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Twist of Fate 9 March 2021: Sarla states okay. She says that she will look after you and your belongings, but that will look after her. Abhi says that I will look after her. Sarla states okay. Abhi asks her not to stress, and states I will fall her house and will fulfill rockstar Dadi. Sarla agrees.

Pragya says she advised Manohar she can not get his hint on the newspaper. Aaliya says you won’t accept that and asks somebody stop Manohar. Manohar is going to run away. He asks who called you , he inquired if Nikita is stating fact or Aaliya? Aaliya asks Manohar to tell the facts, also says if you’ll tell fact then Abhi will encourage you, else no. Manohar informs I did a mistake, and has been in need of cash. He informs he must take this measure and informs your secretary is quite smart. She’s provided me 10 percent cash and provide me greed. He states Aaliya has captured her, and states Nikita is the enemy rather than buff no. 1.

Pragya states that this is really a lie, also informs these newspapers was brought into consideration. Aaliya asks her to not complete a word and state nonsense.She says anything you’ve intended was over. She requests Abhi to see the newspapers and states nikita is quite smart and thought you’ll be busy now. She’s chosen the ideal time to receive your house on her title. Dadi yells hearing this. Aaliya says she’s become betrayal no. 1 out of the lover no. 1. Pragya refuses she does not create these newspapers.

Pragya says she can not get indication on the contract newspapers, but she will get his hint on cheques. She wants herself. Pragya informs her that she isn’t helpless and informs her that she can not let her do anything wrong. Aaliya says I understand how to maintain my account clean and states she will destroy her connection with abhi. Pragya asks her to attempt to states I have not done anything wrong . Pragya asks her to look after her hands, and goes requesting her to keep begging.

Pragya finds her apparel dori open and attempts to tie it, but could not. Abhi asks what it is that you’re concealing and asks her to demonstrate her hands, says he would like to watch her mehendi colour. Pragya inquires why? Abhi says that my Dadi claims that one has a fantastic husband if mehendi colour is dark. Pragya requests him to view Tanu’s mehendi colour, and informs him that his customers are searching for him. Abhi informs her that they’re searching for waiter and asks her to demonstrate her hand . Pragya refuses. Abhi asks if she’s fearful to see her boyfriend intial. Pragya attempts to talk. He looks in her hands and sees mehendi spoiled. He asks if it’s B, A, C….Pragya says that she did not write any correspondence, and it had been only layout. Tanu asks Aaliya to perform her plan quickly. Aaliya says Dadi explained that Pragya’s fate is due to her kumkum. She informs that she got a notion and reveals accountant to Tanu. She states this is the ideal time to show her wrong in Abhi’s eyes.

Dadi says that I do not accept this and inquires Aaliya if did she read the newspapers. Aaliya states that you don’t understand what she was going from usand asks her to not say anything else she must shout. Tai ji and Mitali are pleased seeing Pragya’s distress. Abhi inquires how can you know about all of this. Aaliya says I had been keeping an eye on her from day 1 and once I visit accountant Manohar coming to meet her, they had been speaking something covertly and then she chose him to space. She states Nikita told Manohar that she’ll give 10 percent once she receives everything.

Dadi inquires why did you call Authorities, also states it’s our household issue. She asks why would you need her to get penalized. If she’s done error, then she must be punished. She states she’s completed fraud of crores. Inspector comes and asks who’s Nikita Arora. Aaliya says it’s great that you came. Abhi says we will give a opportunity to Nikita, also says accountant may be trapping her. Aaliya says let’s determine what the facts is, also asks Inspector to detain her. Tanu along with her mother smirks.

Tanu inquires aaliya, why did she ever call her . She says she’s enjoying the play over her mehendi. Aaliya says it was planned by her, and says she wants her help. She asks her to call Authorities and notify them about the theft in your home. She says I’ll go outdoors, until Pragya plays card. Manohar informs Abhi that Pragya has immobilized him and took good advantage of his helplessness. Abhi kills him and says Nikita can not do this. Aaliya comes back and informs him that she’s heard together with her ears. She says you think him rather than me. She informs we need to create her reach her location which she deserves and states she’ll go to jail.

Abhi says I’m tired of using mehendi on women. Pragya says she could not find any woman . Pragya says …and informs that she sensed itching in her hand. Abhi says you’re lying and says something will occur. Pragya believes she can not tell what happens inside her heart. Aaliya arrives to Abhi and asks him to not register on any contract or cheque. She informs it’s workers Bonus cheques. Aaliya says no, also states Bonus will proceed on her title. Abhi says when she wants money then she’ll ask me and won’t do this job. Aaliya says that she won’t request and will select for short cut rather. Abhi asks her to inform and to not blame her. Aaliya says she’s taken good advantage of your ease and arrived here in order to ruin you.

Beeji inquires Sarla, what occurred there. She informs the party episode. Beeji states why did you depart Pragya there? She says when Tanu or Aaliya do anything with her then she’s alone. Sarla says you understood that she’s working with Abhi, and also you are saying this. Janki attracts water.
Aaliya requesting Dadi to use mehendi on Tanu’s hands and taunts her. Dadi asks anybody to use mehendi and has up. Abhi says I can not play with this game. Tanu’s mother says it’s a rasam and you need to take action. Abhi agrees. He looks in her hands, and says that he can not find his title. Purab smiles searching A on her hands. Dadi Thank you Sarla for arriving there. Sarla says it’s similar to our home just. Dasi says it’s great meeting them and is similar to understanding them . Sarla says today we’ll leave, and find a taxi. Abhi asks Purab to lose them home. Abhi sees Pragya moving and asks where’s she moving? Pragya maintains dwelling.
Pragya goes to Abhi and retains his hands, inquiring if he believes she can do so. Abhi asks Inspector to not detain her and says it’s our home thing and asks him to not detain her. Inspector says she’s completed fraud and will probably be detained. Aaliya asks Inspector to proceed. Inspector arrests Pragya and carries her away.
Tanu says she’s insulted and obtained mehendi on her palms. Aaliya states Pragya will regret to allow you to apologize. She says that I will not allow her stay here , and states that their goons will make her depart out there, then she’ll have nothing, however, only a title. Pragya appears at her mehendi and believes it’s her very best mehendi.

Aaliya telling Abhi who Pragya was attempting to deceive him and forced him sign onto the cheques of those workers who don’t work together. She states she intended to force you to sign up on contract, which will name what on hers. Abhi informs her that Pragya is fair and hardworking and does not believe him. Abhi asks her to prevent it says I understand you don’t like her. He says that he thinks what he see just, says she’s my worker and no. 1 enthusiast also. Aaliya says alright, you may believe in case you see your eyes, and believe whatever I’m saying is baseless. Aaliya says if you’d signed on this particular paper, then your resources, land, cash would have gone on your own title. She says that is her reality.


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