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Twist of Fate 4 March 2021: Are not you happy? Abhi says he do not need to wed in a rush. He says what’s happening so quickly then he do not understand how he’s feeling. Tanu states that you don’t have some enthusiasm about union and inquires will you retain me miserable.

She believes he’s going on a wrong trail, which she can not let him move. We do not know one another, and states how we’ll look after each other before we understand each other. She emotionally blackmails him says organized marriage is powerful in India. She says we’ll do alterations and sacrifices, and I shall show you that we haven’t done any error and I’m right for you. She believes I know what’s happening in your thoughts and believes she won’t allow this to happen.

Beeji asks her what she’s thinking now? Sarla informs her that she’s dreamt a lot about Pragya and Bulbul. She states when everything was going to get nicely, then Abhi dropped his memory. She states Pragya’s life is at risk, and inquires do not know what to do or say. She says if anything else occurs to Abhi, afterward Dadi will not forgive Pragya. She states if Abhi marries Tanu afterward…She yells and feels awful. Beeji believes Sarla is correct, but nobody depart walking on the ideal route being fearful of darkness.

Aaliya guarantees Tanu’s mommy that Abhi will wed Tanu, and mehendi will occur tomorrow. Dadi believes to earn a kundli that will not fit with Tanu. Tanu believes she’ll create Dadi sweep the home after her marriage. Pragya is quiet. Tanu says Abhi enjoys me rather than you. Pragya inquires to whom you’re fooling? She says that he do not love you. You said your mum will expire and asks when she died for real afterward……………Tanu states you take care of Abhi over me and won’t tell him anything. She asks her to rescue her lie. Tanu says she will not allow this scenario encounter, and will make her shout like always.


Abhi inquiring Pragya if she do not like Tanu. He states Tanu is good in mind. Pragya says you may like her, but I really don’t like. Abhi believes it’s a lifetime commitment and believes if he’s prepared to wed Tanu. Dadi inquires Tanu’s mum because when you’ve become unwell. Tanu’s mother says she’s unwell since 6 weeks. Dadi informs her that she had been fine if Abhi and Tanu was going to wed 3 weeks back. Tanu says she’s forgotten. Dadi says that your daughter is similar to you. Tanu’s mother says that your son can also be just like you, so straight and honest. She states only marriage date remains to be repaired. She states that this union can not occur. Dadi asks would you wish to view Tanu’s pleasure or her union. She says I can not agree until I combine kundli. Tanu goes to Speak to Abhi.

Pragya provides money to Dadi. Dadi says Tanu has put a snare. She says that they might need to create Abhi recover his memory. Pragya says we’ve got only less time. Dadi says how we’ll prevent the mehendi. Pragya asks Dadi to allow the mehendi occur and states we can not load Abhi. She says when Abhi have any issue then union is going to probably be postponed and that he will contested Tanu. Dadi says I can not view Abhi’s title on Tanu’s hand and says you’re his spouse. Pragya states what do we do? Dadi says I wish to demonstrate that drama girl that you’re his spouse rather than Tanu.

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