage. Let us meet tomorrow in the sharia board.

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