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Wednesday Update On Ring of Fire 31st March 2021 Zee world



Ring of Fire 31 March 2021 update: Family stays for breakfast. Vishu smirks considering his wicked plan. Brother proprietor Chanda mausi walks into phoning Baiju Kanpuria and states she’s come here in order to make as her thing is here. Chanda says Baiju marketed chamiya Shristi for her within her brothel to get 50,000 rs. Family asks what’s happening. Chanda says she came here in order to collect her money as Vishu took away Shristi back, she wants both Shristi back or her cash and drags Shristi. Revathi stops her warns how dare she’s to get her bahu. Chanda asks Shristi to talk if Baiju hadn’t sold her in brothel. Shristi stands . Chanda says she desires 10,000 rs. Anurag sends and pays her. Shristi attempts to talk. Anurag asks her to close up. Revathi inquires Vishu when he signed divorce papers. He says . She slaps him and says she consdiered him over her sons and gave him consent for her final faith, but he revealed his true colours.

Vishu asks Shristi to prepare garlic glue for him because his leg is hurt. Ragini says somewhere in his heart, he loves Shristi along with the longer he hurts her, the more he will endure. Vishu throws turmeric paste on flooring and states Vishu will need it as he’ll want it, Shristi’s past will haunt her again. Ragini gets confused and believes what he’s up to now. She belongs to Shristi and inquires if there’s any previous associated with her and Baiju. Shristi says she doesn’t recall and asks her to focus on her research. Ragini says that he states not chemistry as she hates it. Shristi jokes she must consider her and Anurag’s chemistry.

Baiju’s mum becomes stressed for him if he doesn’t return until late. His moves together with his buddy. Buddy jokes that he became vish purush/poison guy. Amma gets stressed and wants to tell what occurred. Baiju informs about snake episode and rescue Revathi. Amma says she’s proud of him and proceeds to find milk . Buddy says he wants milk.

Anurag visiting Ragini’s growing closeness to Abimanyu and faces her that he can’t remain without her, she still must give him a opportunity. Ragini keeps her stage she wishes to live her entire life hereon. He says he desires but together with her. She says she doesn’t wish to change to anyone and would like to become herself. Argument ensues.

Abhimanyu suggests Ragini, however, she doesn’t answer anything. He says he’ll wait for her answers. In Shristi’s home, Brij returns house. Divya informs him entire story and states how can wicked change unexpectedly, she believes that he intended all this play. Brij says why didn’t she notify him ahead. Daadi asks her to calm down and informs a burglar’s narrative to shifted to saint with a single episode in his lifetime.
Shristi gets prepared in attorney’s gown to proceed to court. Revathi stands for her. The other goon holds her. She sees goon’s face and has fearful identifying him. Goon pushes her towards cushion, lifts Shristi and leaves.

Ragini wears western dress and walks to Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says she’s looking amazing. Ragini says she got prepared in western outfit just for him must have seen women in similar clothing. He states , but where’s Ragini, he desires her to be the same that she wishes to be and never change for anybody, especially him. She appears at Anurag and tells Abhimanyu what if somebody wishes to see her altered. Abhimanyu says that person doesn’t love her. Abhimanyu claims that’s similar to Ragini and asks to not alter. Ragini walks facing Anurag. Anurag feels awful.

Ragini walks into Baiju and pointing knife scolds she believed him as a fantastic guy, but he stooped so low and doesn’t deserve to live. Shristi falls in. Baiju says that he deserves punishment and chooses knife to slit his hands. . Drama continues…

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