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Twist of Fate 16 March 2021 update: Tanu says just how did Pragya get pregnant because she’s so sanskari. She informs that Abhi and Pragya are collectively and could be she will be his baby’s mother. She informs Aaliya that Pragya has played with match and today Abhi will wed her. Aaliya asks her to close up and can be relaxed. Tanu says we’ll probably be in trouble. Aaliya says difficulty is known as for Pragya, also informs her that she spoke to Doctor when she arrived home.

Doctor is known as she assesses Pragya. Dadi says she may have fainted as a result of anxiety. Abhi says buddy. Doctor requests them to notify his family that she’s pregnant. Abhi says this isn’t feasible. Aaliya inquires Tanu, what do you really believe that she’s pregnant. Tanu says how can I understand and asks her to inquire Abhi, who’s so near her. Aaliya inquires Abhi if he understands about her boyfriend. Abhi says I do not understand about his boyfriend. She’d have told me whether he’s some boyfriend. Tanu asks if she’s playing sport, or you’re hiding something. Aaliya asks Tanu to rest and go. Doctor checks Pragya again and states she’s assessed her and she’s pregnant.

Tanu states you’re amazing…and states you’ve made this great and large strategy. She applauds for her strategy, and states Pragya could be surprise today, and states this is only a beginning and will be pleasurable. She says it’ll be fun when Abhi will inquire Pragya who’s the father of her infant. Pragya informs Dadi she isn’t pregnant and states Doctor must be imitation. Dadi says I shall ask Aaliya. Pragya says you’d have known naa, as Doctor is known as Aaliya. Dadi says . Pragya says they’ve trapped me and also have done the play.

Dadi proceeds to fulfill Pragya and asks how you’re feeling now. Pragya says she’s feeling helpless. She states she fainted at the vehicle. Dadi inquires did you choose breakfast? Dadi says some thing is wrong for certain. Pragya inquires what did Doctor state? Dadi says Doctor explained that you’re pregnant.
Abhi inquires Pragya who’s the father of her infant. Pragya says there’s no one. Abhi says I’m your friend and has to understand everything. Pragya says that she has no boyfriend. Sarla informs Beeji she won’t depart Aaliya. Beeji states Pragya is Abhi’s spouse and might be she did not inform us as it wasn’t affirm. Sarla says Abhi does not recall anything and states I shall go today itself and inquires Pragya. Beeji states Abhi’s Dadi will deal with.

Aaliya believes she’s made this information and has an idea . She believes nobody will be smart like her on the planet. Aaliya calls Sarla and inquires how exactly is she? Sarla asks her to not spoil her day. Aaliya says I phoned one to create you daily, and you’ll make me have candy. She states she called to provide her information. She states fact is your kid Pragya is not pregnant. Aaliya says you known as Tanu as unmarried mother, characterless etc, also asks what she will phone Pragya today, and asks her to love. She educates Beeji.
Doctor asks how do I inform this. Aaliya informs her that this woman isn’t allowing Tanu and Abhi wed, and asks her to rescue Tanu and announce Pragya pregnant. Doctor says that this is contrary to my profession. Aaliya says you’re saving a person’s life and says she will contribute for her practice. She states that your practice is going to be developed and will eventually become hospital. Doctor agrees. Fb ends. Tanu inquires why did you do so? Aaliya states Abhi will feel awful now believing Pragya had concealed this fact .

She states Abhi was shock and silent when he learned about her pregnancy. Tanu asks what’s her additional assault. Aaliya states Abhi is average Indian and won’t accept Pragya understanding she is pregnant with somebody else kid. She states Abhi will not get drawn to her today, and states Pragya’s obstacle is more than now.

Abhi comes there and can be mad. Pragya says she’s fine. Abhi inquires why did you do so? You believe me best buddy and concealed this fact from me. Pragya states you’re believing me wrong. Abhi says I requested you several times, if there’s a person in your lifetime. Abhi asks who’s the father of the baby.
Aaliya and Tanu arrive. She inquires Pragya, what she will do today, and that which she will announce as her boyfriend.

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