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Twist of Fate 11 March 2021:The Episode begin with Beeji and Darla’s discussion. Beeji informs Sarla, they will take Abhi’s help. Sarla refuses and says she’s managed to find money for bond. Beeji inquires from where did you earn cash? Sarla says I’ll inform you later coming home. Abhi is moving out. Aaliya stops him and asks where’s he moving? Abhi says he’s going to make everything nice, and informs that he was restless last night. He informs what Sarla had informed him. He states Pragya was always when she came to understand his life is at risk also. He states she worked day and night with no caring for herself. He says that I can not give a title to our connection, but it’s past than friendship. I will free her outside, and proceeds while Aaliya attempts to prevent himbut in vain.

Sarla yells and says I’ve always taught you incorrect and requested you to be great. She says that I was wrong. Pragya says you educated me great always, then why you’re saying this. She says I’m fine. Sarla says you’ll be OK after we proceed from here. She says you’ve got to pick between your husband and mommy. Pragya is shocked and asks her to not try it, asks how do I choose between a mother and a husband. Sarla states you’ve got to opt for any one. She says I’ve given birth to you personally and also have kept you in my womb for 9 weeks. She states she’s mortgaged this home and will begin afresh in a new town. She asks her to pick.
Purab and Sarla visit the Police station and Speak to Inspector. Inspector asks Constable to attract Pragya. Sarla asks Purab to lose them home.

Goon asks Nikhil to allow him drive the vehicle. Nikhil states that this revival is mine, therefore I’ll do this job. I’ve given you cash so you can take blame on yours when we’re caught. He recalls Abhi slapping himand says I must kill Abhi with Pragya. Abhi believes that which I will tell to Sarla. Pragya appears at rockstar toy also believes if she won’t be in a position to fulfill Abhi after, and believes may be their narrative is destined to finish right here. She appears at Abhi’s picture framework. Abhi is in issue and believes the way to go indoors.

Nikhil hugs her and says that I am quite pleased to see you. Nikhil says that your love brought me straight back to you and asks her to embrace him. Tanu says adore…my own foot. She says that I came to speak with you about Abhi as well as me. Nikhil congratulates her to her participation and states I came to understand how you have engaged. Tanu says I came to understand about your keys and states you’re fired from your work and you’re financially shaky. Tanu says no, and states she arrived to employ cash peroxide on his wounds. Nikhil says I’m not a fool to concur, and inquires what’s her benefit.
Abhi is at automobile and recalls what Sarla had informed him. He feels great and believes he’s doing right and joyful after hearing his soul. He stops in a sign. Abhi believes to purchase it to get Nikita and pays the cash. Girl says I do not have change. Abhi asks her to maintain it. Girl calls him . She informs that Dadi will have Pragya straight home. Tanu asks her to not underestimate Pragya and states her kumkum relationship is extremely powerful. She says that I won’t separate this relationship, but will finish it for everybody. Aaliya asks what she’s planning to perform? Tanu says she won’t tell her.

Tanu says she’ll feel great to view Pragya’s departure and asks him to kill her now itself. Abhi arrives to the Police station and believes what I shall tell to Niku now. He clinics to apologizes for her. He believes to speak naturally and state sorry. He gets the vehicle. Inspector inquires why did you come back here? Abhi informs he arrived to return the criticism. Abhi believes he arrived late, and believes to go home and apologize.

Sarla says that I do not have power to shed you, and informs her that Bulbul expired while rescuing you. She asks her to have a choice for Bulbul, Abhi or her fascination. Should you go away from him, then they won’t hurt Abhi. We’ll go far out of here. She asks her to pick. Abhi is at the vehicle and believes that it was his mistake he let her go to prison. He says I’ll tell her that I’m with her always. Sarla asks what you’ve determined? Pragya states I am all set to go along with you. She says I’m taking this choice for Abhi, also says when I’m with him then Aaliya and Tanu will hurt him. She says I’m going far out of him for his improvement. Sarla says that I know you’ll take this choice and says we’ll go so much that no one will have the ability to hunt us. Pragya hugs her cries.

Aaliya inquires what crap? She says Abhi can not live without her, and that is why they reunite . Aaliya says you’ve grown older, and that is why afternoon dreaming. She says Abhi do not recall her name too, and says that he won’t bring her back as his spouse. If he attempt to recall anything then I shall make him forget it. Dasi informs a proverb. Dadi says she’s brought up in Australia and do not understand this proverb. She explains to her on the cat that is squishy. She informs the longer you attempt to distinguish them, the more nearer they will come.

Abhi says that he attained Police station, but Pragya is left, so he’s going to her property. Tanu states okay. Sarla bluntly asks Purab to depart and says we’ll talk tomorrow. Purab leaves. Beeji inquires Sarla, why she’s taking her anger out on him. Sarla takes Pragya within the space. Dadi and Dasi are all happy and believe that Abhi could have gotten Pragya by today, and laugh. Aaliya comes there and says she’s not fearful of their tales and laugh. Dasi says you’re not enjoy Tanu, but over her. She says we will leave her go. Aaliya threatens to throw them from home. Dadi thanks her for conspiring against Pragya and states Abhi went to deliver his love, spouse, wife and life out of Police station.

Sarla begins packing her bags. Pragya asks if we’re going someplace. Sarla says , we’re going far from here, and you’ll learn after we hit there. Pragya inquires why? Sarla says I’m carrying you from here to spare you. She says Abhi do not recall you or your title or your own sacrifices. She states Aaliya and Tanu can not let her live, and that is why I’ve resolved to go far out of here. She says it’s good that this connection finish. Pragya says that he lost his memorybut I remember everything and uses kumkum of the title. She states how do I forget you had risked your own life to rescue him. She says I’m frightened of himas he’s more enemies in his own life that are backstabbing him. Sarla asks her to overlook everything.
Dadi cries. Dasi inquires why you’re crying? Dadi states that this is joy tears, and states Abhi went to attract Pragya back with feelings in his heart. She says he’s fulfilling vows of marriage, also informs he do not recall wedding vows but he’s fulfilling his obligation. Dadi says when Pragya comes back, she isn’t going to go out of here. She states Pragya’s entrance is threat to Aaliya and Tanu now. Everything will be fine today and is joyful. Tanu finds her and is mad.

Tanu says it’s for your improvement, and states I will find this job done by a specialist, but I am giving you an opportunity to finish the unfinished work. Nikhil inquires why? You will wed abhi now. Tanu says she can not allow Pragya to come and grab her location, and requests him to kill her. She says she is going to be delighted to view Pragya’s departure.

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