Twist of Fate update Thursday 18 March 2021 On Zee world


Twist of Fate 18 March 2021 update: Purab inquires Dadi, why you did not inform me. Purab says that I shall tell reality to Abhi and inquires before when Pragya will endure, first theft accusation and pregnancy accusation. Dadi says you can not do so, and states Tanu and Aaliya will create Abhi from youpersonally, and will snare you. Purab says we’re punished for being correct. Purab claims this pregnancy play will impact Abhi and Pragya’s response.

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She states I hope we do not meet again else I’ll get your practice shut. Doctor believes she’s done wrong. Abhi assists her and states that I thought of you as my very best friend. I’m mad as you’ve hidden the truth out of me. I can not ask you to go, as I can not do some work with no. He says that I don’t have any hard feelings with this infant, and I’m with you now, and will look after baby only I have cared for you. Pragya believes he’s supported her again. Abhi asks her to inform her boyfriend says he’ll conquer him and bring him here. Pragya informs him that his zip is receptive. Abhi asks that and retains hand on pant zip. Pragya smiles. Abhi asks why she’s smiling and inquires about her infant.

Tanu inquires Aaliya why she isn’t pleased with their accomplishments. Aaliya says she’s believing what Pragya is believing and states they’re four and we’re two. Tanu says we do not have to worry as our brahmarastra is more powerful. Pragya will take weeks to get it over. Sarla says , so what? Aaliya asks if you’re going into the hospital for shipping and states it’s going to take 9 weeks, and asks if she’s going for mediation. Sarla says that she will split their faces, legs and hands. She states this will take place shortly once your fact is out before Abhi. Tanu states you’re showing ego. Aaliya asks her to not demonstrate self love and says when I will declare that your daughter pregnant then presume that I could do with you personally.
Doctor apologizes for her and says somebody requested me to state this, as your kid is spoiling somebody else life. She states that girl threatened me that she’ll spoil my entire life. Doctor refuses and states she’s threatened me. I can not come with you, and enable you. Sarla folds her hands.
Sarla informs Doctor she needs a response.

Doctor threatens to call Authorities. Sarla asks her to call authorities and states she will inform Police what she’s done, and the way she made bogus report of her own daughter. She asks what’s the enmity with my daughter also says anything you mentioned, people trusted you. She says that my daughter can’t lie and you also accused her to become maternity. She says she will clarify everyone that she’s not pregnant. She states you left God embarrassed as Doctor are God for its people. She says you’ve done injustice to a livelihood and asks what you’ll reply to the honest physicians.

Sarla arrives to Doctor’s home and scolds her for ruining her daughter’s title and maligning her standing. Pragya arrives to Abhi’s space and recalls her minutes with abhi. Aaliya and Tanu arrive. Aaliya says she had been demonstrating attitude and gave large challenge and threat, but….She asks her to tell the facts to Abhi and states you’ve bothered a snake after visiting its residence. She says I need to determine where you’ll go first. Tanu says I recommend you to leave this town as individuals will curse and interrogate you following the own face is blacken by people.

Aaliya states Bhai will overlook her when he wed you. Pragya says I have not done anything wrong and have my own thoughts still up.Tanu says she did not understand about the wound that we gave her. Aaliya says she’s in shock and till she realize the fact, you’ll be wed to Abhi. Pragya says she will not allow Tanu wed Abhi. Tanu asks her to choose if she wishes to remain as secretary or servant.


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