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Twist of Fate 7 March 2021: Sarla states God do not need Pragya to go away out of his life and says that he can not overlook Pragya out of his heart. She informs Tanu…you wish to marry him get his title mehendi written in your hands, but you can not wipe away Pragya’s title out of his heart. Aaliya says it’s sufficient of lecture and informs that Tanu will wed Abhi surely. Dadi asks if she’s mad and asks her to find Pragya and Abhi are destined to be together and they’re residing to remain together. She informs you can not distinguish them. Robin chooses the plate. Aaliya says I’ll see who will stop the marriage and states Abhi’s title mehendi will employ Tanu’s hands and she’ll marry him. Dadi is alleviated.

Tanu says mehendi isn’t implemented in my hands till today, and inquires why you’ve provided Pragya. Aaliya says she’d supplied Pragya so she can receive her union straight. Tanu believes Pragya will discontinue her marriage. Aaliya says let’s stay here and shout. Tanu says she’s my sautan. Aaliya asks her to come with her says she will crack Sarla along with her family’s self.

Abhi calls Nikita since she’s carrying the plate. Pragya turns along with the plate material falls over her mind. Abhi puts his hands on her mind as sindoor drops on her brow and mehendi is used on her hands. Abhi apologizes to Pragya and assists her choose the plate. He states it’s odd, mehendi is of Tanu, however it’s used in your hand. In case Tanu’s mother sees it then she’ll find a heart attack. He states you’re searching as a bride using kumkum on forehead and mehendi available. He asks her to visit his chamber and wash her face and hand. He informs he will go and wash his hands. Pragya reveals her hands to Sarla. She believes her maang is full of sindoor by Abhi, and has thankful.
Aaliya becomes mad and believes Pragya has spilled all mehendi on flooring and believes did Abhi discontinue her. Tanu blames Aaliya for destroying her mehendi. Dadi tells Aaliya that nothing could occur when God needs two people in love to combine. Dadi talks concerning Pragya’s kumkum and states it will not allow Abhi different from her. She informs their connection is binded with a rope and although they walk individually, but they return to one another. She informs that God never needed them to different and that is why routed Abhi to the exact same office where Pragya was employed as a receptionist. She says Abhi do not recall anything, but his heart understands all and possess Pragya only. .
Aaliya asks Pragya to deliver mehendi plate out of space and states Dadi will use mehendi on Tanu’s hand. Aaliya states Pragya will do that job just and asks her to proceed. She chooses Dadi into Tanu. She inquires dadi to inform Tanu about union and the rituals . Tanu says she wishes to develop into decent bahu too. Pragya arrives to space and remembers her mehendi with Abhi.

The Episode begins with Abhi inquiring Pragya if she’s hiding something from him. Pragya states no, why I’d conceal? Pragya says that she felt odd due to several people there and that is why arrived out. Abhi says I believed you’re feeling same like me. Pragya inquires what exactly do you mean? He says because his injury, he believes something is missing from his own life. He states I love this feeling and informs that what occurred in previous 2.5 years that my heart understands, but not my thoughts. Pragya believes Dadi advised that we will help him get his memory back, and believes to try. She states might be somebody was in his previous. Abhi says if I’d have love somebody, then she’d have been with me today. Pragya says might be you loved someone and forgot just like you don’t remember her love. Abhi seems on.

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